Review of a dual density silicone dildo from Hismith

Under the barbaric name of HSA20-GC (or HSA72-GC for the vibrating version), Hismith🦊 offers us a dual-density silicone dildo 🛒 that can be inserted over a length of 16 centimetres. Inside, a fairly firm first layer. On the outside, a second, softer layer, closer to the feel of human skin.

This dildo was part of the bundle I bought last August for the Hismith Premium Sex Machine v3. Remember my review🦊? However, I didn’t want to mix everything up and talk about the machine and the dildos at the same time. I wanted to keep everything separate to make it easier to read.

And so, almost six months later, I present you with this post. My personal feedback on one of Hismith’s dual density dildos.

Disclosure policy

The purpose of this review is to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
To find out more, click here🦊.

Hismith dual layered silicone dildo out of package

Receipt of parcel

Receipt of Hismith parcel weighing 14Kg
That was the heavy package I received with the sex machine.

As indicated, this was part of a set of products sold together, a bundle. This is the package on top of the cardboard one.

Does it also come in this white plastic envelope when sold separately? I’ve no idea. In any case, in this case I had a massive package whose weight I had underestimated when the postman handed it to me.

After that, we’re sticking to the standard parcels sent for adult toys. In other words, no big words saying : THIS IS A SEXTOY. Rest assured.

Dual density silicone dildo case

Hismith dual layered silicone dildo package
Looking at the box like that, you couldn’t say that it’s a dildo in it or something else.

This is one of my complaints about the accessories available from Hismith. The packaging seems to be the same for each one. I say seems because I only ordered 3 dildos and all three have the same packaging. On the other hand, the other accessories had different packaging but no indication of what was inside.

If you buy 3 dildos, all three will have their own packaging but each box is identical to the other. Handy for hiding the contents in plain sight. But it also affects you. Am stram gram… Oh no, this isn’t the one I thought I’d find in the box.

I wish I’d known what was inside, even from the packaging. Simply because I keep them stored in this box. And for another simple reason, the dildo comes with no other protection or small bag to store it in.

The opposite side of the box is exactly the same. And to tell the truth, the two sides just have the words ‘made in china’ and two logos. These are the Möbius circle and the crossed-out dustbin. So when the time comes to dispose of this sextoy, you’ll need to recycle it at a specific collection point.

Appearance of the dual density silicone dildo

From the base of the testicles to the tip of the glans, it’s twenty centimetres of flesh-coloured silicone🦊. It’s also fifteen centimetres in circumference! And all this for a weight of 570 grams. And yes… all that… all that…

This circumcised phallus has ribs in the bursa and veins all along the penis. The glans is more pinkish in colour and has slight knobs in relief.

The Kliclok screw can be removed to obtain a suction cup dildo.

The base of this dildo has an unscrewable metal part that simply fits onto the rods of Hismith’s Premiim Sexmachine. Called the KlicLok, this attachment mechanism allows you to fit or remove an accessory to the machine with one hand.

Once removed, your dildo becomes a simple suction cup dildo, which you can use wherever you like.

Dual-density texture

Vue d'une coupe interne du godemichet double densité de Hismith
Proof of the double density silicone used

This image comes directly from the product page on the official Hismith website. I would never have dared to take a scalpel and cut out the dildo like that… Or it could mean that I’ve either got a duplicate dildo and didn’t want to give it to someone else… Or that the product was filthy and deserved nothing better than to be recycled.

In truth, with a healthy material like silicone, I’d much rather sterilise the toy and give it to someone else, but that’s not the point.

The purpose of this photo is to show you the two layers present in the sextoy. The firmer inner layer and the softer outer layer. You can really push your fingers in, grabbing the member and feeling the grip while being stopped by the inner layer.

This makes the dildo more flexible, giving it a more natural and pleasant appearance.

Vibrating function

I’m only going to mention this function and I won’t go any further, as it’s not the version I had. It subsequently appeared on many models.

It would appear that a more pronounced hole has been made in the model, where the screw thread for the KlicLok adaptor would normally be. I assume that a vibrating ball has been inserted and can, via a remote control, be activated. Two buttons are available on the remote, the first to switch on and off, the second to toggle between predefined patterns.

This option costs an additional $10.


Silicone sex toys are the easiest to maintain, at least if they have no electronics. There are several ways to clean them.

For simple cleaning, lukewarm water and soap are all you need to remove any fluids. Then simply dry the dildo, or leave it in the open air, and you’re done. Be careful, though, as silicone has a tendency to pick up dust, hair, fabric lint and so on, and can therefore get ‘dirty’ quickly. So put it back in the box (for want of a better word) once it’s dried.

Another method, although I’ve never tried it, is to dilute bleach in cold water to a ratio of 1:10. This disinfects the toy completely.

You can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the sextoy.

Finally, you can also boil it in a pan for five minutes or put it in the dishwasher.

Whether it’s because you’ve used it anal and now want to use it vaginally, or you want to give it to someone else, or you’ve had an infection and don’t want to have it again, apart from the first method, all of them will enable you to sterilise your sextoy properly. If necessary, you can always use a condom too.

In short, once you’ve finished, you can store it either in a drawer, in a bag or in its box.


Aparté for lubrication

When using a silicone sextoy, I always recommend using lubricant🦊. Wherever the sextoy goes, make sure you don’t hurt yourself and use a lubricant.

This should be water-based only, or hybrid (water-based with a little silicone). Avoid silicone- or oil-based lubricants. Silicone-based lubricants will shorten the life of your sextoy, while oil-based lubricants will be much more complicated to clean and may alter the stability of the material if cleaned incorrectly.

Water-based lubricants have their own pH and osmolality, so make sure they respect your vaginal flora. A different pH will kill the good bacteria that protect you from infection, while an unsuitable osmolality will dry out or make your internal tissues permeable… The result can be infections.

Similarly, the pH for a vagina and an anus are not the same, so these two practices should require different lubricants.

First use

Much larger than the Kiiroo suction cup dildo🦊, I was slightly worried about whether this toy would fit through without a hitch.

I started by removing the KlicLok screw thread from this dual-density silicone dildo. Everytime, for the first use of a sextoy, I didn’t want to use it with the machine. It’s much easier to get started that way. I can control my movements, penetration angles and speed.

However, if you relax enough, lubricate carefully and take your time, there’s nothing to worry about. The glans is completely supple, just like a real one, which makes for smooth insertion. Once you’ve passed the crown, at least from an anal point of view, you can take your time to adapt and then push further, on the area with a dual density of silicone. The flexibility of this sextoy allows it to make its way without worry, especially at the elbow for the sigmoid colon.

The presence of a purse gives this sextoy a “natural” stop. You won’t be able, or at least you shouldn’t be able, to go any further. The first few centimetres of the bursa are soft, like a cushion, but then a very firm silicone takes over.

In the end, although it’s a dildo ‘like so many others’, I find it pleasant to use and it doesn’t cause me any pain.

With the Premium Sex Machine

Once I’d screwed the adaptor back on, I was able to snap the dual-density silicone dildo onto the Premium SexMachine tube without any problem. A simple ‘click’ and everything was ready.

I could describe everything that can be done with the machine but I prefer to direct you to my review. It’s much simpler and saves me repeating myself.


You can buy dual density dildo in silicone 🛒 directly from the Hismith website. The non-vibrating version is $49.99, and the vibrating version is $10 more.

Once again, I deplore the fact that Hismith strongly genders its toys. “This realistic dildo is full of temptation for women” Ok… Can I go to bed now? Society is evolving, it seems absurd to me in 2024 to gender sex toys “for gay”, “for women”, “for men”… That’s why you won’t find Hismith in the banner on the right of this screen. Anyway, I digress.

Apart from that, if you want to buy it on its own, you’ll have to pay the same postage as for the sextoy. I therefore advise you to group your purchases together to take advantage of different promotional codes.

Basically, you have HISMITH5 for 5% off but let’s be honest, it’s near to useless. HISMITH10 offers you $10 at least, or 10% or your order if it’s more than $400…

From $400, PAPARENARD offers you 10% and an extra tube for the SexMachine Premium.

Let’s be clear, unless you’re buying a machine, I don’t think you’ll reach this kind of amount simply by buying accessories… But the ball is in your court.



  • Realistic dual-density dildo.
  • Soft enough not to be painful.
  • Pleasant to the touch.
  • Very high quality silicone.


  • Abusive delivery charges for France

Much more comfortable to hold than the other realistic dildo I had, I’d recommend buying this sextoy. It can be used with its suction cup anywhere (floor, bathroom, bedroom) or mounted on the Premium Sex Machine.

However, because it’s realistic, it doesn’t have the various textures that add a little extra that I get on Nothosaur🦊 sex toys, for example. But that’s my personal opinion.

Will it be better than the other dual-density silicone dildo you have? I can’t say for sure. But if you don’t have one with dual density, and I haven’t tested any other brands yet, I’d recommend the dual density. It’s much softer and more pleasant.

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