Review of the Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Pretty excited about trying out this kind of tool, I contacted Hismith🦊 to test their Premium Sex Machine🛒 at the beginning of August. By test, I meant that they would send me the model free of charge so that I could give it an honest, unbiased review.

I was pretty stressed, I thought they’d never reply, or offer something else, or refuse… But they didn’t.
It took them no more than 7 minutes to reply! And they did so in the affirmative, immediately discussing how the product would be sent.
And less than two weeks later, the postman arrived at my home with an innocent 13kg parcel.

Having a sex machine, a fucking machine, means being able to use your dildos or masturbator hands-free.
It’s a mechanical or electrical tool with a piston. Its purpose is to reproduce the back-and-forth movements involved in penetration. This leaves you two hands free to position yourself as you please… or stimulate other parts of your anatomy.

Whether you’re looking for pleasure alone, as a couple, or to simulate single or double penetration, all you have to do is install your favourite dildo and you’re ready to go.

The advantage of a sex machine is that you can adjust the speed to your liking.
It’s quiet, can be set up differently to handle different angles of penetration and won’t make you feel tired, as you won’t have to do any slacking.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
To find out more, click here🦊.

Premium Sex Machine by Hismith

The first question is: Why ‘Premium’?

This sex machine is Premium compared to the others sold by the brand. In fact, the ‘basic‘🛒 version will also be motorised and offer different ways of attaching your toys. However, the materials used will not be the same – in this case, they will be plastic. You can only position this version on a flat surface.

The version tested for this review is version 3.0 of the hismith Premium Sex Machine. Version 4.0🛒 now comes with LEDs to add a more colourful, romantic atmosphere… The light changes according to speed. This can add a real touch.
But it’s not really something that appeals to me. What’s more, the wired remote control has been upgraded to have a digital screen, so it’s less ‘blocky’.

By chance, while writing this review, I saw a version called Servok🛒 for almost $2000! I wonder what more it does.


Receipt of Hismith parcel weighing 14Kg
It’s really heavy

On 10 August I received an email with a number to trace the order. The parcel was sent the day before.
It left from Germany, a border country, and the next day the parcel was in France. The next day, Saturday, the postman turned up with this 14kg parcel.

I hadn’t thought about it, but clearly it was bulky and quite heavy… But as far as the postman was concerned, it could have been an inflatable swimming pool inside. How can you tell?
The package is discreet. There’s no mention of Hismith. I can take it to my office, open it and see what makes up this heavy package.

Various components of the package received.
Decomposition of the white parcel, it has reproduced itself… but in blue!

In this review, I won’t go into detail about the contents of the blue and white packs. This will be the subject of other reviews to avoid overloading this one.
But I can tell you that it includes two dildos, a dildo adaptor with suction cup and a 30-centimetre extension cable.


So let’s concentrate on the contents of the main package.
Once the box is completely unpacked, you’ll have this.

Carrying bag for the Premium Sex Machine; weighing 12Kg full.
The main package starts with a large carry bag.

A carry bag containing Hismith ‘s Premium Sex Machine. I’m getting a bit carried away here, because it seems to depend on the pack you buy… Be sure to read the lines explaining the contents of what you’re buying so as not to be disappointed.
In any case, I’m delighted with this carry bag.
It takes up a lot of space, but the machine isn’t designed to fit in your pocket… And although it’s heavy (we’re still talking about 12Kg) I think the weight is pretty well distributed.

First layer

First level of the carry bag.
When you open the carrying case, you see a first layer with various boxes and the heart of the machine.

When you open the zip, you find yourself directly in front of the main part of the sex machine.
It’s wrapped in thermoformed plastic, and you can also see three black boxes. The whole thing is contained in a fairly light but firm foam to separate each element. In the small net, separated in two, you’ll find the instructions in English, German, French and Dutch.
There’s also a Velcro fastening on the back of the bag that gives access to a thin piece of foam that keeps the bag in shape.

On the other hand… Aren’t I supposed to have feet or supports for this machine?

Second layer

Second level of the carry bag.
A second layer contains the feet and Allen keys for assembly/disassembly.

Well, yes, but they’re in a second compartment. You access it by removing the four previous elements plus the foam and so you access this second level.
Here you’ll find the legs, a 30cm extension for the sex machine rail and two allen keys.

List of items

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

This is the main part containing the motor, the piston and the tube that moves back and forth.
This part is fairly heavy, and must be handled with care to avoid dropping it.

Depending on the function you wish to use it for, there are different assemblies, which will be explained later.
In the second image, you can see two cylinders where you can insert the two long tubes and secure them with the clamping levers.
These tubes allow you to adjust the height of the machine and, with the smaller ones, you can control the inclination and angle of penetration.
There are also two female receivers for the power pack and the remote control unit.

It’s all very simple, disconcertingly easy, but we’ll look at that a little later in the assembly.

Power supply

Mains power supply
Power supply for Hismith Premium Sex Machine

I’m not going to dwell on it, it’s a mains adapter for 24 volts, 4.17 amps, 100 watts, designed to work with the machine.
In my case, it’s designed for European plugs, but depending on the site (and the language of the site) you buy from, it will be compatible with the plugs you have.

Wired and battery-powered remote controls

Remote controls supplied with the "connected" version of the machine.
The two remote controls for the Hismith Premium Sex Machine. The first must be plugged in.

The first remote control is the one that will be connected to the Hismith machine. The cable is about 170cm long, but given that you’ll be using it in close proximity, this is a sufficient length.
You’ll need to remember to turn the machine on using the switch, and a diode will confirm that the power is on.
Note, but I’ll come back to this later, that there’s a coding device on the male end of the cable that fits onto the motor block.
There’s also a potentiometer that lets you adjust the motor power from 1 to 100%.
In reality, you hear a ‘click’ once you’ve passed 10%, which indicates that something is actually picking up the signal only at that moment.
And for the machine to really start up visibly, 15% power is needed.

The second remote control requires a AAA battery.
It will allow you, in order, to manage the speed of the machine by increasing, stopping or decreasing it or, with the triangle, to switch to predefined patterns.

Silicone dildo

Silicone dildo supplied with this version of the sex machine.
Dildo supplied with the machine

Supplied with the machine and fitted with a ‘KlicLok’ attachment system, it gives you at least one fairly realistic and compatible toy as soon as you buy the machine.

I’ve wrote a full review of this dildo🦊. Basically, it’s a 100% silicone🦊 dildo, so you know you’re getting something healthy.
It’s about 20cm long but has an insertable length of just under 13 centimetres and weighs 420 grams.


Various positions

The most complete, and above all official, version on how to assemble and maintain your sex machine is available here.

The manual gives four basic settings, unfortunately not suitable for anyone without a vagina according to the manual illustration and product page… In all, there are more than 10 possibilities.
I tried to check, but I don’t have a vagina, I have a penis…
However, I manage to use the machine without any problems. So I suggest that Hismith reconsiders its position on inclusivity: be careful on the various product sheets and manuals so that they are adapted.

Apart from this ‘detail’, I suggest that for your first assembly you read the manual carefully to check the tightness of the various parts and familiarise yourself with them.
You’ll need to take particular care when fitting the mains adaptor connector, which has a coded pin… I didn’t see it the first time and it could have had serious consequences because I forced it in. In fact, the connection wasn’t made correctly and the manual mentions potential short circuits…

Apart from that, the Hismith Premium Sex Machine is very easy to assemble.
Just make sure you tighten the various screws with your allen keys to avoid the machine ‘slipping’ on its supports.

Assembly stag

Everything is explained in the manual. However, we’re assuming that if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re wondering whether or not you’re going to make the purchase.
As a result, you don’t have this famous manual.
Let’s keep it simple:

  • Assemble a long bar with a short one using an assembly piece, and tighten the screw with the Allen key. Add the runners to prevent slipping. Repeat with the other side
  • Loosen the clamping levers on the machine and make it stand on the prepared T’s, retighten then add a skid to prevent slipping.
  • Unscrew the right-hand wing screw and screw in the bar that will move back and forth as far as the stop. To aim, turn clockwise. Then screw the butterfly screw back in.
  • Install your toy (or extension then toy) via the KlicLok connector
  • Unscrew the butterfly screw on the left and adjust the length of the movements, from 3 to 15 centimetres (and retighten it each session, as it tends to unscrew a little).
  • Connect your wired remote control, paying attention to the coding, then screw on the ring. Set the switch to off and the potentiometer to 0.
  • Insert the power connector into the machine then connect it to the mains. A blue LED should light up on the power supply.

Unfortunately, as I didn’t have a tripod, I wasn’t able to take a video of the assembly… So for those who prefer, here’s a step-by-step photo tutorial

And that’s it! The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is ready to use in less than 10 minutes on an initial installation, and subsequent installations are even quicker!


A quick word about this patented clip system. It’s one of two ways of simply connecting the different toys sold by the Hismith brand.

All it takes is one press, one click, and the toy is securely in place.

Removable KlicLok adapter on a dildo compatible with the Hismith Premium Sex Machine.
It’s easy to switch from a Kliclock dildo to a suction cup dildo

The male part of the connector on the accessories is removable. This allows you to use the accessory with the sex machine, manually, or with the suction cup in your shower.


The manual states that the motor should be greased every three months.
This is not something you should take lightly as advice because it can lead to an unusable, broken machine.
They recommend using Mobil Polyrex EM motor bearing grease, but any grease that is compatible with high temperatures will do.

Apart from that, leave the machine to cool down if used for more than 30 minutes.

Keep the machine dry. Prolonged dampness could damage the electrical circuits, rust metal parts or cause electric shocks.

Finally, if you ever break or lose any parts, spare parts are available on the online site.


If you’re not planning to use the machine intensively, or if you don’t have the space and leisure to leave it assembled all the time, you’ll need to dismantle it.

It’s fairly straightforward, so I suggest you start by removing the control unit and the electrical unit.
Loosen the right-hand throttle screw, then the toggle bar.
Next, loosen the motor unit and place it separately, undoing the mounting tubes with the allen keys.
Then you can store everything in the foam blocks, first with the tubes and allen keys.
Finally, the machine, motor block, remote control and dildo.

In fact, all you’d have to do is follow the assembly tutorial, but in the other direction!


There are no specific recommendations and, in theory, the machine itself should not receive too many fluids, bodily or otherwise… Except potentially if you are a ‘fountain’.

In any case, if fluids have landed on the machine, you should be aware that it is not water-resistant. At least, the motor and power supply are not.

So be careful with this, and when you’re cleaning, we recommend using dry paper or a cotton towel. If you need to clean, use a damp cloth and air dry.


Here are a few recommendations before use.

  • Check that the two butterfly screws are tight.
  • Check that the feet are correctly positioned and tightened.
  • Do not run any cables through the piston.
  • Use water-based lubricant🦊 for your silicone dildos (or TPE🦊 penis masturbator).

Control Block

This will be the most basic use you can make of the sex machine.

You need to activate the switch that will power it up and then use the potentiometer. As long as the potentiometer is set below 15, the machine will not move.

Once the value reaches 15, the piston is activated and offers thrusts of between 3 and 12 centimetres, depending on the setting you have made with the left-hand butterfly screw.

The further you turn the potentiometer to the right, towards 100, the faster the machine will go. It can reach a speed of 240 strokes per minute, according to Hismith. To slow it down, turn the potentiometer back towards 0.

With this remote control, you can manage exactly the speed you want, and you can also add pelvic gestures as required. On the other hand, unless you’re constantly on the control pad, it can quickly become rather monotonous.

Remote control

Each click on a button will temporarily illuminate the buttons on the remote control. As well as the click, this means you can be sure that the instruction is being sent to the machine, and that the batteries are still sufficiently charged.

However, you do need to have the machine powered up and the control unit switch on to use this portable remote control.

The + and – buttons will each apply a 5% increase depending on the site, but it must start from 10% otherwise we’d only get a return after the 3rd click.
Note that it is possible to keep the button pressed in order to go through several stages at once.
So you can go from 0 to max speed in 2.5 seconds… but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The H button, as mentioned earlier in the review, stops the machine instantly. Or rather, it stops the engine.

The last button manages the default patterns, which are also implemented in the application.

Hismith mobile app

Registration, login.

This is where you’re likely to have the most fun, whether solo, in a duo or in a group. But the French translation is a bit… sketchy.

The Android version has just (as of 26th September 2023) been updated to version 2.3.7, so you can manage up to 5 machines simultaneously.

Once you’ve installed the version, when you launch it, you’ll see that you can connect and register via your Google, Twitter or Facebook account.
Unfortunately for me, logging in via Google was unsuccessful and logging in via Twitter displayed an error message.
Note that it is also possible to use the application in offline mode without logging in (and therefore without a community pattern).

So I register via an email address, request a code to check that the address belongs to me. I then receive the code and continue registering by entering this code and my password.

Next comes a screen where you have to enter your avatar, nickname, gender, country and date of birth… And that’s it!
Now it’s time to use the application

Make way for community patterns

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have access to the community’s patterns, and that’s where your Sex Machine will be able to make the most of its abilities.

On the other hand… The most popular patterns in the community are available, but I didn’t find it possible to filter them by title, duration, intensity… And I think that’s a shame.

If you’ve figured out how to do it on your end, don’t hesitate to send me a message because I’m drying up! The same goes for creating poersonalised patterns.

But now, a simple press on the pattern of your choice will set the Sex Machine in motion and for some of you, I really hope you’ve prepared beforehand because it gets off to a pretty energetic start!

If you particularly like a pattern, add it to your collection using the three little dots. This will allow you to find it later from your profile!

You can even add a reaction, a message, to a place in the pattern, or even hide those of other users.

Different game modes

Different game modes available
Modes possible pour jouer avec la sex machine

I didn’t get a chance to try out the team and group game sections, because that’s not what Madame and I allow ourselves. However, I was able to try out the solo and remote play sections.

Solo play

In this mode, four types of control are possible

  • Touch control: up to increase speed, down to decrease it.
  • Control using your phone’s accelerometer: make movements and depending on their velocity, they will be reproduced.
  • Control with ambient noise, whether it’s a conversation or music.
  • Patterns: the 8 remote control patterns can be found here.
Remote play

All I had to do was activate it from my phone and share a link with my PC.

And what I liked straight away was the ability to limit the partner’s speed. This avoids over-aggressive start-ups where you’d like a bit more gentleness and to slowly get the action going. Because providing a link and then having 100% speed right from the start isn’t always appreciated.

The Hismith application is also…

A community with different topics, ways to get in touch with other users, promotions, questions etc…

There’s also a shop where you can buy your next accessory or adapter…

Xtoys & others

You can also use Hismith Premium Sex Machine at

You need to create an account, but then you can link your machine via Bluethooth and benefit from even more patterns and remote control by linking several of your toys together.

Xtoys lets you control toys from different brands, but there’s no universal application for synchronising everything.

I understand that (a third-party application library) can also be used to synchronise your machine with a website, but at the time of writing it seems that the connection is no longer working. But if it does get fixed, you’ll be able to synchronise pornographic videos with a script to make the experience more interactive.

Firsts impressions

Areas for improvement

We can start talking about the things that annoy, so that’s done: the noise generated versus that advertised.
On the product sheet, it is sold that the noise level is “40dB at full speed, [which allows you to] abandon yourself in your individual space.”
For my part, I note 47db at 20%, 60dB at 50%, 66dB at 75% and finally 68dB at 100%.
This is well above what is advertised BUT… That’s pretty good for a sex machine! Most of my automatic masturbators are around 70dB and the noisiest ones up to 80dB at full power.

Let’s go a step further… And one impression shared with Madame is that you can adjust the depth of penetration when it’s cold, but afterwards… you have to stop the machine to adjust it again. We’d have liked to be able to do this differently, via the …. application, but that’s a Servok exclusive, as far as I can tell, and it makes using the offline application just as interesting as using the control unit… Not great.

Apart from that, these two points that could be improved (transparency on the real noise level and the evolution of the Premiem model)… What do we remember as positive?

A sexmachine that oozes quality

I was able to test with the dildo supplied by default, as well as another from Nothosaur🦊 (the Ein🦊)… And frankly, it’s quite a change.
It’s nothing like what you can do on your own. Because as soon as you put one of the 8 patterns on the remote control to heat up… or one of the community patterns… You can set up a new dynamic where you can concentrate on your pleasure and not have your wrist weaken.

The use of patterns suggested by the community is really very interesting and avoids the monotony of repetitive cycles.

The machine reacts instantly, with power, and stays in place because of its point even at full power!

And quite simply, the application can be used to find a controller, make new contacts, keep up to date with Hismith news – it’s a very complete tool!


Hismith Premium Sex Machine🛒 can be purchased from their website, but I’ve only linked you to the least accessorised version. As a result, this one doesn’t come with a carry bag.
The one I choose is this one🛒.
There are lots of packs, lots of variations, so you can have dildos, adapters and so on.
Don’t hesitate to look on their site for what suits you best.

And depending on your choice, and therefore the total of your basket, I’ve found three coupons for you:

PapaRenard“, which will give you 10% off + a 30cm extension for the Premium Sex Machine

HISMITH15” for 15% off any order over $700 (including postage)

And the best coupon (in terms of discount), “HISMITH20“, which will reduce your order by 20% for all orders over $800.



  • Compatible with a whole range of accessories (dildos, masturbators)
  • Simple accessory change with KlicLok
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Powerful
  • Use with remote control (local) or telephone (local / remote control)
  • High quality


  • Not very practical for transport
  • High price
  • Penetration depth adjustment only when engine is off

So, is Hismith’s Premium Sex Machine worth it or not?
Without a doubt, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a resounding YES!

I can’t compare it to many others who only have the Keon Sex Machine🦊 from Kiiroo🦊, which is more of a budget version, accessorising the Keon🛒 to become a sex machine with a dildo. Power-wise, it’s hard work, and we’re afraid that the Keon’s motor wasn’t designed for tighter anal use…

From Hismith? Not at all! The power of the Premium Sex Machine means it can be used in many different ways, and installation and settings are simple, as is using the application.

Maintenance is quick, and attaching and removing accessories is a breeze.

I’m really pleased with the quality of this machine, although I do regret that you can’t adjust the depth of thrust during use, which is what the Servok version offers. I’d like to have more dimensions to control than just the penetration speed.

I’ll be posting more reviews of the various accessories and dildos that came with the package in the near future, so stay tuned!

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