Here you’ll find a jumble of accessories that I didn’t really know where to put.

These aren’t sextoys as such, but accessories for the sextoys I’ve had to test.

Whether it’s a hands-free kit, cushion, adapter, sheath heater, phone holder or other. It doesn’t matter, I’ve made a category of accessories and I’ll put it all here.

Finally, I’ll be posting articles about products I’ve been able to test and which are linked to a sextoy that will also have its own review… Otherwise it makes little sense.

Not to be confused with the “Consumables” category, where you’ll only find products with limited use. For example, diatomite sticks for drying a sheath or lubricant.

Review of the Keon Dildo Adapter

At the end of last year, Kiiroo🦊 sent me a dildo adapter🛒 for the Keon🛒. Basically, the Keon is an automatic penis masturbator. Add a FeelStroker🦊 and you’re on your way to many pleasure sessions. Whether alone or shared via remote control. However, the Keon was still a penis masturbator. And anyone who didn’t have

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Review of the Keon’s Table Clamp

More and more automatic penis masturbators come with a hands-free mode, notably with a table clamp🛒. An accessory that lets you use it without holding it with your hands. So you can enjoy this moment of relaxation to the full. Well, relaxation… Kiiroo🦊 has also done what’s necessary for its Keon and offers us a

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Review of the PowerBlow

PowerBlow‘s 🛒 suction technology turns your favorite stroker into the ultimate blowjob machine. Quick to attach to compatible strokers, including FeelSensation🦊 and FeelVictoria Mouth🦊, for a mind-blowing session. With these words, we can finally discover the PowerBlow! I received a new product from Kiiroo🦊 at the end of May.The version of the PowerBlow I have

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Front view of the Kiiroo's Vacuum Lock Dildo package

Review of the Keon Vacuum-lock dildo

Today I wanted to revisit the Kiiroo🦊 vacuum-lock dildo review. For a cis man, the discovery of anal pleasure – receiving I mean – is something of a taboo in today’s society. The omnipresent judgement that it’s not a normal act. Whether it’s linked to our upbringing, our religion or the fear of what others

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