Review of the FeelButt

Released in the last quarter of 2022, I hesitated for a long time about reviewing the FeelStroker Butt.

In the meantime, I’ve been testing other products. I was left with this rough draft and a bitter taste in my mouth. A regret linked to the fact that I wasn’t able to express myself on the Kiiroo🦊 FeelButt… And I didn’t like what I’d written about it up to that point.

The main reason I write reviews is to deal with the lack of reviews when I needed them. In particular, the lack of reviews in French meant I didn’t know what to buy. Sextoy reviews are very rare, as are returns. So what I want to do is fill this gap. And to do so while providing an honest point of view. That way, you can make a better choice about whether or not to buy a sextoy.

So I took advantage of some free time to rework this draft. The idea is to give you my feedback on this sextoy from the FeelStroker🦊 range.

It’s a penis masturbator based on an anatomy not yet explored by Kiiroo. Until now, they have concentrated on the private parts of female models. Now we’re treated to a new unisex orifice: the anus.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
To find out more, click here🦊.


As usual, the parcels received are discreet. The only mention of Kiiroo (in very small print) is on the delivery note. Apart from that, you have no idea what you’re getting. Would you like to know? Open the box and handle the contents. That’s a real plus for me and I prefer it to a parcel wrapped in black film or something (hello Nothosaur🦊).

First side

FeelStroker Butt front side
Front side of the FeelButt box

In blue and black, the first visual of the box is very sober.

As for the contents, there’s a mention of a ‘Butt Sleeve’ and a ‘Male Masturbator’. So you know what they mean. But without reading, just with the visual, it would be complicated for someone not familiar with the brand to know what this box corresponds to.

It’s just a sort of black tube shaped like a torch. However, compared to previous models, there is one notable difference. The cap allowing access to the sheath seems to be a few centimetres larger.

Right side

FeelStroker Butt right side
Right side of the FeelButt box

The right-hand side of the box shows us a cross-section of the sheath. That and the visible face of the product, in this case a hole. A hole with a few ribs.

I’m a bit sceptical about the cross-section. The space between the textures seems very, very large, especially at the entrance to the sheath.

After that, the spiral aspect of the textures perhaps adds something different… And it may be necessary to avoid having something too narrow.

The visible face of the masturbator remains simple; we have a hole that’s wide open by a few millimetres. A hole from which folds emerge like so many rays of sunlight. No signature this time.

Back side

FeelStroker Butt rear side
Back side of the FeelButt box

A little problem with the French translation though… It talks about a dildo where it should be a masturbator. Well, well, well…

The English translation doesn’t make this mistake… However, neither of them mentions a buttock or an anus. In fact, the anatomical type of orifice is totally ignored.

Left side

FeelStroker Butt left side
Left side of the FeelButt box

Finally, the last side shows how to install the FeelButt in the Keon.

Well, they just show you how to slide it in… In reality, you also need to turn the masturbator to engage it in the Keon.
To open the box, all you have to do is open two transparent seals. Then all you have to do is open the box from the top.


This is the first product in the FeelStroker range where Kiiroo is offering a larger cap. Why is this? It’s to avoid compressing, compressing, the molding of the proposed intimate parts, in this case: an anus. If you want to see what it looks like after a year of compression, check out my FeelSkyler🦊 review.

FeelStrokerButt out of the package
FeelButt out of its box

In the present case, I don’t think it was necessary to increase the height of the cap. However, it’s a good idea to start with one model, and it may be useful for the next.

Sheath dismantle

Fully dismantled FeelStroker Butt
Fully dismantled FeelButt

The FeelButt is made up of five parts. Three for the tube, the outer part about twenty centimetres long and eight wide. Two for the inside, a ring in the tube and the sheath; all weighing around 550g.

The first three parts are what will enable your FeelStroker to blend in with your decor.

A simple black flashlight design, consisting of a main tube, a cap screwed onto the smaller base (to regulate air flow and therefore suction force) and a much larger cap giving access to the part where you can insert your limb. To remove this second cap, here’s what I do. I suggest you use your thumb to press on the small opening at the junction of the cap and the base, while pressing on the cap to dislodge it. There’s probably a better way.

The whole external part is made of ABS/PC🦊, a 3D printing material that is both heat-resistant and robust. I’ve dropped FeelStars a few times and fortunately never suffered any damage.

FeelStrokerButt case compared to a flashlight
FeelButt next to a flashlight torch.

Sheath exterior

Once the large cap is open, you have access to the final part of the FeelStroker, the TPE🦊 sheath. The material used in this sheath approximates the feel of bare skin. This lends a certain softness, suppleness and elasticity. It has very little odor. On the other hand, this “thermoplastic elastomer” material has the disadvantage of being porous.

What does this mean? This material is capable of absorbing both harmful and non-harmful elements. Well, if it only absorbed them… Except that after a certain period of time, it will return them to the surface of the sextoy. You’ll have to be careful how you maintain it.

If you see mold… It’s already too late.

FeelStroker Butt presented without front cap
FeelButt without the lid

While the FeelStar range aims to reproduce models’ private parts, the FeelButt doesn’t reproduce any actual anus. It’s a creation by Kiiroo with a gender-neutral representation of the orifice, albeit with folds and a groove.
All in all, you’re looking at a twenty-centimeter object weighing around 550 grams. And do you know what? It’s just waiting for you to prove what it can do.

Internal texture of the FeelStroker Butt

Internal texture of the FeelStroker Butt
Transversal cut of the FeelButt showing the internal texture

First of all, I’d like to make it clear that I’ve never had anal sex. This may strongly influence my feelings, which are based on expectations rather than on past, factual experience. I’ve never had anal sex. I don’t know how it feels. But like everyone else, I imagine them as being like a very tight sheath around my member. Trying to compress it, possibly preventing it from moving freely…

I imagine this from the toys I’ve been able to test on my own anatomy. Yes, I wanted to discover this part of my sexuality. However, my experience with the FeelButt is different.
Apart from the main entrance, or rather main cavity, there’s only one proposed texture throughout.

Unique texture

I wrote that I had my doubts about the first zone of this FeelStroker. Remember that? Well, my experience confirmed it. When you step into the masturbator, your first thought is “Hello? Is anyone there?”.

I can’t help thinking that the first few centimetres are wasted centimetres that stimulate absolutely nothing…
Going further into the sheath, on the other hand, allows you to get to a slightly tighter zone. A little more stimulating… But it’s still light as far as I’m concerned.

To be honest, there’s enough stimulation to keep it hard. After that, are you looking for something? I’m not.

It struggles to offer more, which ultimately leads to an erection that remains present… As long as you want to continue like this, but you’re going to have to redouble your efforts to go all the way.

After that, it’s possible that the circumference of my member is a concern for this FeelStroker. Not wide enough, but I doubt it.

I think this penis masturbator may be the answer for two types of people.
Those who are clearly securely membranous at the girth, and they’ll surely get enough stimulation. Or those who need less stimulation so as not to explode too quickly.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the first masturbator that has allowed me, on several occasions, to drain the Keon of its battery without coming to term. It may well be considered a fine piece of equipment in its own for edging.


Whatever your sextoy, if you don’t look after it properly, its lifespan will be greatly affected.

One of the advantages of the FeelButt’s lack of pronounced textures, as well as the fact that it’s so “loose”… is that it’s so easy to clean.

After use, all you have to do is stand it upright, and gravity will take care of evacuating the fluids. Not as well as it should, however.

It needs to be cleaned to remove any fluids that may have got inside the sheath. To do this, remove the sheath from its shell. Then rinse it with clear water and a little soap.
Of course, you’ll need to clean every nook and cranny inside the sheath. And don’t forget the top of the sheath and any other parts of the FeelButt that have been in contact with fluids.

After this, you can leave your liner to air-dry. Alternatively, you can use a piece of lint-free cloth to dry the inside and outside of the sheath.
Finally, I recommend using cornstarch to maintain the TPE. This will ensure that it doesn’t become sticky over time; this sensation is anything but pleasant for me.
The cornstarch will keep your sextoy soft and smooth. It’s even a personal recommendation for all your TPE masturbators. After each use.


Once the larger diameter cap has been removed, using the FeelButt couldn’t be simpler.

All you need to do is apply a water-based lubricant🦊 generously to your member. Don’t forget the sheath opening and a little inside.
From there, you have a case that allows you to stimulate your member in many different ways. You can vary the speed, depth and angle of penetration. And by unscrewing the small cap, you can let the air in the sheath escape to create a suction effect.

FeelStroker Butt setup in Keon
FeelButt inside the Keon for an interactive and fun moment

As this stroker is compatible with the Keon, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy it hands-free and even interactively.
Simply lock the FeelButt into the Keon. Simply insert it into the Keon and turn it until it stops. Switch on the Keon and use the dedicated application (such as FeelConnect) to operate the Keon’s buttons, or synchronize it with a partner or video from your smartphone or PC via Bluetooth.


The FeelButt has been available for a few months now from the Kiiroo online store.

Its price is 64€ (or just under 58€ via the coupon code “PapaRenard” for a 10% discount).



  • At last, an anal sheath


  • Too wide
  • So wide that I can barely feel the textures

This Stroker is a disappointment for me.

My expectations were probably too high, but maybe I’m not the right audience for this stroker.
I was expecting something much more stimulating, much tighter, and I got the opposite in every respect. I’d been waiting for a while for Kiiroo to offer something other than vaginas… That they’d offer an anal or oral stroker and I didn’t get what I was expecting.

I’m not saying that the FeelButt is a failure, as announced above, if you want to train for edging sessions with an unstimulating masturbator, to increase your stamina, this may well be one of your best allies.

I’d like to thank Kiiroo and in particular its CM for including me among the first FeelStroker testers, even if my review is late in coming.
I’m well aware that this review probably won’t be the one to make you want to buy the FeelButt, but at least you’ve got honest feedback on what I thought of it.

Feel free to comment or ask questions, and I’ll answer them as best I can.

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