Review of the Wonder Eggs from Tenga

What better time than Easter to discover, or rediscover, Wonder Eggs?

They’re disposable penis masturbators in the shape of an egg. Well, they’re only egg-shaped when they’re still in their packaging. They come with a lubricant pod to make them ready to use. What’s more, they take up very little space and can easily be slipped into a briefcase before a trip.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.

This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.

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Wonder Eggs Pack

The six wonder eggs come in a transparent plastic egg box. A small plastic film covers the whole, with a coloured sticker on top to catch the eye. The sticker reads “Easy Beat”, a reference to the culinary preparation for beating an egg, as well as for masturbating.

This wonder package is labelled ‘new’, although I have since received an email about the ‘hard boiled’ eggs. I’m not sure what the difference is from a culinary point of view, but I’d say that from a material point of view, this is mainly a version where the yolk, if present, would embrace a completely different texture.

Each egg has its own unique colour and texture. So the colour of the egg won’t affect your sensations. The aim of these Wonder Eggs is to give you extra stimulation through the textures on offer. And it’s these textures, which you wouldn’t normally feel with your hand, that will massage your penis.

So I’ll be presenting each of these eggs separately, from a visual, textural and sensory point of view.

Receipt of parcel

When I received my order of Tenga, it was a relatively discreet package. The ‘relatively’ refers to the fact that the parcel was quite large. On the other hand, it was a standard parcel, with no distinguishing marks, and as such it was discreet.

It contained a number of toys that the brand sent me so that I could review them, including the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup🦊. But more are coming soon, particularly around the Flip Zero EV. All in all, it was about a dozen products, hence the fact that the box was large but also reinforced.

Sent directly from Tokyo on 20 November 2023, the parcel was received on 28 November. Only 8 days to cross Europe and Asia, to the quiet countryside where I live.

Wonder Eggs boxed set

As explained in my previous review of the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup🦊, I’m not a fan of single-use toys for ecological reasons first and foremost, but also for financial reasons. In my opinion, it’s better to buy a durable toy, made from a safe material, and look after it so that you can keep it for several years. I’m not one to buy toys and then throw them away, but there can be several advantages to disposable toys. Particularly if you’re out and about and can’t necessarily clean the toy properly after the session.

In this case, we have a transparent plastic box sealed by three fusions that you can see in the image on the left just below each egg. This box is also covered by a transparent plastic film, which must be removed before opening the box. To do this, simply try to open the box while forcing a little where the seals are.

That’s when you can take a Wonder Egg in your hand, so I’m going to present them to you separately. But before that, I just wanted to present the eggs in a generic way.

Anatomy of an egg

The egg, the packaging for the sextoy, is made of PP (polypropylene). This is a thermoplastic resin. As such, the egg is naturally resistant to external attack (mould, bacteria and other micro-organisms). But it’s also drop-proof, should you happen to drop it. This material is covered by a thermoformed plastic film on the egg to differentiate them from each other. Each with its own reference, colour and texture. To remove this plastic film, you need to pull a plastic tab where the word “Open” is written in grey.

Once the Wonder Egg is exposed in your hand, you can split it in two, like a Kinder Surprise from your childhood. Once split in two, there’s no yolk or white, just a sort of soft egg, made from TPE🦊. TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a soft, stretchy material that contains a kind of cartridge inside.

The cartridge is hollow and contains a micro manual explaining how to apply the lubricant, which is contained in the grey and orange bag you can pick up. Its purpose was twofold: as well as containing the lubricant sachet, it prevented the TPE from touching each other from one edge to the other. The integrity of the shape was thus maintained.


Initially planned experience

Once you have the TPE sleeve in your hand, you’ll notice that the base contains a fairly thick hole, where the cartridge was housed. You now have a scabbard and all that’s left is to find a sword.

Empty the contents of the lubricant sachet into this hole, and then all you have to do is insert your glans. Note that during the initial insertion, there will be a lot of air in the sheath. It’s up to you to let it escape if you want the textures to be really close to your member. It’s even preferable.

From there, it’s up to you to take advantage of the unique texture by making movements that allow you to manage speed, amplitude and firmness as you wish. My wife even had fun turning it one way and then the other, something I hadn’t thought of before.

The sensations you experience will vary depending on the texture you choose. The main purpose of this sextoy is to stimulate your glans, the penis, that’s a bonus.

Alternative experience

Once you have one of these eggs in your hand, you have another, more unisex option. The Wonder Egg can be turned over so that the textures are on the outside. In this way, it is possible, still with lubricant, to use it by putting your fingers inside to stimulate other parts of the anatomy.

We don’t have a Magic Wand-type vibrator at home (yet), so I can’t confirm this function from experience. However, I imagine it would be quite possible to use this egg by covering the vibrator head. As the TPE is stretchable, it should be able to take this shape.

However, if it is to be used to stimulate an internal area, follow Tenga’s recommendations and throw it away after use.

Wonder Egg Wind

This first Wonder Egg “Wind” is a blue egg. It has a structure in the shape of waves, which are also represented on the outside. It is sold under the reference EGG-W01.

Quite frankly, starting with this one was rather disappointing in my opinion. However, the situation was rather naughty. When I got out of the bath, the lady suggested we try out this sextoy together. However, although I greatly appreciated her helping me to write this review, the wavy textures didn’t win the day.

Wonder Egg Stud

This second Wonder Egg “Stud” is a green egg. Its internal structure is made up of studs. There are no hexagons, just small protuberances close together. It is sold under the reference EGG-W02.

From a stimulation point of view, it’s better than the Wind. The spikes give a more effective massage, which is interesting, but I think they’re too close together to really get the most out of it.

Wonder Egg Mesh

This third Wonder Egg “Mesh” is a purple egg. It surprised me from the outside that it could have such an internal texture. In the end, the internal texture doesn’t quite resemble what is presented. It looks more like the cells of a beehive. That gave me the impression of a texture in hollow rather than in relief. It is sold under the reference EGG-W03.

My impression is, once again, that the mesh is too tight to get the most out of it. Still, it’s appreciable.

Wonder Egg Tube

This fourth Wonder Egg “Tube” is a red egg. I didn’t understand the texture from the outside, but it reminded me of something once I’d turned it over. That something being the Kraken eggs from Lovense. However, it wasn’t Tenga who copied… The texture is in fact a twisted vertical line made up of numerous straight and horizontal lines. It is sold under the reference EGG-W04.

I didn’t care much for this Wonder Egg. The idea is good though.

Wonder Egg Curl

This fifth and penultimate Wonder Egg is the “Curl” and is pink in colour. It’s a kind of mesh, with a cyclone at each intersection – high relief on the lower part, low relief on the upper part. It is sold under the reference EGG-W05.

This is the version I prefer. The small protuberances (cyclones) reminded me of a similar texture present in the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup🦊. Very pleasant on the frenulum, it will also massage the penis.

Wonder Egg Ring

The latest Wonder Egg is the ‘Curl‘, in a golden beige colour. Its texture is very reminiscent of Wind, but it also has two large horizontal rings. It is sold under the reference number EGG-W06.

The Wind didn’t suit me and this one is pretty close. Fortunately, the two horizontal rings make a difference and make it more appreciable.


Egg Wonder Lubricant

In each cartridge inside the egg you’ll find a single 5mL dose that allows you to play straight away. It’s a clever move on Tenga’s part, as it makes the toy ready to use, so you can carry the egg in your bag and take it (almost) anywhere to enjoy it.

It’s a water-based lubricant in liquid form (as opposed to the more gel-like water). However, although liquid, this lubricant is very viscous, and even stringy. Personally, this is not something I’m overly fond of.

I still haven’t studied the different lubricants supplied by Tenga, but I tend to think that this is the ‘Mild’ lubricant.

Water-based lubricants are the ones recommended for most sex toys. To put it simply, as the material of the sextoy is TPE, we need water-based lubricant. However, as I mentioned earlier, it is also possible to use this sextoy with a vibrator. In this particular case, I would advise against using this lubricant because its pH is too high if it were to go into a vagina. The pH I was told was between 6.5 and 7.5 for this lubricant when the vaginal flora lives in a pH of 4.5. This will unbalance it and pose a risk. What’s more, the osmolality of this lubricant is unknown.

On the other hand, Tenga lubricants are basically designed for penises only and for use with their toys. It’s only because I’ve suggested a roundabout way of using it that I have to warn you that this lubricant is not suitable for all uses.


Official answer


As I said earlier, this is a single-use, disposable toy. Once you’ve finished your session, you need to put the TPE sheath back inside its shell. Unfortunately, this type of egg is not compostable, which makes recycling a little more complicated.

The TPE part comes into contact with fluids, whether lubricant or your sperm. TPE is a material that feels really good, like bare skin. On the other hand, this material is porous, made up of micro-holes which have the disadvantage of being a real nest for bacteria…

What’s more, they’re not designed to last, so Tenga’s answer is: you use it once, and whether or not you ejaculate inside doesn’t change a thing: it’s in the bin!

My opinion

Except that, in real life, the TPE can be cleaned. It can’t be disinfected, that’s true. But it can be cleaned.

If you’re conscientious, you can clean the sheath with warm water and soap. Rub it all over with your fingers to remove any residue. All that remains is to carefully dry the material so that it is no longer damp. To do this, I recommend using a lint-free cloth and putting it inside and rubbing.

That’s what I do with my FeelStrokers🦊and some of them are still in good condition even though I’ve had them for over 18 months.

However, you’ll get a maximum of 3-5 uses before the material tears, depending on the textures and your use.

The only rules to follow for a TPE penis toy are:

  • clean immediately after use
  • dry properly
  • do not use if there are any strange odours
  • do not use if you see mould.

Where I question the non-reusability aspect of Tenga, their official version, is that if this was really the case, why allow it to be stored in a protective shell until next time?

By that I mean that the default sheath offered by OhDoki with The Handy🦊doesn’t even have a case even though it’s reusable.


I introduced you to Wonder Eggs in their egg carton packaging. However, although they are available for 36$ for 6, they can also be bought individually for 6$. And to be honest, buying them individually would mean less wasted plastic, as there would be no overall packaging.

Unfortunately I still don’t have any coupon codes for Tenga.

Egg Variety Pack – Wonder: $36

Egg Wind Egg Stud Egg Mesh Egg Tube Egg Curl Egg Wind



  • Ready to use (lubricant supplied)
  • Can be used several times
  • Easy to use alone (or with others)
  • Small but adapts to the size of your member
  • Discreet


  • Not very environmentally friendly
  • Limited stimulation depending on the egg

If you only had to use them once, $6 a wank would be expensive. On the other hand, since you can reuse them if they’re properly cared for, it’s much more reasonable.

The great strength of Wonder Eggs is that they can be stretched to fit most sizes. The textures don’t fade when the material is stretched. They continue to stimulate and my fear that they would fade has proved unfounded. Even if, depending on the texture, the result is very uneven. Some eggs (like Wind) didn’t give me an unforgettable experience, but others (Curl) surprised me.

Quite frankly, I doubt I’ll be buying any of these Wonder Eggs in the future. Their discovery is interesting, but I have other sex toys that give me more sensations. On the other hand, these cost a lot more.

I think these eggs are good for discovering the world of penis masturbators, if you’re on a very tight budget or need to take them with you quickly. However, for me, this is just an introduction.

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