[Discontinued] Review of the Hundoo

The Hundoo is the first sextoy from the Nothosaur🦊 brand that I’ve tested for them.

They contacted me at the beginning of November 2022 after reading my reviews for Kiiroo🦊. Interested in my work, they wanted to know if it was possible for us to work together.

As I browsed through their shop, I was amused by the fact that each product had its own story. It even aroused my curiosity enough for me to go through their entire catalogue without stopping.

Once I’d seen it all, my interest fell on the Abyss II, the Qalu and the Hundoo.

After that, I still wasn’t completely comfortable with anal exploration… So I opted for their penis masturbator.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.

This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.

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Hundoo image from their japan website

According to Nothosaur that I quote :

HUNDOO is Nothosaur’s breakthrough innovative masturbator this year. The overall design is inspired by the Oriental fantasy masterpiece “Classic of Mountains and Seas”. It is a fantasy masturbator of the ancient style and fantasy collision. It has a slightly rough touch on the outskin, while the inside is really a narrow channel that tightly surrounds you and massages your penis slowly. Do you want a throat-like experience? It can do it! Do you want a vaginal feel? It can do the same! Wraps you tightly, and gives you all the feeling you want. Release your emotions! Sprint hard!

After giving my choice to the Community Manager, I received a code to get my toy for free.

I placed my order straight away, on 14 November, amused, baffled and clearly curious about what I was going to receive.



Parcel received from Nothosaur containing the Hundoo and protected by grey plastic.

Eight days after placing my order, I received a tracked parcel.

It’s not necessarily the most discreet parcel in the world, I’ve rarely received parcels like this. Wrapped in black plastic film with just a label on it.

It protects it from the elements, and that’s no bad thing. I might be a bit suspicious if it were my wife picking up the mail. Or am I imagining things?

In any case, receiving the Colissimo notification allows me to pick up the parcel fairly quickly. I take it to my office where I can take the time to unpack it.

Package containing the Hundoo without its plastic protection. Just a box.

Once the plastic has been removed, the box looks quite ordinary.

Since the tracking was on the plastic, there’s no mention of it here. Just a pull-tab to open the parcel…

Package contents

The Hundoo with some goodies I got in the order

And I’m faced with a transparent zipped bag containing the Hundoo! I can’t wait to get my hands on it, but it’s not the only thing in the parcel!

In particular, there are two postcard-sized papers with pretty prints.

The first is a user manual containing a discount code for a future order. Having instructions for use and cleaning, especially when it’s your first toy, is really useful. Given the time of year, I think the BlackFriday offers are much more attractive. Even so, 10% is always appreciated and I’ll provide you with a code later on.

The second card has another illustration on one side and a description for another of the brand’s toys, the Wiz.

Five stickers are also in the pack, featuring ‘chibi’ creatures that certainly echo the brand’s products. Although very cute, I’d avoid giving these stickers to my daughters ‘just in case’.

In addition to the other goodies on offer, there’s also a keyring featuring a black and white pony. Both sides are protected by plastic film, which is also pretty cool.

Finally, the icing on the cake for me was a woven bag with the brand’s logo to store the toy and keep it out of reach of other sex toys. And yes, silicone toys need to be stored individually. If you don’t, they risk getting mixed up with each other.

And very clearly, the fact that a sextoy comes with its own storage bag is a real plus for me. Not everyone does, so I’d like to thank the brand for thinking of this!

Aspect of Hundoo

Penetrable side of Hundoo

With that description out of the way, I return to the subject of this review, the Hundoo.

Out of its packaging, I find the texture pleasant in the hand, except for the base which is a little more ‘sticky’.

The red with gold accents is a nice touch. However, I’m surprised by the weight of the masturbator, which I find rather heavy. As I don’t have a scale to hand, I’ll leave this opinion totally subjective.

In any case, the weight combined with the firmness of the product means that the Hundoo will follow the movements indicated. There’s no yo-yo or jelly effect like you might get with a masturbator out of its case.

The main orifice could be described as “a flower in full bloom, opening to the light and each petal framed by a row of small protuberances“… Or we could talk about a mouth made up of seven fleshy flaps topped by sharp, pointed teeth ready to rip apart anything that comes within reach…

Fortunately, we’re talking about a silicone toy! The teeth aren’t as sharp and pointy as all that, so there’s no risk of hurting yourself with them.

The hole is large enough to fit the first phalanx of a finger (except the thumb). Not much more, but I’ll go into more detail about the internal structure later!

There’s no smell from the Hundoo because it’s made of silicone, which is rather pleasant.

Table of Hundoo measurements, in one size.

Internal texture of Hundoo

Cross-section of the Hundoo, showing the internal textures of the masturbator.

When I went through the Hundoo’s data sheet, I noticed that there was no photo showing a cross-section of the masturbator. Clearly, this bothered me a bit. Before buying a masturbator, I like to know what kind of texture I’m going to be dealing with. Is it tight? With a variety of textures? With a stimulus on the way in and out?

In the end, this absence is only linked to the default choice of colour: red. The photo of a cross-section of the product can be seen on the green colour.

The cross-section shows four distinct zones, even though the first three are similar in texture.

The zones are more or less tightly packed, which should provide different levels of stimulation. This means you can choose between sprinting and endurance running without too much worry.

The last chamber models, I think, fangs, retaining/stimulating the glans flange during withdrawal.

The only exception is at the very end of the sheath. The only exception is at the very end of the sheath, where a tooth will prevent your glans from returning ‘peacefully’ to the inside.


The instructions/postcard are clear and suggest using lukewarm water. I would also recommend using soap.

Once again, due to the firmness of the silicone, I had a bit of trouble getting my fingers into it to make sure I cleaned every nook and cranny of the toy. It’s annoying, but we’re not talking about TPE🦊 here, we’re talking about silicone.

In any case, the two holes still allow you to clean the whole thing. The water goes in one side and out the other.

If you’re in any doubt, you can also use three different solutions to sterilise it. Use a bleach-based solution (10%), boil your toy or put it in the dishwasher.

After cleaning, leave your product to dry, either on a rack or in the open air, or use a fine, lint-free cloth to wipe it inside the Hundoo.

Don’t forget to store it in its own bag. This is to prevent anyone from falling on it… And protect it from dust.

There’s also this page from Nothosaur which explains in pictures how to clean your toys properly.


On one of the ‘postcards’ containing the instructions, you are advised to clean the toy regularly and to use a water-based lubricant🦊.

So after an initial cleaning, I took out a tube of lubricant and added a generous amount to the Hundoo before proceeding.

The first insertion is complicated, I feel very tight and not really in a stimulating way. More like being constrained, restricted. Not really pleasant.

This may be due to the habit of Kiiroo masturbators, which are a very flexible sheath contained in a case, they are softer and owe their rigidity to the container. With the Hundoo, I feel much less comfortable, especially around the glans.

This may simply be due to my body shape rather than the product itself, perhaps it’s not suitable for everyone. I don’t feel particularly well built (NBPEL 16cm, BPEL 18cm, Circumference 12cm) but that could be the reason.

I can see two other possibilities: using silicone that’s too firm. This would be in line with my initial opinion when I took the product out of its packaging. The second possibility is that the thickness between the channel and the outside of the product is too great. There is up to 3 centimetres of silicone radius.

Let me be clear, this does not prevent me from experiencing pleasure with this model of masturbator. It even allowed me (with a lot of extra stimulation) to come twice in fifteen minutes… But let’s be honest, it’s not really pleasant throughout and reduces the intensity with which the orgasm could be felt.

Because of this compression, I didn’t really feel the different chambers on offer.


(Un)Fortunately, the Hundoo has not been available for sale since around March 2023.

As I understand it, Nothosaur decided to remove this toy from its catalogue following complaints about models that were very close to it.

It had been available since 5 September 2022 in two colours. It cost $82, but had only one firmness of silicone.

However, Nothosaur offers a wide range of dildos. If you are interested, you can use the coupon “PapaRenard10” to get 10% discount.



  • Fantasy look
  • Customization color available


  • Too tight
  • Too firm
  • Discontinued

I greatly appreciate the opportunity offered by Nothosaur to discover their world and I’d like to thank them for that.

Unfortunately, my personal experience of the Hundoo has not been entirely satisfactory. I would advise you to compare your measurements with those of the product to avoid disappointment.

However, I’m convinced that in the context of a vaginal or anal toy, the product’s firmness rating could be quite appropriate and more than welcome; not for a masturbator though. (Edit one year later: no, such a firm anal toy will have trouble passing through the sigmoid colon).

I really wish I’d been able to choose the firmness of the silicone. To be able to take it as ‘medium’ or ‘soft’ because my current experience isn’t the best.

The product is promising and I think that with more flexibility on the material, it would make for a nice range of penis masturbators with products that have their own story.

So please, Nothosaur, add a selector for the firmness of this masturbator!

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