Review of the FeelSensation

Kiiroo🦊 is taking a step towards inclusivity with this new model, the FeelSensatio.
Indeed, on 25 July 2023, a new stroker in the Feel range is being made available. It claims to be their first non-anatomical, non-gendered penis masturbator.
Because you can enjoy yourself without necessarily being interested in a human orifice, be it a vagina, anus or mouth.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
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The FeelStroker’s classy design is all in black, both for the case and the stroker itself. There are, however, a few notable differences compared to the FeelStar. Why ? It’s linked to the arrival of the PowerBlow🦊, so let’s take a closer look.

Front side

Front side of package
Front panel of the FeelSensation box

The first side is always the one showing the FeelStar icon holding its product, or the product itself. Here, just like the FeelStroker Vagina or the FeelButt🦊, we just have the image of the stroker. That plus the mention of a penis masturbator and it stops there. Should I say it’s almost a copy/paste with only a background colour and gradient that changes?

Right side

Right side of the package
Right panel of the FeelSensation box

The second side continues to show a cross-section of the FeelStroker, as well as a front view once the main cap has been removed.
The cross-section features a unique texture, which we’ll describe in more detail later. A duct appears to be much narrower than previous models.
As for the front view, there’s a sort of 8-pointed star, like a shuriken. It gives me an impression of movement as well as a direct view of the inside of the duct textures.

I don’t need to go into too much detail here, as the design is simple yet elegant. It’s worth noting that this is the first TPE🦊 sheath to be available in black. There were already variations available in skin-like colours, but none so pronounced in black. Kiiroo is really trying to set this product apart from the others.
My only fear with this colour is that dust and other particles will stand out much more easily than with other colours… Because the material used is a real dust magnet, just like silicone can be.

Rear side

Rear side of the package
Rear panel of the FeelSensation box

This is where you’ll find the product description in various languages. It talks about maximum stimulation thanks to a unique design with internal beads that are pleasant to penetrate, and mentions compatibility with the Keon and the PowerBlow (which I reviewed earlier). This brings the number of strokers fully compatible with the PowerBlow🦊 to four.

Left side

Left side of the package

Finally, this last side has recently been modified to show how this FeelStroker can be connected to the Keon and PowerBlow.

As much as I didn’t understand how the PowerBlow connects to Kiiroo’s penis masturbators the first time around… I’m now, having had it in my hands, in a much better position to understand this visual. But I’m not sure if a descending arrow is relevant enough to understand… For me, I would have prefered one that rotates to show that the PowerBlow needs to be screwed in.

Appearance of the FeelSensation

First of all, when you open the box, you’ll see the Kiiroo logo on a cap. Then a black piece of cardboard caught between the cap and the stroker. So you’ll need to unscrew the cap to remove this piece of cardboard, which was put in place to stabilise the FeelSensation in its box.

FeelSensation out of the package
FeelSensation out of its package

The sextoy is just under 24 centimetres long, with the largest part measuring 8 centimetres in diameter. It weighs just under 600 grams.
The case is made of ABS/PC🦊, while the sheath is made of TPE.

Externally, this stroker is indistinguishable from any other from the brand. So if you want to keep them all in a cupboard without the box, you’ll have trouble recognising them.

FeelSensation compared to a flashlight
FeelSensation compared to a flashlight torch

Still, the shape, which reminds me very much of a torch, seems fairly innocuous. It’s even a bit less than on FleshLights side. As Fleshlights can come in different colours.

For my part, I don’t mind leaving it on my teleworking desk. And that without the risk of someone coming in and seriously wondering what it could be. As far as I’m concerned, the FeelStrokers, although large, blend in well with the décor. And in my personal experience, until I discussed of my blog with my wife… She hadn’t realised that it was a masturbator even though it had been present on my desk for over 6 months. Should it be a FeelStroker or the Keon.

Full dismantle of the FeelSensation

FeelSensation fully dismantled
FeelSensation fully dismantled

As you can see from the photo, there are four different parts to this case.

  • the cap at the top where the piece of cardboard was attached
  • the main body of the case itself
  • the cap at the bottom which protects the black sheath
  • the ring, used to hold the sheath in its case. It only needs to be removed to fit the PowerBlow cup.
Presentation of the FeelSensation without front cap
FeelSensation without the lid

The sheath is made from a TPE material that is very soft to the touch. Reminiscent of the texture of the skin. Isn’t that clever knowing that’s what we’re aiming for?

Virtually odourless, this material is highly elastic, non-toxic, but porous. And that’s something to watch out for… Bacteria can settle there and multiply if you don’t clean your toy properly. So clean it after each use. And when I say clean, I also mean the drying part of the sextoy.


As far as I’m concerned, even before the first use, I prefer to clean the sextoy. Similarly, after each use, I clean it without delay.

As I said earlier, TPE is a very realistic material, but it does have one drawback, which is that it’s porous. By porous, I mean that it’s made up of lots of little holes, so if you don’t clean your FeelSensation properly, it can discolour, smell bad or even make you ill afterwards. But that’s not just for the FeelSensation, it’s for any masturbator, penis or otherwise, made from this material (incidentally, if you’re using a TPE sextoy for internal use, stop straight away, it’s not good for you).

Cleaning the masturbator will therefore remove any fluids present inside the sheath. Although the case will require less care, it still needs cleaning from time to time.

For the ABS/PC material, clean with soap and water, wipe with a lint-free cloth and you’re good to go.

It’s much the same with the TPE material, the FeelSensation casing, with the difference that you don’t need to use hot water, but lukewarm at best. However, as Kiiroo’s sleeves have two openings, it’s easy to put one of them in front of the tap. Let the water run inside for an initial rinse. and it will get out from the other hole.

I’d then advise you to use a mild soap, then use your fingers to clean the inside scrupulously. The pearl texture is not your ally right now. It’s a more complex texture than others to remove the fluids properly. It won’t run off on its own.

Finally, rinse and leave to air dry. Or, if you’re short of time, with a lint-free towel so that no moisture remains inside the sheath.

Additionnal aftercare

To keep your TPE sextoy in tip-top condition, and prevent it from becoming a little sticky over time, I’d also recommend sprinkling a TPE sextoy regenerator. What the fuck is that ? Well… Do you have cornstarch ? That is. So if you don’t have any, add it to your shopping list. Put some on the sheath to keep it soft and supple, and to keep it looking like real skin. After all, even a little cornstarch discolours the FeelSensation quite a bit (albeit temporarily), which is not as noticeable on the latest FeelStar Strokers. As a result, it looks dirty very quickly…


Before lubricating the FeelSensation (because it does need lubricating), you can let a jet of warm water run between the two holes to warm it up to a more pleasant temperature.
Then, depending on how you want to use it (manually, with the Keon, with the PowerBlow, or with the two paired together), you can proceed with the various assemblies.

I was talking about lubricating the FeelSensation.
To do this, don’t use a silicone- or oil-based lubricant🦊. Use a good water-based lubricant and drip some over the orifice and your member. And yes, I said good lubricant because the cheapest ones often dry out quickly. So you’ll need to apply more regularely to prevent it becoming unpleasant.

Test steps

As usual, the FeelSensation test was first carried out without any other device, manually, then I tested with the PowerBlow alone, with the Keon alone, and with the Keon/PowerBlow combo.

Why did I do it manually first? Because I believe that to discover a sextoy, I prefer to be able to act myself on the various elements that can vary the experience.

In other words, using a FeelStroker is as simple as making it move vertically. it’s up and down, and then down and up. Simple. But you can control the depth of these movements as well as the speed. However, it’s also possible to control the inclination of the latter. Moreover, to manage the suction force because the top cap is used to vary the pressure. And in fact, you manage your experience as you wish. If you need to slow down the pace a little to make the pleasure last, go for it. Or if you need to add a boost to reach seventh heaven, you can do so.

A brief note on Keon and PowerBlow

The Keon can be used in manual mode with buttons on either side. One side to control speed while the other to control the depth of movement. Or in interactive mode with video content (via a dedicated website such as feelxvideo, pornhub, faptap etc.). Or even by sharing control with a third party.

The PowerBlow has the same exact mode but… It simulate changes in pressure inside the liner by creating a vacuum of air, so it’s as if you had a good blow job.
The two devices can be connected, paired, to each other for an even more pleasurable session. Interested to read more about this ? Go read my review of the PowerBlow.

Internal texture of the FeelSensation

For once, this section is in the singular.

The FeelSensation doesn’t beat about the bush, offering a single texture, but you don’t need much more to get a kick out of it.
Rather than rings of pearls, you should think of diagonals of pearls running the length of the FeelSensation. Each row contains four pearls, with the next row slightly to the side but just behind.
In fact, your penis will be stimulated continuously, from the base to the glans, in this rather narrow tunnel that is the FeelSensation.

The first time, I was quite excited to test this new sextoy, but I hadn’t paid much attention to what it could do and I underestimated it… The result was that two minutes later it had beaten me.
I took my revenge afterwards, but the simplicity of the texture is not to be taken lightly. Why ? Simply because combined with the narrow tunnel, it’s a very stimulating combination.

You’ve been warned!


The FeelSensation is brand new and available from the Kiiroo shop today, 25 July 2023.
It can be purchased for €63 (or €56.70 using my affiliate link and “PapaRenard” coupon code which will save you 10%).



  • High-performance texture
  • Very intense
  • Challenger


  • Will be too intense for some

The FeelSensation stands out for being Kiiroo’s first non-anatomical masturbator, the first masturbator with a black sheath and although it’s the second with a unique texture (after the FeelStroker Vagina ), it’s ahead of the pack for me in terms of the sensations it delivers.

Unlike a FeelKayley, which can also be quite treacherous and make you cum before your time, the FeelSensation doesn’t have different chambers so you can play on different levels and vary the way you use it.

I’m won over by this stroker and I’m sure it will find its audience.

The FeelSensation was given to me at no cost other than the writing of this review, which is intended to be impartial and honest. However, I’d like to thank Kiiroo for the opportunity to add another sextoy to this blog.

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