Here’s a list of shops where I’ve bought the various sex toys I have and can recommend.

They can be here of personal choice because they have values that I approve, regarding to my morality clause.

But they can also be here because we share deep bonds and they also can be sponsoring this blog.

Still, you can’t go wrong going with these shops.

Valor & Toughness

Valor & Toughness, with their main product : The Syncbot

The values of this company are immersiveness and realism. They want to transform your masturbation sessions so that there’s a before and after to discovering the Syncbot, their flagship product.
Whether it’s for a session without visual support or to update your collection of videos on your hard drive by synchronising to them (or even to adult entertainment sites), this automatic masturbator is designed to make you cum like never before.
You can get $20 off your order by using the discount code “PapaRenard“.


Kiiroo, leader in teledictonics sextoys

Specialising in remote-controlled/paired toys, Kiiroo is looking to innovate in the sector and is certainly positioning itself in the field of automatic masturbators as well as synchronising videos with your sextoy via AI.
Use the “PapaRenard” coupon to get a 10% off your order immediately.


Nothosaur, let the fantasy reach your deep.

If you’re interested in fantasy silicone sex toys, you’ve come to the right place. Nothosaur is full of fantastical creatures from fairy tales and legends who want to satisfy your needs…
You can get 10% off your orders by using the discount code “PapaRenard10“.

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