Review of the original TrueGrip sleeve for The Handy

The Original TrueGrip🛒 sleeve is the sleeve sold with The Handy🦊. The original sleeve, available since the release of The Handy in 2019. There is a second version, which is longer, tighter and differently textured, but as I don’t have it, I won’t say any more about it.

Let’s discover it together.

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This is the only sleeve sold by Ohdoki🦊 that doesn’t really have any packaging, no box… Or maybe if bought separately. In fact, the opposite would be surprising… But I was still surprised by the fact that this sleeve was made available without a case, so that’s good.

Yes, delivered in The Handy box, it comes in a thin transparent plastic bag. The sleeve is already attached to The Handy with the TrueGrip strip.🛒

Sleeve appearance

As you can see from these two images, Original TrueGrip is a transparent, stretchable TPE🦊 sleeve.

It weighs around a hundred grams and is stretchable. Without prior tearing, handling it to turn it inside out presents no risk. This is even the recommended method for cleaning it.

It has a slightly sticky texture. To be honest, it reminded me of the feel of the AceCream material on the Syncbot🦊 Scabbard. Other TPE masturbators, such as those from Kiiroo🦊, have a softer, more velvety feel. This sticky feel means that dust, hair and the like will stick to the sleeve.

It’s for this reason in particular that I deplore the absence of a case for storing it.

You’ll also notice that this sleeve is closed at the top, with just one opening. I say this because both types are available from Ohdoki.

I don’t know if it’s to do with the way this particular sleeve was made, or whether it was put in the bag too early… But I’ve noticed a lot of marks on the outside, like scratches. It won’t change the feel of it, but it’s strange.


You don’t need a degree to clean the sleeves sold with The Handy.

As usual for this subject, I recommend using lukewarm water to rinse the sleeve. The idea is to remove any fluids that may have collected during your session.

Soap also comes into play for its antibacterial properties. As a reminder, TPE is a porous material made up of tiny holes. It’s a breeding ground for germs if you don’t clean it properly. Soap or a sextoy cleaner will extend the life of your sleeve.

If you don’t wash or dry it properly, bacteria will proliferate. These can cause unpleasant odours or discolouration of the sleeve. If this happens, I can’t advise you to do anything other than throw the liner away.

Original TrueGrip with diatomite stick
Original TrueGrip with diatomite stick

To dry, you can use a dry lint-free cloth and carefully remove any remaining water droplets. You can also use diatomite sticks🦊 to ensure that any residual moisture is absorbed.

As far as I’m concerned, I used three so that it could touch as much of the liner as possible.

Internal textures

Texture of the Original TrueGrip
The image comes directly from the product page on The Handy shop.

It shows two different textures in three chambers for the Original TrueGrip.

The first chamber contains twelve staggered rows of four beads each. If you turn the sleeve over, however, you’ll notice that the shape of these beads can be quite irregular. In any case, this is where the TrueGrip band will be tightened, and therefore where you’re likely to get the most feel.

The second chamber is these seven columns of three… angled bars. I don’t know what to call them. They’re more spaced out horizontally.

The third and final chamber has the same pearl-like texture. However, there are only ten rows of two pearls, which are there solely to stimulate the glans.


The recommendation for using Ohdoki sleeves is to start by lubricating the penis. To do this, use a water-based lubricant.

Apply it to your penis and to the inside of the sleeve. Then push the sleeve as far as possible towards the base of your penis. From here, if you don’t want to use it manually but with The Handy, tighten the TrueGrip band. Start The Handy and use it either manually or connected online.


At the moment, this Original TrueGrip🛒 sleeve is not available for sale. Black Friday has hit, and the 25% discount on all girdles has taken its toll on many.

However, in normal circumstances, you can get it for €12.

EDIT : when I updated this article in June 2024, it was available

After that, that’s without using the 15% off code they’ve provided for me for you. Just apply the code “PAPAR15” before payment.

On the other hand… I’ve found another 20% code which is more interesting for you. It’s less interesting for me because it’s likely to make an affiliation mishap… And give them the income but never mind. If you use the code “SLR20OFF“, you can get 20% off your basket.



  • Sold with The Handy
  • Extensible
  • Easy to clean


  • No shell to store it with the supplied sleeve with the Handy
  • Small closed sleeve

The Original TrueGrip sheath does the job. It gives you orgasms, but I’m far from finding it exceptional.

At the same time, that’s kind of the point of a standard sheath, to show what it can do, by sticking to the basics, so you can go for something explosive with the others.

At least, it lets you test the Handy without having to worry about choosing between different textures, lengths or openings if you don’t know anything about it.

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