Nothosaur🛒 is a sex toy brand specialising in fantasy silicone dildos and is based in the Middle Kingdom.

Nothosaur logo, a pink dragon head

They have built a universe and a lore around their products to bring your fantasies to life.

Nothosaur ‘s sex toys come in a range of sizes to suit all tastes. And if you feel comfortable with the size you’ve selected, you can move up to the next size up.

It’s also possible to personalise a sextoy with the colours and patterns of your choice.

Some sextoys are also available in a glow-in-the-dark version to add a pleasant touch in the dark.

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Moom front view

Review Moom, the blessing of the forest

Unlike usual, it was luck that allowed me to acquire a new sextoy: Moom🛒. It was back in October that Nothosaur🦊 had run a Halloween-themed giveaway (NSFW). And since I’m talking about luck, you can assume I won a prize from the giveaway. Envy overcame reason and I went straight to ordering Moom, Qalu🛒 and […]

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Review of the Alla : tentacled dildo

Nothosaur🦊 had launched the Alla🛒 for Valentine’s Day 2023, and this new product clearly caught my eye. I was initially interested in the Abyss II🛒 because of its tentacular appearance. However, the Alla eclipsed it from my thoughts in a flash. Two weeks after placing my order, I received this toy. However, between receiving it

Review of the Alla : tentacled dildo Read More »

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