100% silicone sex toys are probably the healthiest for you. However, they do have a few drawbacks.

They are non-porous, non-toxic and can be sterilised (for your own hygiene or for use with another person).

In terms of colour, shape, density and use, you can pretty much do anything with them.

To clean them, simply wash them in hot water with mild soap, put them in the dishwasher’s cutlery basket or even boil them in a saucepan. These toys can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C.

As far as lubricants are concerned, never use silicone-based lubricants. Your alternative, again and again, is water-based lubricant.

For storage, a small (well, toy-sized), lint-free, sealable fabric bag is just the thing. Leaving your silicone sex toys out in the open will only cause lint, hair and dust to stick to the surface, which is not great.

Hismith dual layered silicone dildo out of package

Review of a dual density silicone dildo from Hismith

Under the barbaric name of HSA20-GC (or HSA72-GC for the vibrating version), Hismith offers us a dual-density silicone dildo that can be inserted over a length of 16 centimetres. Inside, a fairly firm first layer. On the outside, a second, softer layer, closer to the feel of human skin. This dildo was part of the […]

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Front of the package for the Pulse Solo Interactive

Review of the Pulse Solo Interactive

I first saw the Pulse Solo Interactive a year ago, in September 2022. This technological marvel boasted that it could deliver orgasms without hands. It left me dreaming. Doubtful too, because this promise is rarely kept… but mostly dreamy. A little later in the year, I had the opportunity to accumulate a 15% coupon via

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Review of the Alla : tentacled dildo

Nothosaur had launched the Alla for Valentine’s Day 2023, and this new product clearly caught my eye. I was initially interested in the Abyss II because of its tentacular appearance. However, the Alla eclipsed it from my thoughts in a flash. Two weeks after placing my order, I received this toy. However, between receiving it

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Front view of the Kiiroo's Vacuum Lock Dildo package

Review of the Keon Vacuum-lock dildo

Today I wanted to revisit the Kiiroo vacuum-lock dildo review. For a cis man, the discovery of anal pleasure – receiving I mean – is something of a taboo in today’s society. The omnipresent judgement that it’s not a normal act. Whether it’s linked to our upbringing, our religion or the fear of what others

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