Tenga is a world-famous sextoy brand from the land of the Rising Sun.

Before I became interested, I knew that this brand had positioned itself in disposable, single-use sextoys for people with penises and that’s pretty all.

I’d heard of the Tenga cup and eggs, and other brands had copied the success of this Japanese brand.

But Tenga is more than that. They also offer reusable toys for your sexual pleasure and another brand, Iroha, for vaginal pleasure.

This brand aims to break the taboo behind sexuality, behind these products for personal well-being and sexual needs, without any shame or obscenity.

Love yourself, pleasure yourself.

Wonder Eggs open package

Review of the Wonder Eggs from Tenga

What better time than Easter to discover, or rediscover, Wonder Eggs🛒 from Tenga🦊? They’re disposable penis masturbators in the shape of an egg. Well, they’re only egg-shaped when they’re still in their packaging. They come with a lubricant 🦊 pod to make them ready to use. What’s more, they take up very little space and […]

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