When I thought “sex machine”, the first brand that came to my mind was Hismith.

Not for the accessories they offer, be they dildos (vibrating or not), penis masturbators, partial or total replicas of sex dolls of various kinds…
No, not for those different reasons, just for the machine. In my head, it was the benchmark.

Appearing in 2016, from what I know, Hismith therefore offers different sex machines, on which you can simply add different accessories from the brand or from other horizons.

There are different models to suit every size of purse, starting at under $100 and soaring to $2,000.

Hismith dual layered silicone dildo out of package

Review of a dual density silicone dildo from Hismith

Under the barbaric name of HSA20-GC (or HSA72-GC for the vibrating version), Hismith offers us a dual-density silicone dildo that can be inserted over a length of 16 centimetres. Inside, a fairly firm first layer. On the outside, a second, softer layer, closer to the feel of human skin. This dildo was part of the […]

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