Ohdoki is a sextech pioneer headquartered in Norway behind The Handy, interactive stroker.

Formerly known as SWEETTECH, it’s a sex toy brand located in Olso, Norway and was established in 2018.

Their flagship product, and only product, is the Handy.

It is an automatic masturbator with numerous sheaths and offers unique features compared to other sex toys on the market.

Ohdoki aims to be an open, innovative company. It has given itself the means to do so by opening up the API that allows it to control and interface with the Handy.

The result is a community that can propose applications and software based around the Handy. This increase its range and possibilities of use.

Review of the original TrueGrip sleeve for The Handy

The Original TrueGrip sleeve is the sleeve sold with The Handy. The original sleeve, available since the release of The Handy in 2019. There is a second version, which is longer, tighter and differently textured, but as I don’t have it, I won’t say any more about it. Let’s discover it together. Packaging This is

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