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It's me ! PapaRenard !

Welcome to my adult toy review blog!

Allow me to introduce myself, giving you some information about me.

I’m PapaRenard (pronouns he/him), born in the late 1980s in France with a joystick between my legs. Of course, although attracted to PC and console gaming from an early age, it’s not really this type of joystick we’re talking about, but my penis.

The world of solitary pleasures opened up to me in my early teens. Bursting with music star fantasies and accompanied by my trusty right hand. The world of pleasures as a couple opened up a dozen years ago with my wife. She may potentially make a few returns on some of the toys I’d provided for her.

Having never given up this habit of pleasuring myself alone, but also as the years went by, I wanted to find out what other possibilities existed to renew the experience. Bring something different to the table. I was quite quickly intrigued by connected toys and their promise of synchronization with available videos. I set out to find reviews of this type of toy. Unfortunately, the offer in French is virtually non-existent, making my purchasing decision that much more difficult.

Because let’s face it, the main purpose of these toys is orgasm! That sensation that runs through our entire body, electrifying it… That wave of pleasure that takes so many different forms from one person to the next, but that feels so good… Unfortunately, it’s not because you’ve spent tens or hundreds of euros on a toy that’s been plagiarized by such-and-such a brand, using superlatives and images to sell you their latest find that will guarantee you a big O… That you’ll get it.

Why am I running a blog ?

Because, unfortunately, it’s a business for them. Whether it’s for brands who want their product to be viable and make money. Or for certain reviewers/influencers who want to continue receiving free products. And also benefit from affiliate links, not all the reviews you’ll find on the web will be honest. They won’t allow you to highlight the weak points, or major flaws, of the sex toys presented.

After taking the plunge and buying my first adult toy, I joined the Discord server for this sextoy brand. Naturally, I started answering questions from people who, like me, were hesitating to take the plunge. Over time, I realized that I could share my personal experience, unfiltered and sincere. And I could do that by writing reviews of the sextoys that came my way.

However, don’t take everything I write at face value: it’s just my opinion, my feeling, one of many. It may differ from yours. So don’t hesitate to supplement your reading of this blog by reading other people’s articles! So as to get additional opinions on the product you’re interested in.

My aim is not to sell you a particular product, or to tell you not to buy it. My aim is to provide an additional tool for those seeking reliable information on these products so that they can make informed decisions.

On this blog, I strive to share my experiences with the sex toys that have crossed my path. Here you’ll find frank, honest and detailed reviews, to help you make informed decisions. I hope you find my articles useful and helpful as you explore the world of adult toys. Please don’t hesitate to leave me comments and ask questions. Your participation is essential to help me improve and offer you more relevant content.

Happy reading and, above all, have fun!

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