Review of the Syncbot

Can the Syncbot🛒 reign supreme among automatic masturbators?

A legitimate question, given the multitude of (semi)automatic masturbators available. In fact, it can be difficult to find a place for yourself, given the over-representation of mediocre products and their omnipresent advertising.
Wanting to expand my knowledge, I did a bit of research. It proved fruitful when, in the course of a post on reddit, someone mentioned the Syncbot. According to her, it’s the ultimate automatic penis masturbator. Others describe it as the Gluck Gluck 3000 (poetry lovers, hello).
With its high price tag, it can be scary. It stands out from the plethora of sex toys on account of its functionalities, which arouses my curiosity.

A quick search on the web reveals that this product is very recent. There’s an Indiegogo campaign and an official launch on 24 October 2022.
On social networks, we can see that the brand is looking to get close to its users. And they also want feedback on their product.

So I got in touch with Valor & Toughness🦊, the creators of the Syncbot. My aim was to find out more and, if possible, test this sextoy. So they provided me with the SyncPackage Pro, which I’m now going to present to you.

I would like to make it clear, however, that this review has been produced independently, impartially and in complete honesty with you.

Be careful, it’s going to be a bit long, so don’t hesitate to use the table of contents to choose the parts that interest you!

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji *5🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
To find out more, click here🦊.


The Syncbot is described by Valor & Toughness as a sextoy that synchronises pornographic videos.

This is done using a proprietary algorithm that identifies the scenes in the videos. Then, it reproduces the actions in real time on three different levels, three possibilities of stimulation.
The back and forth, the rotations and contractions/sucking of the penis masturbator.

Currently, the Syncbot itself (even in conjunction with the Scabbard) does nothing. If you put it on your member as it is, you can wait indefinitely for something to happen.

It’s an interface between the penis and a programme that transcodes videos to synchronise them.

  • SyncPlayer; analyses the videos on your hard drive and provides instructions to the Syncraft (host of the Scabbard).
  • SyncBrowser; web browser that connects to PornHub and makes most videos interactive by sending instructions to the Syncraft.
  • SyncFree; mobile application (iOS and Android) allowing you to manipulate the Syncbot from your phone.

This review will only test and report on the SyncPlayer. On request, I may write content later for the SyncBrowser and SyncFree.

After testing the SyncBrowser, I can say that it completely redefines the sessions you can have on Pornhub.

Now that you know a bit more about it, let’s get into the details.



“Order XXXX confirmed”

I received this email on 21 July 2023. They asked me to confirm that I did indeed have Windows, 64bit version 7 10 or 11. Other systems are not supported, nor are Macbooks with ARM processors.
However, if you have another Unix system, there is a solution. You can set up a Windows virtual machine to take advantage of Syncbot.

The next day, at midday on a Saturday, I received a second email telling me that the Syncbot was on its way. It was due to cross the Asian continent and then the European continent… before arriving in France via DHL.

It was from the moment it arrived in Germany, on 28 July, that I got updates on the position of the parcel. This continued until I received it at my home by midday on 2 August.

In the end, 12 calendar days were enough to receive this parcel from China, I’m delighted.


Package containing the Syncbot. Looks pretty massive to me!

It’s big (the package is 47cm long, 38cm wide and 18cm high).
It’s relatively heavy (4.6Kg indicated) and I’m excited to get this parcel into my office at home.

A few DHL labels adorn the package, laid on top of others. But there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that it contains a sextoy, no reference to Valor & Toughness.

The package, as you can see, is completely surrounded by transparent tape.
I only detected a single impact the size of a pea.
The shipment was approved without a hitch, and there’s no doubt that the interior is in good condition.

Valor & Toughness doesn’t skimp on protection!

I took a box cutter and opened the parcel before realising that the box was 6 millimetres thick. That’s more than enough to prevent it being transported indelicately, but that’s not all. As you can see, a white foam wraps around the sides of the case, adding a further two centimetres of protection.

The case simply can’t move inside the box, and it’s hard to damage it from the outside.

A thin cloth full of holes also protects the case. I grab everything by the suitcase handle and pull it out of the box with a firm movement.

The case is heavily protected, as is the thick cardboard!

And now I’m smiling… Because at last I’ve got something that shows that nobody’s perfect! A fine black hair on the top right-hand corner of the fabric.


As soon as I saw the case, I realised that we were dealing with a company that doesn’t take its customers for pigeons. You pay the price but the quality is there.

I regret the quality of the photos that follow. My softbox was too small for the suitcase. Despite everything, I persisted in taking the photos in it… I hope you won’t hold this against me too much.

A case that’s far too big for my photo box!

In terms of materials, I’d say it’s based on ABS🦊 and aluminium.
There are two locks to unlock the case and I’m slightly sorry I thought it could be locked. That would have given it a bit more security and privacy.
Rivets to hold the metal parts that blend in with the same black. There’s an impression of robustness and solidity. Just as I had with the simple cardboard used to protect this case.

The case is designed to be placed in this way, as there are four small anti-slip pads underneath. However, you’ll find four more if you want to put the case with the handle up.

Apparent quality

The hinges at the back also seem to be of good quality. I don’t think they’ll wear out prematurely, even if you use them a lot.

There’s a reference to Valor & Toughness on the front of the case, via a logo and the name in the bottom right-hand corner.
However, unless you do some research, no one will know what it’s about.

Because of its size and appearance, this case can be put away in an innocent way. Unless you open it, it’s unlikely you’ll know what’s inside.

And the truth is, even if you do open it, you’ll have to use your imagination to work out what it is.

You can see some of the details in the gallery below.

One thing I don’t like about handling it is that fingerprints quickly accumulate on the case.
It’s easy to remove them, but it gives me the impression that this brand new toy is getting dirty. And that’s before I’ve even used it… which bothers me a bit.

After that, if I had to sum up the case in a few words, I’d say it’s classy and robust.

Contents of the case

Everything well presented, each object in its place precisely cut out.

Imagine a suitcase containing firm foam. The foam is cut to a millimetre to accommodate the various components.

Once again, nothing moves or shifts, everything is held securely in place. Whether you’re transporting it or handling it.

You might even, for some strange reason… You might even, for some strange reason, want to throw this suitcase in your boot and go on holiday. Everything would stay where it is. Without moving.

It includes :

  • the Syncraft, centrepiece and receptacle for the Scabbard;
  • two Scabbards🛒 (roughly equivalent to a sheath), one of which is transparent and the other black;
  • eight cartridges of Primer N°1 lubricant🦊, a water-based lubricant developed by Valor & Toughness;
  • the SyncHub🛒 for connection to the PC;
  • a USB C cable for recharging;
  • the Caliper🛒 for separating and cleaning the scabbard;
  • an envelope containing the start-up manual.

Here are the details of each item


As I was saying, the centrepiece, the sextoy, although incomplete without Scabbard. It’s 19cm high, weighs around 600g and is made mainly of ABS on the outside. It has a non-slip front surface (on which dust can easily settle) and a female USB C port. And USB C is now more than necessary for fast recharging of a sextoy.

It’s a one-piece piece, in the shape of a cylinder. It has a flat front serving as a touch area for controlling videos from the Syncbot. At the bottom of this area there’s also a small diode that serves as a battery charge indicator.

I’m about to repeat myself, but you can feel the quality of the product, the materials and the finish given to the Syncbot. This is clearly not the sextoy you’ll find in your local sex shop. It’s top of the range and justifies the price.

The top of the Syncraft is delivered closed with a small piece of firm foam to be removed on first use. According to the instructions, you’ll never need to use it again – it’s off to the bin. This is the reception area for the scabbard, which connects magnetically to the Syncraft.

My only regret, although many sex toys have this ‘fault’, is that it leaves a lot of fingerprints on the Syncbot. It’s quite unsightly even though it’s easy to clean.


This is the sheath itself, the receptacle for the penis, measuring 13 centimetres and weighing around 400 grams.
It can be taken apart, either manually or using the Caliper. This makes it possible to obtain 4 pieces and clean it more thoroughly.

For the moment, there is a black Scabbard and a transparent one. To date, the difference between the two is purely visual. There is no difference other than seeing the movements of the internal texture.

The different parts of the Scabbard are :

  • the cap;
  • the penetrable area of the scabbard (containing the part that rotates);
  • a container with a small seal used to remove water from the scabbard during cleaning;
  • another cylinder containing the second part of the sheath with lots of flexible rods.

Leaving aside the ABS exterior of the Scabbard, what remains is the part that will be in direct contact with the penis. The ‘Ace-Cream’ material is derived from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE🦊) and patented by the brand.

It’s a proprietary name, like UltraSkin, and appears to be a soft, supple rubber.

Unfortunately, my first contact with this texture was rather… sticky. Unpleasant and unwelcoming. The second scabbard was the same, and I was quickly told by support that this was perfectly normal.

They chose not to use powder on this material. When I say powder, think baby powder or cornstarch. They would have realised that some people can develop an allergic reaction on contact with it.
What’s more, they described Ace-Cream to me as a rubber material that meets EN 14372 standards. This is a safety standard for children and care / kitchen items. Unlike TPE, their material is odourless. I don’t quite agree with that… But it’s clearly because I’m nitpicking that I’m quibbling. There’s a slight, barely perceptible odour when you stick your nose on it… But it’s nothing like the smell of TPE masturbators, which you can smell as soon as you put your nose to it.

As for whether the material was porous or not, and could therefore develop bacteria through the small holes… They assured me that it was completely watertight.

Modular approach

The scabbard is inserted into the Syncraft via a magnetic lock. It’s clever, but beware: the magnets are powerful and there’s a risk of jamming your fingertips.

The fact that this modular approach has been thought out means that lubricant, or even bodily fluids, cannot infiltrate the Syncbot. This could lead to permanent problems such as corrosion.

In this way, they have secured the Syncraft (which is not waterproof). It uses a magnetic lever to move the Scabbard. The Scabbard itself is completely waterproof.

I’m not going to say it’s anything close to genius. However, it’s the first time I’ve seen this and the expected result is there.

N°1 Primer cartridge

Primer N°1, an high-viscosity lube from V&T

The lubricant made in Valor & Toughness, in a 30mL shot, is water-based. And you know what I say about water-based lubricants? It can be used for any situation, any type of sextoy.

It’s described as providing silky smooth lubrication for absolute sensation and satisfaction. For my part, I’m pleased with the quality of the lubrication. I’m also pleased with the longevity of this lubricant, which doesn’t dry out quickly. It’s pleasant during the action, which is great.
On the other hand, it’s quite sticky. It makes threads, which I don’t like (mainly because I’m not used to it) and makes it a bit more difficult to wash.


The SyncHub, the part that enables the SyncBot to communicate with your computer.

The SyncHub is the connector, the interface, between the computer and the Syncbot. Don’t lose it, don’t break it, otherwise your Syncbot won’t be of much use… Apart from its possible use with SyncFree.

This is the real plug & play offered by Valor & Toughness. There’s no need to go through the more or less complicated process of pairing it with Bluetooth or anything else.

If it’s plugged in, your Syncbot will come out of standby and be immediately at your service; if it’s unplugged, the Syncbot will switch off.

This serves as your Syncbot’s on/off button. For this reason, I advise you to unplug and store the SyncHub after each session. If you don’t, it leaves the Syncbot waiting unnecessarily for instructions. This drains the battery, albeit slowly, unnecessarily.

The SyncHub is a three-part unit:

  • the Bluetooth reception base, the circular part with two edges, containing the company logo,
  • the cable,
  • the USB3 connector.


Un allié non indispensable mais qui aide à démonter complètement le scabbard.

It’s not an essential item. And I rarely use it. It can help you to separate the Scabbard properly and clean it a little more thoroughly.

The Caliper is a rectangular shape with a hollow, corresponding to the lower part of a Scabbard. It ends with two inner lugs on either side.

It is these lugs that can be inserted into the holes in the Scabbard to hold it in the ‘up’ position. This lock allows the ring of the Scabbard to be turned to remove it.

You can see it in action in the ‘Cleaning‘ section of this review.

USB C cable

By using USB3 and USB-C, V&T are once again showing that they’ve got it right.

I don’t have much to say about it, as I’m sure you already know what it is.
It’s worth noting, however, that this cable is only one metre long… Which I find regrettable. So if you want to leave it permanently plugged into a power strip under your desk, that’s not possible. You’ll barely have enough length to reach above the desk.

I do, however, welcome the use of USB C, as this will enable the Syncbot to be recharged quickly! It goes from ‘out of battery’ to ‘fully operational’ in less than two hours.

Quick start guide

Quick start guide

The instructions are brief and didn’t answer all the questions I had. On the other hand, the FAQ answered some of them. For the others, customer service answered them all in less than a day. Clearly, customer service listens and responds on Discord, Reddit and by email, which is top-notch.

So, the user manual serves as a start-up guide and I’m going to detail the procedure to enable you to initialise it. Then we’ll look at how to use the Syncbot and understand its colour-coded battery.

Note that in the SyncPackage Pro version, you won’t see this manual from the start. The little sneaks have placed it just below a thin sheet of plastic that serves as a legend for the various elements contained in the case.

How does the Syncbot work?

Valor & Toughness offers synchronisation between the Syncbot and the video.

The aim is to provide real-time correspondence between the action performed by the actors and what is reproduced by the Syncbot thanks to the motors and the Scabbard.

It’s not just a question of providing an account of penetration, as some competitors are already offering, but of taking into account the dimension of movements in space or even the intensity of the movements performed.

In the course of a single video, there is an enormous amount of variation, in terms of angles of view, zooms, movements of the actors, etc. AlphaZen, the artificial intelligence behind the Syncbot, analyses all this in order to construct the script and offer an experience as close as possible to what is actually happening.

The transcription is carried out using three different engines, each of which has a main mission, whether it’s to specialise in precise control of the depth of movements, internal tension and intensity in another dimension or even the power to be delivered for the different movements.

Initialising the Syncbot


In the quick start guide, we talk about connecting the Synchub to the PC and charging the Syncbot by plugging the USB cable supplied into the port on the front of it .

Connecting the Syncbot to a power supply wakes it up and initialises it. A noise is heard (the internal compartment rises and then falls again) and an LED starts flashing green, indicating that it’s charging. The Syncbot quickly changed from flashing green to steady green, indicating that it was fully charged and therefore fully usable in less than 5 minutes.

When the SyncHub was plugged in, a notice appeared confirming that the SyncHub was connected to the computer.

Windows directly detects and installs software for the SyncHub

The Syncbot reacts immediately by making a noise, still raising the internal compartment and then lowering it again, showing that it is paired.

A window opens to launch syncplayer.setup.exe, the program that installs the SyncPlayer, one of the three clients required to use the Syncbot.

Installing the software

As with any software installation, you will have to accept the EULAs and then scroll through several configuration screens before finally installing the libraries, which on my workstation took 3 to 4 minutes. You can then launch the SyncPlayer on your workstation.


Adding videos

Every library starts empty… but not for long.

Basically empty, there’s a big button right in the middle of the interface so that you can choose, folder by folder, the content on your computer.

I didn’t have any content myself, so I grabbed a few links containing OF content as well as a few more mainstream videos from big studios of longer duration. In all, there were over 1,000 items added in under two minutes and I was amazed that it was already finished.

There are no restrictions on the type of video, in terms of format, quality or size. They will all be integrated into the SyncPlayer.

Video analysis

Except… Then the SyncPlayer has to analyse the videos so that it can write its scripts in three dimensions, and that takes a little longer. To do this, you have to click on a button at the top right of the interface.

Analysis of an 8-second video must have taken 40 seconds after clicking on the analysis button, while analysis of a 3-hour video is estimated to take 15 minutes.

Technically, I have no idea how their AI, AlphaZen, deconstructs videos and scenes to come up with a three-dimensional script that closely matches what’s on the screen at any given moment. The result is truly amazing.

Generally speaking, if you add a film, you can wait a while before retrieving it. If you have a large library, be prepared to let your computer run overnight so that it can parse everything.

Personal case

For information, my computer has 16GB of ram, an AMD Ryzen 7 3700-X 8-core processor and during this exercise, the GPU was idle (Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super).

As far as I’m concerned, a large number of videos (over 1,000 files) had no results.
Although it’s not that important, I have no way of filtering them to remove them from the list of files for which the Syncbot can synchronise. However, this is a feature that’s in the pipeline.

Addition of some videos recovered for the occasion

After that, while the conversion rate for small OF videos isn’t great, it’s much better for films.

General case

Valor & Toughness told me in an exchange that AlphaZen is currently optimised for traditional, horizontal videos. However, they are working to remedy this aspect and also allow good compatibility with vertical videos taken on telephones in particular.

According to their sources, studio productions achieve up to 90% recognition accuracy on scenes.

On the few videos I’ve been able to add that meet these criteria, the results are indeed impressive. So all that’s left is to give them time to develop their AI further, so that it can diversify into other video types and formats. And that’s where we also have a role to play as Syncbot users.

Much better management of professional Studio videos

As you can see, the scenes seem to be well taken care of and only the times between scenes, where the thrilling plot unfolds, are unscripted.
Except for two files: the fourth line is a Cock Hero type video (where the suggested rhythm is not followed, but as the type of scene changes too frequently, this must be a problem for automatic recognition) and the seventh line where numerous scenes of oral sex (felation and cunnilingus) and even vaginal sex are not taken into account… Is this to do with the lighting (the last scene is completely in blue light), the positions, the angles?

Clearly, for me, these are exceptions to the rule, as the rest of the film is perfectly synchronised.

Moving sources

However, if you later want to delete a folder from the listing, you can’t do that.
Similarly, if you want to move the videos… I’ve got bad news for you.

Well… It was to be expected at the same time.

Currently, the only solution is to locate the folder where the default folder containing the results of your video processing is set up and delete everything…
In my case, it was the folder C:\Users\$USER\SYNCPLAYER

As a result, you have to re-synchronise your entire library.

As far as I’m concerned, for these 1,000 videos, this represented a folder of around 180GB of videos for 1GB of Syncbot files… Not quite, in fact, as almost all the weight is in the SYNCPLAYER\cache\thumb folder, which only contains the video thumbnails.

After contacting the team on their discord, it turns out that there is a video delete button but I missed it. After all, in my case, I had 5 films and the rest were OF videos (the ones I moved), so I wasn’t going to manually delete them all one by one.

Still, to say that this is bad news is more alarming than it really is, because it’s very likely that this drawback will be quickly corrected in future iterations of the software, particularly with the introduction of video filters.

Left banner

The banner on the left can be divided into three parts.
The first corresponds to the logo + name of the company behind the Syncbot, the second part corresponds to the menu, and the third part corresponds to a general indication of the Syncbot’s status.


Le menu est super simple, il n’y a que trois zones

The menu is located on the left of the SyncPlayer and is active by default on a notepad icon. This corresponds to the default view with all the videos in your library.

Analise en cours des fichiers de la bibliothèque.

The second item in the menu is the application settings, which for the moment include minimising the application when you close it, specifying the space where the SyncPlayer can place its working files and an option to use only the CPU (instead of CPU + GPU?).

Access to the control panel

The third section contains videos to help you understand how to initialise, assemble, use and disassemble your Syncbot with the scabbard, and how to clean it. There are also a few diagrams.

There’s nothing like a video to show you first-hand how to do things properly

Syncbot status

Syncbot status indicators

This section shows a number of indicators:

  • the state of the Bluetooth connection between the Syncbot and the SyncHub
  • the status of the Syncbot ‘s battery (which displays a warning if there is not enough battery power left)
  • the touch zone (because the Syncbot has a touch zone for interacting with videos)
  • the presence of a Scabbard on the Syncbot
  • the connection of the SyncHub to the computer.
  • The idea is that if everything is white, you’re good to go! We’re now in the right conditions to use the Syncbot .

If you’re just looking to add and analyse videos on the SyncPlayer, you don’t need to connect the SyncHub or take the Syncbot out of its box, the software alone is enough…

Video playback

Before going into detail, I just wanted to mention that I live in the countryside, with a ridiculous internet connection (800kbit/s) and that, as a result, watching content online can’t be done if the television is on or if someone else is on the network.
The fact that you can download videos and then have them analysed locally is just brilliant, something I couldn’t do with other sex toys that are interactive… but only online.

So first and foremost, Valor & Toughness, a big thank you.

Back to the point.

Once your video has been analysed, you’ll see a Play button on the right-hand side of the video banner.

The analysis button is no longer available, but playback is now interactive!

User interface

The principle is simple: you click on it and it opens the player itself.

on-board player user interface

All the basic functions are present, with :

  • play and pause, which play hide-and-seek with each other,
  • stop, to return to the list of videos,
  • previous, which doesn’t allow you to move backwards through the video, but to go to the previous video,
  • next, which takes you to the next file,
  • sound volume.

There’s also a video progress bar in hh:mm:ss and, at the very end, a facility for making the video full screen, just like double-clicking on the video.

As for the playback strip, which lets you know where you are in the video, there are blue and grey areas.
The blue areas are where AlphaZen, the scene detection AI, has been able to create a script for this part.

At the moment, the Syncbot works very well when penile penetration is involved. A little less so when it comes to a dildo in action and the shot seems to play a role.
If you’re into solo masturbation videos or JOY, I’ve had a lot of blank spots in those videos.

Control from the Syncbot

If there’s one thing I like about the Syncbot (after the sync functionality, the aspect, the accuracy…) , it’s the fact that I don’t have to stay close to my keyboard or mouse during the session.

And for good reason, many controls are possible from the Syncbot‘s touch zone.

The illustration is well done and will be better than a long piece of writing on my part, so here are the possible controls.

Utilisation de la zone tactile du Syncbot

I find these controls well thought out and intuitive, but I’ve sometimes used them unintentionally because my thumb moved over the zone, which is a bit of a shame sometimes, but it’s part of the learning process.
I’m a big fan of the last control, which reduces the Syncbot‘s activity a little. It’s well thought out and allows you to pick up the pace a bit if the scenes are too intense or if you just want to get to the end of the video.

After that, you might think that they should allow you to increase, decrease or completely stop your activity. And become what? This is also what they want to introduce in future versions of the software.

They want the user to be able to customise aspects of this cum button according to their individual preferences.

My first session with the Syncbot

The first time, it wasn’t complicated to assemble the Syncbot with its Scabbard, I chose transparent because I wanted to see how it worked.
For those who think that because it’s transparent, they’ll be able to see their penis… well no, not at all. The penis will remain inside the Ace-Cream sheath throughout and you won’t see anything of it. However, it’s interesting to see the different movements of the sheath and it helps you understand what’s going on. I even saw on a Valor & Thoughness publication that they had a transparent Syncbot and I think that’s cool.


You can start with your member full of vigour or not at all, both possibilities are present because the entrance is rather wide. Either way, a few seconds later, the state of the penis will inevitably be: “hard as a rock”.

However, before you start, it’s more than necessary to provide a generous dose of lubricant. If you’ve got Prime N°1, they recommend using a cartridge for one of yours but I think 30mL is far too generous even though, in the various tests I’ve carried out, the more lubricant you put in, the better… up to a point.
The first time, I ended up using more than two thirds of the bottle and the result was that the lubricant was slipping through the two holes in the side to run down my testicles and then along my perineum while making threads.

As the texture of Prime N°01 is quite viscous, it’s not something that charmed me and it’s not easy to clean, but it taught me a lesson and I used it sparingly from then on.

Was it any more disturbing than that in the heat of the moment? Clearly not… I was too busy with the Syncbot’s magic trick that it didn’t matter.

Noise level

On the other hand, the Syncbot is relatively noisy. It runs at around 80dB and peaks at 90dB.
I don’t really understand it, but at times it sounds as if the motors are idling or not oiled enough… The noise is more strident though, so with a good pair of headphones or earphones, there’s no need to worry.

It’s hard for me to say whether, in the case of a shared flat, or if you live as a couple and your other half isn’t too keen on you enjoying yourself alone, the noise generated will be heard from the corridor.

It’s difficult to answer because it will depend on the configuration of your room, its size, the distance of the Syncbot from the door etc…

Case study

So I’m going to talk about my case.
I’m on a second floor, my desk is against a bedroom.
I put the Syncbot in the bedroom, launched a video from the office and the Syncbot activated.

The room where I work generates ambient noise of 50dB and when I type on the keyboard, it goes up to 70dB (I like mechanical keyboards) knowing that on a more traditional keyboard, it’s around 60dB.
Despite this ambient noise, the decibels didn’t rise when I heard the Syncbot but the mechanical noise was different and clearly, you can hear it, with two closed doors it doesn’t make any difference as it was a party plasterboard wall.

That doesn’t stop me from using it, as I’m usually alone in this part of the house most of the time when I’m teleworking or playing on my computer.
But it can be a considerable hindrance for some people.
So that you can see for yourself what it’s like, I’ve recorded an audio clip showing the Syncbot in action on different levels.

The following two videos are the results of a video by TheMagicMuffin

You’ll notice in the second video that the Syncbot is so powerful that it moves around on its own!

A festival of sensations

Leaving aside the noise generated, I can now focus on the sensations felt… And that was a festival.
I’ve been using penis masturbators for just over a year now, as well as automatic masturbators.

I’ve tried out different sheaths, some good and some not so good, more or less intense, more or less textured…

The Syncbot blew me away, it’s clearly worth the money.

I think that of these three dimensions, the one that gives me the least is contraction/suction (even though it’s an undeniable plus), followed by back and forth and then rotation.

I had read several reviews of the Syncbot before deciding to contact Valor & Toughness and I read many testimonials from people who said that their first time with the Syncbot was over very quickly, in just a few tens of seconds…

Firsts experiences

Clearly on my first session, I lasted a handful of minutes, which isn’t much better.
I got through the first two without any problems and then, in the middle of a scene, the Syncbot caught me unawares and started accelerating, turning, contracting… and that was the apotheosis.

As much as I regret that not all the scenes are necessarily recognised, the result offered by the Syncbot is really good. Whether it’s in terms of synchronisation or even the detail of the movements, it’s quite remarkable.

I tried twice to continue the session afterwards, once the ravages of orgasm had passed, once I’d become less sensitive to the slightest stimulation, and I continued the video after video… I don’t know if there’s an extreme effect with the Syncbot but I have the impression that it tends to desensitise me for longer than with a normal orgasm.
Normally, I can come with a 15-20 minute wait between two penile orgasms, but it took much longer to get back into place.
However, I’ve yet to confirm this feeling of insensitivity over a larger number of sessions.

At the end of the road?

In fact, during one of these sessions, I found myself with a Syncbot that didn’t want to play with me any more, too tired… The batteries were almost dead after about two hours of cumulative sessions.
Not really believing it, I plugged it in… And it started working at full speed again, and I was full of gratitude for the engineers who had made it possible to continue to the end with a charged product.

Once again, a big thank you.


As I said earlier, Valor & Toughness has opted for a modular approach, and that’s where the benefits of this thinking can be seen.

Separation of components

Although it takes a bit of practice to separate the Syncraft from its Scabbard, it can be done quickly.
You need to manually apply more force than the magnets to unclip the two parts.

Once you’ve done that, you can put the Syncraft back in its case, and remove any fingerprints you may have left behind… But in theory, no fluids are supposed to be on the Syncbot, so you don’t need to take any special care of it, apart from recharging it if necessary.

Sleeve cleaning

For the Scabbard, on the other hand, you can clean it in two ways.
There’s simple cleaning and advanced cleaning.
Once again, Valor & Toughness have taken care of making some great videos, which you can find here and which I won’t reproduce.

Simple cleaning involves simply opening the little valve on the underside of the Scabbard, rinsing it thoroughly and then drying it with a lint-free cloth.

Advanced cleaning involves separating the Scabbard by using the knob to unscrew the two parts, and then ending up with three independent parts

As easy as it is to dismantle without the Caliper, the Caliper is a good time-saving tool for reassembly.

Cleaning is simple, and I did both in quick succession to compare.
I’m not satisfied with the simple cleaning proposal.
There was a lot of No. 1 Prime left on the lower inside of the Scabbard, and I wonder if it was just lubricant… but the upper part was fine.

Difficulty drying

On the other hand, using the transparent Scabbard allowed me to see one of the main drawbacks, which is that I couldn’t completely clean and dry the upper part properly.
Two days after cleaning, I still had water droplets in inaccessible places.
I tried various techniques, shaking, turning upside down, pushing certain parts to allow more play, using a cotton bud…
In the end, some water remains and when you use the black Scabbard, you’re completely unaware of it.

Now, it’s only water, normally, not lube or body fluid, they’re not supposed to go in those parts.
However, the reddit community came up with an ingenious solution: put the Scabbard in the ventilation outlet of my computer and it dried completely and quickly.

I didn’t mention it before, but for advanced cleaning I used water and a pH-neutral soap as well as my fingers.

The three parts of the Scabbard are really easy to wash and, apart from the top part, easy to dry, just remember to use a lint-free cloth.


The Syncbot🛒 has been available since January 2023 if I’m not mistaken, following an Indiegogo campaign, and now only on their website.
I don’t think there are any independent sellers, at least I haven’t found any.

It’s available on their site at two prices, depending on the packaging and items provided.

  • SyncPackage Lite $431.00 $369.00
  • SyncPackage Pro $599.00 $512.00

You can save an extra $20 by using the code “PapaRenard“, it’s better for you and it also gives me $20 to subsidise my blog.

And what about the future?

In mid-July, Valor & Toughness published a roadmap for the future of its product and services.

A more than ambitious roadmap

As you can see, this roadmap takes into account the fact of

  • transforming scripts (notably funscript) into scripts compatible with the Syncbot‘s 3 dimensions so that videos can be played locally with a specific script.
  • finally having a SyncFree application for Android so you can control the Syncbot from your phone, while the iOS version will have an update
  • change the intensity of the Syncbot and have a button to increase the explosiveness of orgasms
  • add more compatible sites to the SyncBrowser
  • new sheaths that are not limited to the current Scabbard
  • connectivity with third-party applications such as

What I also like about this company is that they’re not just focused on making this toy usable by those with penises, they want to make it usable by everyone, no matter what’s between your legs.

So they had shared this image on their indiegogo and twitter.

Different scabbards imagined

Customer service

I’ve talked about it briefly, but I’d like to bring it up again here because I think it’s also one of their strong points.
They are available on reddittwitterdiscordmail and even from their website.
If you have the slightest problem, the slightest question, they make it a point of honour to offer a customer relationship without the slightest hitch.
I’ve contacted them through exchanges of almost 30 emails, numerous conversations on reddit and discord, where I’ve asked numerous questions and suggested improvements and features, and they’ve replied every time, and within the day.
Always very polite, even when I asked my question for the fourth time because I was missing some details.

Apart from that, their website is incredibly rich in guides to explain how to carry out various steps, even if I didn’t realise it until it was too late, after I’d asked them some questions.
There are lots of videos and infographics that will answer most of the questions you’ll have, and they’ve covered a lot of the concerns of current and potential customers.


Points forts

  • Quality sextoy
  • Guaranteed orgasm every time you use it
  • Highly effective synchronisation of studio videos
  • Plays your local library of pornographic videos
  • Easy to clean
  • Good battery life + can be used while charging

Points faibles

  • Very expensive
  • A little noisy
  • Dries poorly in the open air

Is it worth spending $350 or $500 on this sextoy?
Clearly, if you have them, or if you can save up to get them, my answer is a resounding yes.

I never thought I’d say that, I was sceptical… But the difference compared to other competitors is there.

In the space of a year, I’ve bought and obtained sex toys for a pretty staggering sum. In the end, if I’d chosen more carefully, I could have avoided certain disappointments and managed my budget better.

The Syncbot is clearly a piece you won’t regret and will take your experience to another level.

It’s great and will become even greater

For all intents and purposes, it’s the same difference as driving in an old car from the 80s where there was no assistance to turn the steering wheel, no electric pack, no air conditioning, no GPS… and now driving in a car that has many features to help the driver.
The Syncbot is stunning from start to finish in terms of its packaging, its design, the toy’s functionality itself, the software axes that have been and will be put in place and, quite simply, the toy’s future prospects in terms of both software and hardware.
There are a number of areas for improvement, such as the sound level, easier drying of the scabbard and scene recognition.
But the concept is there, it’s validated and just needs to move forward.
And so far, I have every confidence in Valor & Toughness to transform this fledgling product into a must-have sextoy, and win a few awards next year.

3 thoughts on “Review of the Syncbot”

  1. TheProfessor93_

    Great read, did not know about this product until now. Definitely looking into it

  2. Camera Man

    If I may ask, if you’ve continued to use the syncbot, how has it held up? I’ve been looking into getting one of these for myself but I’ve seen some things online claiming they break pretty quickly.

    Keep up the good work.
    – Camera Man

    1. Good day to you Camera Man,

      From a few months, I didn’t use it because I had others sextoys to review and the drying process felt off for the scabbard. And I try it again and it was mesmerising one more time. Still… It requires more time after having played with it than others sextoys I have.
      The Pulse Solo Interactive isn’t the same type of sextoy but I rather use it than the syncbot because of the cleaning process. It’s not easy to thoroughly clean the scabbard or drying it after so you can have some odours… And when that’s the case, it’s because bacterias are here and you shouldn’t use the scabbard anymore.

      The price of a scabbard compared to a FeelStroker or a Fleshlight is almost the same but the Syncbot will being you way more stuff than Keon or Fleshlight Launch. More dimensions of sensation and the full interactivity with your local porn library.
      Still, a scabbard will be more disposable than a FeelStroker or Fleshlight.
      So in the end, it will depend on how much you’re willing to buy scabbards.

      Valor&Toughness didn’t address the cleaning/drying issue in almost a year, that’s a lot. They had time to but use it to work on others autostroker with a smaller price.

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