Review of the FeelRachel from Rachel Starr

For Valentine’s Day, Kiiroo🦊 is spoiling us with the addition of a new model, the FeelRachel. A new FeelStar has been added to the signature range.

If you’re not familiar with the term, we can do something about it right now.

FeelStars are penis masturbators made in conjunction with models/actresses. This includes the visual aspect, since the FeelStar is based on the intimate parts of the collaborator. However, in addition to the visual aspect, there is also a sensory aspect. The FeelStar has a choice of different textures to give you those delicious sensations leading to orgasm.

And so a new signature is added to the FeelStars, in this case that of Rachel Starr. Once again, my poor film knowledge didn’t allow me to recognise this actress. On the other hand, I did do some research on her to make up for it. However, this is neither the time nor the place to discuss this actress’s prowess. Instead, let’s talk about the subject of her collaboration with Kiiroo, and here’s my review.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
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Receipt of parcel

Packages received by Kiiroo are discreet and look just like any other package you might receive. Peace of mind.

When you buy your first sextoy, you’re often stressed. You wonder whether someone in the family, the postman or a neighbour will notice what you’ve bought. Fear of other people’s reactions… For all that, Kiiroo’s parcels are discreet.

It’s a basic beige box containing a penis masturbator.

FeelRachel box set

Main side

FeelRachel front side of the box

When you open the parcel, you’ll come face to face with the beautiful Rachel Starr. She’s presenting her FeelStroker🦊. Her red heart-shaped sunglasses and lipstick contrast with her white teeth and top.

She’s standing in her pool with a wet, sticky top over her skin, deflecting her fleshy orbs and nipples…

Well, to put it another way, Rachel isn’t in the package. It’s the FeelStoker packaging, the box, in shades of blue, that presents you with this situation. The one that took place during a photo shoot. Sorry for the disappointment.

Right side

FeelRachel right side of the box

The next side features two visuals.

The first is a cross-section of the sheath showing the internal textures with three to four distinct chambers.

The second is a slightly higher-contrast photo in relief of the actress’s private parts, along with her signature on the right-hand side.

The exterior of the sheath is faithfully reproduced, modelling the slightest folds and creases present at the time of casting. The reproduction is as faithful as possible. You are as close as you can get to the touch. This is exacerbated by the material used, which feels like bare skin.

TPE🦊 adds softness, suppleness and elasticity. On the other hand, TPE has the disadvantage of being a porous material. If this term doesn’t ring a bell, it means that this material is capable of absorbing elements (harmful or not). What’s more, after a certain period of time, it will return them to the surface of the sextoy. You’ll need to be careful how you maintain it.

Rear side

FeelRachel back side of the box

Although Kiiroo has broken new ground with this new representative, it has stuck to the same description of the product. It reaffirms that the FeelRachel is moulded from Rachel Star’s private parts. That the TPE material produces a sensation as close as possible to that experienced in real life. And that the textures offered are for your “greatest pleasure”.

This speech is given in seven different languages, and I can read three of them… You can try and guess which three!

Left side

FeelRachel left side of the box

The opposite side shows a visual of the FeelStoker. The case containing the sheath in a sober yet elegant design. All in black, in the shape of a torch.

FeelRachel appearance

This is the third product in Kiiroo’s stroker range to feature a larger, higher cap. This avoids compressing the representation of the model’s private parts. And that’s just as well! For all that, it creates a gap in the FeelStroker collection since the FeelSkyler.

Although there is a difference of a few centimetres, the recipe remains the same. We have a product that remains mysterious from the outside. It looks vaguely like a torch, in black plastic that reflects the light.

You have the main tube and at each end a cap that can be removed in two different ways. The cap with the smaller diameter can be removed by turning. Its role is to allow the airflow, and therefore the suction force, to be applied to your limb to fluctuate.

The second does not rotate, so you should open it with your fingernails if they are long enough, pulling in the opposite direction to the base. Alternatively, you can press down on the small opening with your thumb. In any case, this tube is made from PC-ABS🦊, a 3D printing material that is both heat-resistant and robust.

Once it’s open, you’ll have access to a moulding of Rachel Starr’s private parts, a moulding that enhances immersion. However, if you thought that the tunnel of this inner sheath would be similar to that of the actress, you’d be wrong. The inside of the sheath has nothing to do with the intimacy of Rachel Starr’s vagina. Rachel Starr doesn’t really have star-shaped patterns in her vagina.

All in all, you have in your hand an object measuring about twenty centimetres and weighing about 800 grams.

FeelRachel textures

FeelRachel internal texture
Transversal cut of the FeelRachel to see the internal textures

Apart from the FeelRachel’s main entrance, you can roughly discern three different chambers.

The first contains a sort of star-shaped spike to accommodate the glans over the first few centimetres. Not very narrow, this area allows you to get in and stimulate without it being too tight, and ends with two rows of buttons before giving way to a second chamber.

This is made up of flexible spiral rings. This part is tighter for my taste, far more stimulating than the first and, above all, different, which means you can ‘take it up a notch’.

The third and final zone is a replica of the first; small consolation, if you’re not long enough to get to the end, at least you know what this zone is because it’s there at the very beginning.


FeelRachel dismantled
FeelRachel fully dismantled

The life of your FeelRachel will depend to a large extent on how well you look after it. After use, you’ll need to clean and care for it if you want it to last.

First of all, remove the sheath from its shell and rinse the inside of the sheath with clean water and a little soap. There are also spray-on products that can be used for cleaning. At Kiiroo it’s called “Pure” (alcohol-free, triclosan-free, vegan, and safe for your skin or your new favourite toy).

Don’t hesitate to clean every nook and cranny, every texture, to make sure you don’t forget anything. It’s easy enough to do, but you might as well do it properly.

Of course, you’ll need to do the same with the tube protecting the sheath, which must also have come into contact with different types of fluid to be rinsed.

After this, you can either leave your sheath to dry in the open air or use a piece of lint-free cloth to dry the inside and outside of the sheath.

Finally, I’d advise you to use cornflour to maintain the TPE so that it doesn’t become sticky over time; this sensation is anything but pleasant for me. However, if you clean it after each use, you won’t have this problem.


With the hand

Once the larger diameter cap has been removed, using the FeelRachel couldn’t be easier.

Just apply a little lubricant🦊 (water-based, please) to the opening and the inside of the sheath, and to your glans as well, and you’re ready to perform the same movements as during solitary sessions without a toy.

You can then vary the speed, depth and angle of penetration and also, thanks to the little cap, by unscrewing it to a greater or lesser extent, let the air in the sheath escape to create a suction effect.

However, be careful about the temperature of the room in which you store your FeelStar. If, like me, the temperature can easily drop to 12°C, or even if you simply want to get even closer to the real sensations of penetration, I recommend bathing your FeelRachel in lukewarm water to raise its temperature. It will be incomparable to what you can feel without heating it up.

With the Keon

If you prefer a slightly more hands-free solution, you can combine the FeelStroker with the Keon for an automated (using the buttons on the Keon) or interactive experience.

With a partner and remote control, or remote pairing. Or a video synchronised from your smartphone or PC via Bluetooth, it’s possible to let the Keon manage everything and just enjoy.

It can move back and forth at up to 200 strokes per minute.


The FeelRachel is available now (14 February 2023) from Kiiroo’s online shop for £75 (or a little less using an affiliate link).

If you’ve read my reviews before, you’ll know that you can get a discount at Kiiroo.

All you have to do is use the “PapaRenard” coupon at checkout. It will save you 10% on your entire order.

The FeelRachel will be just €67.50.


Points positifs

  • FeelStroker fairly balanced
  • Easy to clean

Points négatifs

  • Less intense than others in the range

Although less intense and stimulating than the latest FeelStar releases, the FeelRachel’s qualities make it a good partner for edging sessions. Or it could be just the thing for you if you’re rather sensitive. If you tend to come quickly.

This FeelStar is still of high quality and offers interesting stimulation, offering variations even if the pattern is repeated.

I’d like to thank Kiiroo and its Community Manager for including me among the first FeelStar testers. It also gave me the opportunity to discover the work of this actress.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have about this product.

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