Throughout this adventure, it became useful to have a toybox.

At first I had a drawer, then part of a cupboard, and finally a wardrobe to hold everything. After all, it takes up space!

Here’s a list of the different sex toys I have, or have had. It also includes those of my partner.

I may have parted with some of them for different reasons. Either because I didn’t use them any more, because they didn’t suit me or because they didn’t work any more.

If you find that a review hasn’t been carried out for one of them and you’re interested… Don’t hesitate to contact me!

The list is ordered by type and date obtained.


  • 🧡 I loved it
  • 💔 I didn’t like it
  • 🗑 I don’t have it anymore

Sex Machine

Keon by Kiiroo

Keon Sex Machine by par Kiiroo (winner of 2023 XBIZ Europa Award for Innovative Sex Toy of the Year)

PowerBlow by Kiiroo

Syncbot by Valor&Toughness 🧡

Lulu by Utimi 💔🗑

Premium Sex Machine by Hismith 🧡

The Handy by Ohdoki

For penis

FeelStroker Vagina by Kiiroo

FeelSkyler by Kiiroo 🧡

FeelReya by Kiiroo

Hundoo by Nothosaur 💔

FeelReagan by Kiiroo

FeelRachel by Kiiroo

FeelStroker Butt by Kiiroo

FeelKayley by Kiiroo 🧡

FeelTanya by Kiiroo 🧡

FeelVictoria Mouth by Kiiroo 🧡

FeelSensation by Kiiroo 🧡

Pulse Solo Interactive by Hot Octopuss & Kiiroo 🧡

FeelStroker Glow by Kiiroo 💔

Gaine Pearl collection Mermaid by Ohdoki

Gaine Coral collection Mermaid by Ohdoki

FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt by Kiiroo

FeelDaphne by Kiiroo

FeelDainty by Kiiroo

Original Vacuum Cup by Tenga

FeelMelrose by Kiiroo

For the anus

Edge 2 by Lovense

Rude-Boy by Rocks-Off

Lumen by OhMiBod & Kiiroo


Vacuum-lock Dildo by Kiiroo 💔

Alla by Nothosaur 🧡

Ein by Nothosaur

21cm silicone dildo by Hismith 🧡

20cm dual layer silicone dildo by Hismith

20cm flexible silicone dildo by Hismith

For vagina

Dolce by Lovense

Pearl 3 by Kiiroo


Desk mount for Keon by Kiiroo

Kit 11 pieces for beginner BDSM by Utimi 🧡

Adaptator for succion cup toy by Hismith



Artic by Kiiroo 🧡

Spark by Kiiroo 🧡

Water base lubricrant by Easyglide 🗑

Water base lubricrant by Lovense 🗑

Freshlube Ice by Fleshlight

Sensation Anal by Dorcel 🗑

Hybrid Formula by Sensuva 🧡

Uberlübe by Uberlübe 🧡

Cleaners / Maintenance

Pure by Kiiroo 🧡

Cornstash by Lady Nature

Drying stick by N/A

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