Moom, the blessing of the forest

Unlike usual, it was luck that allowed me to acquire a new sextoy: Moom.

It was back in October that Nothosaur🦊 had run a Halloween-themed giveaway (NSFW). And since I’m talking about luck, you can assume I won a prize from the giveaway.

Envy overcame reason and I went straight to ordering Moom, Qalu and Mephisto. If I’d been clever, I could have waited a couple of weeks longer to take advantage of the Black Friday sales, but hey… Here’s my first review of the three sex toys I bought.

Disclosure policy

The purpose of this review is to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
Also included in this review are links to the shop which are affiliate links, at no extra cost to you.
All the same, this review is in my own words and any sentence written has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
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Moom front view

Receipt of parcel

I placed the order in the early hours of 7 November and it was dispatched two days later. I received my order a week after dispatch, on the 16th.

As far as I’m concerned, I find the black plastic film anything but discreet. Clearly, it raises questions about what might be inside the parcel. It’s something I criticise Nothosaur for, but there must be a reason. I don’t understand what the point is, other than to protect the package a little from damp… But certainly not from shocks. I’ve had black, grey and green plastic film on various orders…

In any case, there’s nothing distinctive about the plastic film. You have no idea where the parcel comes from or what it contains. It’s also a form of discretion.

In any case, I was able to take the parcel to my office. I was really looking forward to finding out what was in it!

Goodies with your order

Goodies sent with the giveaway order

Every time I’ve placed an order on their website, I’ve always received a few extra goodies. It’s a nice gesture on the part of Nothosaur and I really appreciate it. I mean… I suppose for most of their customers. Although it’s very nice, I’ve never done anything with these goodies. The ones with too strong a connotation will probably never come out of their pockets. It’s a waste.

You should almost be able to specify when you order whether or not you want these goodies.

So I got a cardboard representation of a reptilian (dragon?) that was to be their mascot, a keyring and a sheet of stickers. In all honesty, I found the T-Ice cream fade sticker (top left) particularly cute.


Moom front view

In Nothosaur folklore, Moom is one of the alluring creatures living in the giant trees of the Howling Jungle.

You could describe this sextoy as having a head made of multiple petals, or a sort of funny hat. The main stem is a body intertwined with vines. The base is adorned with sharp spines for the Moom’s defence.

Moom’s appearance

Moom material

First of all, I’d like to talk about the material. It’s a silicone🦊 that’s not peroxide-catalysed but platinum-catalysed. If you ever see a sextoy that you like but which is marked as peroxide-catalysed, don’t go any further. This is not silicone to use as a sextoy. The material will be slightly porous and less stable, so it won’t be healthy for you. Unfortunately, you can find it on sale and that’s a shame.

This is platinum-catalysed silicone, and Nothosaur re-tested samples of its toys at the end of September 2023. You can find the results here. Platinum-catalysed silicone is a stable, non-porous material (the pores allow bacteria to take refuge during cleaning). It’s non-toxic, latex-free, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic… There’s no risk of chemical burns, it’s easy to clean, and it’s all good. Otherwise the price is higher.

Available sizes

This dildo is available in several sizes, from mini (11 centimetres) to XL (23 centimetres).

Image taken from the website

The version I received is the S. It’s a 13-centimetre-high toy with an 11-centimetre insert. The head is 3.3cm in diameter and the body is 4.5cm. This is the smallest of all the Nothosaur🦊 toys I have. So it’s a toy I can use to get the ball rolling.

It’s worth noting that this version weighs just 140 grams.

Colours available

No less than 56 colours are available to personalise your Moom. As far as I’m concerned, I stuck with the default colour, which I found pleasant to look at with its cool blue and purple hues.

You can choose from a range of custom colours:

  • Plain (a single colour)
  • Gradient (one colour for the base tending towards another colour for the head)
  • Covered (two colours depending on the relief)
  • Marble (two or three colours to choose from, creating a patchwork resembling marble)
  • Separate (one colour for the base, a second for the body and a final colour for the head)

For those who don’t feel like an artist, it’s possible to choose pre-designed colours and even two more specific versions! These are the phosphorescent and thermochrome versions! I’ve tested the phosphorescent with the Alla🦊 but I’ve never yet tested the thermochrome… It will probably be for the next order.


The Shore scale is used to measure the three silicone firmnesses offered by Nothosaur. Normally, we talk more about Shore A or D, but Nothosaur says it uses the Shore C scale. The B and C scales are rarely used… In my opinion, Nothosaur is mistaken in using this scale to measure this type of material. Not least because the C scale starts at 9… And Nothosaur gives measurements lower than or equal to this.

Shore scale for comparing rubber, elastomer and plastic materials from

According to Nothosaur, if we convert the C scale to A, we get roughly:

soft : 5C -> 20A
medium : 7C -> 25A
hard : 9C -> 30A


Désinfection du Moom en le passant à la casserole !

Because of the material used, Nothosaur sex toys are easy to wash and sterilise, with the possible exception of T-Tide. This has a vibrating ball that needs to be removed first. Apart from that, there are several ways of cleaning your sextoy.

For simple cleaning, just use lukewarm water and neutral soap. All fluids can be cleaned with this simple combo, all that’s left is to dry the whole thing. Either with a lint-free towel or in the open air. I prefer the towel because once it’s dry, I can put the sextoy straight back in its storage bag. This prevents dust, hair, lint and other things sticking to it.

For disinfection, I have two solutions. The first is to use a dilute bleach solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. The sextoy should be left in this solution for at least two minutes, then rinsed with clean water and left to dry in the open air. Finally, the second solution is twofold: put the Moom in the dishwasher or put it in a pan of boiling water for 5 minutes.

Please note that I’m talking about cleaning or disinfecting. If the toy has gone out the back door, or you want to lend it to someone else, it’s best to disinfect it.

Once it’s clean, you can store it, either jumbled up with your other silicone sex toys or in its own personal bag.


Aparté for lubrication

The basic rule to avoid injury and get the most out of your sextoy is to lubricate it.

Saliva is not a lubricant, let me reiterate.

You need to use a water-based lubricant, or at the very least a hybrid lubricant (so far I haven’t noticed any damage). Do not use silicone-based lubricants (they will reduce the longevity of your sextoy) or oil-based lubricants (they are much more complicated to clean and can alter the silicone).

Be careful with the water-based lubricant you use. Water-based lubricants have two pieces of information, often not communicated, that are important to know. Their pH and osmolality. Take great care, if necessary, to ensure that it respects your vaginal flora. A different pH will kill off the good bacteria that protect you from infection, while an unsuitable osmolality will dry out or make your internal tissues permeable… The risk is a good infection.

Similarly, the pH for a vagina or an anus is not the same, so these two practices should require different lubricants.

Vaginal use

It was Madame who stole the scoop on this sextoy (as well as the other two in the order). We’d decided to have a party where her sight was restricted… So I took the opportunity, with her agreement, to have her test this toy.

The head of the toy is slightly hook-shaped, which gives it a special feel, while the body, with its climbing vines, is more about sliding. The spikes around the base give a different kind of friction.

We took full advantage of Moom to slip in surreptitiously during vaginal penetration and the sensations were just as interesting for her as for me.

Anal use

Two different situations were tested. Manually and with Hismith’s SexMachine Premium🦊.

For the manual part, no disappointment. Moom lends itself well to the game, even if it has to be said that the ten or so centimetres that can be inserted passes very quickly.

The profile of the head doesn’t allow for the same smooth insertion as Qalu. Whereas Qalu allows you to gradually increase the diameter inserted, Moom gives you almost everything right from the start. In other words, if the head fits, the rest fits (like a baby). Admittedly, the diameter increases slightly near the base, but this is almost anecdotal (at least for size S).

The ribs (grapevines) are a pleasure when the toy is rotated, but I can’t see any benefit (other than aesthetic) in the peaks at the base.

With the Hismith machine, the experience is less interesting. You have to set the right depth of penetration on the machine and spread the globes of flesh wide apart, otherwise the toy, which is too soft, struggles to make its way. The toy folds in on itself if it’s not guided correctly. I’m slightly disappointed, but it’s more my use of the machine than the toy that’s at fault. Longer, and with a firmer grip, I think the toy could have done the job. It’s a problem of choice that I’ve made and it’s suitable for manual use, less so for a machine.


Moom has been available from the Nothosaur online shop since early November 2022.

Its price ranges from $49.99 to $129.99 depending on the size selected, the choice of firmness does not affect the price.

You can save 15% on your shopping basket by using the code “nothosaurdiscord“, so don’t miss out!

(Alternatively, you can use the code “PapaRenard10“, but that will cost you 5%, which wouldn’t be very clever).



  • Cool design
  • Premium silicone (high quality)
  • The hat and vines are interesting in terms of feel


    Moom was an eye-catcher and I’m still happy with it after use. It looks good but it’s also practical. Its suction cup base is original, its vines stimulate back and forth movements as well as rotational movements and the head is well shaped.

    I really like this sextoy, even though I’m sorry it came in such a small size. But it does allow you to vary the sensations and even to switch to a larger diameter one… Like the Mephisto!

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