Review of the Ein : The unicorn horn

It was on the 1st of August that I contacted Nothosaur🦊 with the idea of testing Ein🛒. I asked them if it would be possible to send me this toy so that I could prepare a review.

It was their latest product, just launched on their website. I wanted to try it out and play with it… Not least because I’d also contacted Hismith🦊 to get my hands on their Premium Sex Machine🦊. And I wanted to have a nice dildo to test the machine. And frankly, the Nothosaur ones are great. This one, with its flared shape indicating several levels, was just the thing.

Unfortunately, health problems, a departure for Xbiz Amsterdam and the redesign of this blog have all been obstacles. This review has taken too long to publish, but here it is at last!

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
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Ein, the unicorn

Ein illustration from an unknown artist

In Nothosaur folklore, Ein was originally an angel with wings.

He suffered divine wrath after a forbidden passion, losing his wings and his virility.

Transformed into a stallion, he is banished to the rifts of space and time. By a quirk of fate, Ein lands in the world of Nothosaur, becoming a sort of joke without his original attributes.

A prisoner of his hormones, he endures daily torture. He becomes more and more effeminate, his anger fuelling his desire that he cannot satisfy.

In a moment of fury, Ein releases his energy, rediscovering the pleasure he lost thanks to his unique horn, finally appeasing his desire.


Package received containing the Ein
Package received but I already cut the green plastic on three edge before taking the picture

This time, the packaging had a St Patrick’s Day feel to it, all in green. They’re trying to lose me with grey packaging, then naked packaging, then green packaging.

Well, it doesn’t look good in the photo because I’d already cut around the parcel to take the photo… But after that it doesn’t change much.

There’s no big Nothosaur logo on it like there was talk of at one point. It’s still anonymous, albeit strange.

In any case, the delivery of the Ein was prompt! Order placed in the early hours of Wednesday 9 August, received on the 12th. I was more than surprised.

Package contents

Some really nice goodies

Every time I’ve ordered a Nothosaur, I’ve received a few goodies. This time it’s a sheet of stickers, a keyring and a postcard-sized artwork. We’re not going to lie, it’s always nice to get these little goodies. Still,

Bag to store the Ein
A lovely bag to store the EIn

On top of that, I also had a big woven bag. On top is the red dragon from Nothosaur, Chibi version, holding lots of sex toys. This bag is super useful for storing silicone🦊 toys properly (and separately if you want).

Ein received in a sealed plastic bag
The Ein in a vaccum seal bag

And finally the Ein in a vacuum-packed ziplock bag. God, it’s imposing! I may have been too greedy with the XL size…

Ein appearance

The Ein is divided into different levels, each with a larger circumference, except for the last.

It’s like 7 little milestones before you can have it all inside you. Well, there’s still some work to be done before I’ll be able to use it fully. My eyes were indeed bigger than my stomach.

I don’t know if the aim was really to look like a unicorn horn… If so, I would have opted for a spiral texture, moving upwards. This gives me the impression of having something like a spine. Still, it’s not too bad.


Before the first use, and after each use, clean your toy properly. Because it’s made of silicone, it’s easy. Warm water, soap, and you’ve already got more than you need.

Just go over everything, scrub a little, rinse and dry. After a few uses, you can clean it in the dishwasher or boil it in a pan. This will disinfect it completely.

For more information on silicone, you can always read my article on the materials used🦊 in sex toys.

Above all, don’t leave your toy alone in a corner after use, only to rediscover it several days later. It’s not fatal, you can clean it, but it’s possible that odours will impregnate it. Or it could rub off. Take care of it.


I’m not going to explain how to use a dildo here. That’s not the point, and it’s not what you’re looking for. But here are a few tips.

Ein is a silicone toy. As you may know, silicone toys don’t tolerate silicone-based lubricants. So it’s best to use a (good) water-based lubricant for your activities.

Also, listen to your body. Don’t go too quickly, but gently. You need to give your body time for these flared toys. These toys allow a larger circumference as you progress towards the base.

As for use itself, the base has a suction cup. This means you can use it in your bed (or sofa) in the conventional way, but also on the floor, or on a shower tile. It holds in place really well, so you can keep your hands free for other things.

And if you feel like it, just like I did… You can add it to a sex machine, like Hismith’s Premium Sex Machine, using a suction cup toy adapter.

The result is really good, as it allows you to position the sex machine in the position of your choice and then remotely control the speed of the action. It really takes things to the next level and makes for a great time.


Ein🛒 has been available from the Nothosaur shop (and their Amazon shop) since 1 August 2023.

If you want to buy it, the price will depend on its size, from $50 to $279.

Chart of all the available size of the Ein
Chart of all the available size of the Ein

You can of course save 10% by using the “PapaRenard10” coupon when placing your order… But you can get 15% off by joining their discord. So it’s smarter that way.

The Ein comes in seven sizes and three possible stiffnesses (soft, medium or hard). As far as I’m concerned, I repeat, it’s the XL and medium version.

What’s more, there are two default colours: Mirage (the one I have) and Starlight. However, you can personalise your Ein as you wish.




  • Personally, I took too big.
  • High price (but much less than the direct competitor)

This sextoy was very pleasant to hold. I really liked the fact that the diameter increased as the depth increased.

Nothosaur’s sex toys are as pleasant to touch and use as ever. I would have liked to be less greedy and be able to skip the final knot… But that’s for future use!

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