Review of the FeelMelrose with Melrose Michaels

As a result of the collaboration between Melrose Michaels and Kiiroo🦊, I’m here to introduce you to the FeelMelrose🛒. It’s a penis masturbator whose exterior is moulded directly from your private parts. This makes her the twenty-third FeelStar to add her signature.

Let’s find out more about this sextoy in my review.

Disclosure policy

The purpose of this review is to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
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Melrose Michaels

If this isn’t the first FeelStroker🦊 review you’ve read from me, you’ll know that I don’t know much about porn actresses. More particularly FeelStar where every time, Kiiroo me present total unknown. Of course, the FeelMelrose is no exception to the rule.

Well, almost. I met her last September at the Xbiz Awards in Amsterdam. Well, met… As we waited for the doors to open for the Xbiz Awards, Kiiroo’s communications manager said to me : “It will be one of our next FeelStar”. Unfortunately, or fortunately according to my wife, I’m didn’t talked with her as I had done with Daphnee Laat which was also present.

Melrose Michaels described as a Model/Gamer/YouTuber/Podcaster/CyberBabe. Borned in 1990 Pennsylvania, this beautiful thirty-ish have a physical to cut breath. Long hair framing an angelic face, eyes piercing, graceful curves. Always is it that this creator content for adult does not define itself with its physical.

For over two years, she has been contributing to a series of podcasts and videos. These include her SexWorkCEO site (which is completely buggy in my house) and ‘On The Whorizon’, where she shares her experiences and helps other content creators.

As she’s not a pornstar but a content creator, you’ll find teasers on sites like PornHub. For more substantial content, you’ll have to check out OnlyFans or FanCentro, for example.

Reception of the parcel

I was rather surprised to receive a message warning me of a FedEx shipment. Kiiroo don’t necessarily give advance notice when they’re sending a toy that I need to review.

So it took me two days to find out about the shipment and to receive the FeelMelrose. The parcel was quite ordinary, a simple box with (inside) the penis masturbator wrapped in a bit of bubble wrap. It was delivered straight to my letterbox, so I picked it up on my way home from work that evening.

There was nothing specific on the box, just a mention of Kiiroo on the delivery label, but that was it. One cutter stroke later and I found myself with the box in my hand.

FeelMelrose package

Front side

Face avant du coffret FeelMelrose
Front side of the FeelMelrose package

Wearing red fishnet lingerie, Melrose Michaels stared into your eyes. One hand in her hair to emphasise its volume. Her right hand is positioned just above her Venus mount, holding the FeelMelrose.

The ocean blue box contrasts with the lingerie and hair of this beautiful redhead. The whole thing is rather sexy.

However, here’s where I’m going to get lynched by her fans if they read this… This photo is clearly not the one that shows off her face the best. I don’t know what you did during the Kiiroo shoot, but it makes her look ten years older. I’m sorry Melrose, in my opinion, you’re way more attractive in others pics I saw.

Right side

Face droite du coffret FeelMelrose
Right side of the FeelMelrose pachage

The right-hand side of the box shows the FeelMelrose from two angles.

The first is a cross-section of the sleeve, to show the internal textures present. From a physical point of view, this will stimulate the penis during insertion and withdrawal. We can see ribbon-like textures of various shapes essentially. I’ll describe the textures in more detail in the relevant section.

The second image shows the sleeve from the front. And what you see is nothing less than a life-size representation of Melrose Michaels’ vulva. Every fold and crease is there, as is the bonnet protecting her clitoris – every detail is there. For the vast majority of us, this is the most real and best quality you’ll get of the redhead’s private parts.

Back side

Face arrière du coffret FeelMelrose
Back side of the FeelMelrose package

Since the FeelKayley🦊, this part has remained unchanged for FeelStar’s FeelStroker. The model name has changed, but nothing else. Well, it had changed since the FeelKaylay to mention the compatibility of the sleeves with the PowerBlow🦊. Nothing revolutionary either.

In English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese, they try to sell you the product. A life-size mould with every anatomical detail faithfully reproduced. A material made to reproduce the feel of the skin, textures specifically designed for your pleasure. As well as a reminder of the compatibility with the Keon🛒 and PowerBlow.

Left side

As I mentioned a few lines earlier, the FeelMelrose, like all FeelStrokers since the FeelKayley, is compatible with the PowerBlow. If you haven’t read my review of the PowerBlow, I’ll oversimplify by saying that the aim of the PowerBlow is to create a vacuum of air to simulate fellatio. As a result, this PowerBlow is interactive (video, remote control application, pattern, etc.).

But the FeelMelrose, like all FeelStrokers since their inception, is compatible with the Keon, an automatic masturbator designed for you to insert the case. And with the Keon, you’re free to synchronise a library of films with Melrose Michaels. The back and forth will then be done automatically according to your instructions (via buttons or via an application).

FeelMelrose appearance

The FeelMelrose is held in its box by a cardboard holder screwed to the top. You can remove it and put it in the bottom of the box, but you shouldn’t need it any more.

Like all FeelStrokers, it’s a black ABS🦊 case in the basic shape of a torch. Though admittedly a little bulkier. At twenty-two centimetres high and weighing in at around 550 grams, it’s easy to hold.

When the bottom cap is removed, you can access the outer part of the casing. It’s then possible to touch this very soft, virtually odourless TPE🦊 texture. It feels like bare skin, reacting to the pressure of your fingers. As I explained earlier, this is an exact replica of Melrose Michaels’ vagina, except that in real life she doesn’t have a signature in the flesh. Apart from that, everything is reproduced identically.

FeelMelrose internal textures

FeelMelrose internal texture visible through a transversal cut of the sleeve

The FeelMelrose has a sleeve where you can insert up to twenty centimetres of your member. It’s relatively narrow, as a 4-centimetre drying stick is slightly held in place by the textures.

This sleeve starts off with a ribbon-like texture, I’m not sure how else to describe it. It’s like a wavy ribbon, almost like a loose screw thread. Then there’s a small area containing nothing (apart from the narrowness of the area itself) and finally two other less twisted ribbons and a fourth that’s really twisted. If anything, I can describe it as fusilli, you know that Italian pasta?

The second chamber is roughly 70% of the remaining length. These are twisted shapes again, but I’m rather sceptical about the sensations they can produce.

Finally, there’s a couple of twisted ribbons to finish off the sleeve.

Overall, I’m not sure about the textures. I think it will be rather narrow, but will it be stimulating enough?


FeelMelrose fully dismantled

I repeat once again, the photo above is an extreme dismantling of the FeelMelrose. At no point should you dismantle it to this extent. Generally, all you need to do is remove the TPE sleeve from the ABS case.

In most cases, only the TPE part is in contact with fluids, whether lubricant🦊 or semen. Plus, as I said, it’s TPE. The texture is super pleasant, but has one major drawback, which is its porosity. It’s made up of micro-holes which have the disadvantage of being a real nest for bacteria… So as soon as possible, you’ll need to thoroughly clean your liner with soap and lukewarm water. Go into every nook and cranny with your fingers.

The great thing about FeelStroker sleeves is that they are open at both ends. So, to rinse, you can also put one end over your washbasin tap and let the water run.

The second part, which is also very important, is drying. For the same reasons, porosity, it’s important to dry your sleeve well. A competitor’s brand offers a sleeve on which you insert the sleeve to dry it, but I use a lint-free towel and go inside. Once that’s done, I also insert a drying stick. It’s made of diatomite and absorbs any residual moisture. That way, my sleeve is ready for the next session, and I can put it back in the case.


Firstly, there are two general things I can share with you.

Regardless of the FeelStroker or Fleshlight or vagina, if it’s cold outside, or at least in the room where your toy is stored, you’ll probably want to warm it up. The human body is around 37°C, so warm the sleeve to a similar temperature. The experience will be that much closer to reality. To do this, remove the sleeve from the case and run some water through it; it will warm up quite quickly.

Next, for any TPE toys you get this way, use only water-based lubricant. Silicone- or oil-based lubricants will react with the sextoy and this can hasten the day when you have to throw it away. The risk is that the composition of the TPE will be altered and ultimately your toy could ‘fall apart’. Even though I’ve never done it for safety reasons, I might get the urge to test it on a sextoy that I no longer use to show it off.

Anyway, now to the different uses.


I say it over and over again on every FeelStroker review, but it’s the basics for me. Even though I have the option of using an automatic masturbator.

Testing a toy manually is the best way to really appreciate it. Depending on the movements made, the angles, the speed, the depth of the movements. All these different actions really help you get the most out of what the FeelMelrose has to offer.

As I said earlier, you need water-based lubricant. You can gently spread the lips of the sleeve and put some inside the shaft. Then lubricate your member and as for the rest… I’ve already explained what you can do.

However, it’s worth noting that you can manage the air flow and pressure inside the sleeve. This remains moderate because the top cap is not watertight, but you have some leeway by unscrewing it more or less. And if you want to maximise the impression of suction from the duct, I suggest you add a 5-centimetre diameter rubber seal to make the whole thing airtight. It’s a real game-changer.


FeelMelrose dans le Keon
FeelMelrose inside the Keon for an interactive stroking experience

The Keon is the automatic masturbator I mentioned earlier. You simply insert the FeelMelrose from the bottom and turn it counter-clockwise until it locks into place. It’s as simple as that.

There are then several possible uses for the Keon. The first is manual mode, with its four buttons for controlling the depth of movement and speed. The second is Bluetooth use with third-party devices. I’m thinking of the possibility of using it with FeelConnect (Kiiroo’s official application with remote control sharing and access to compatible sites) or live sites that make certain videos interactive via scripts. There’s also the option of paying for FeelMe AI, which, based on a allowedlist of websites, can make any video synchronisable.


FeelMelrose associated with the PowerBlow for a BlowJob like session

The PowerBlow came out last year, in 2023. It’s a device that screws into the top cap of FeelStrokers since the FeelKayley. If you have FeelStrokers released before May 2023, they can be used with the PowerBlow, but in my experience, this works much less well if you’re too greedy with the PowerBlow’s power. In the most extreme cases, the sleeves will be ‘swallowed’ in the ABS case…

The aim of the PowerBlow, via the suction it offers, is to play with the presence, or absence, of air in the casing. It will then be more ‘greedy’ of your member, allowing you to simulate a blow job. Although it’s rather noisy for my taste (but I’ll have to test a configuration suggested by one of my readers), it’s nonetheless a very interesting added value to FeelStrokers and FeelMelrose.

Keon & PowerBlow

Stroking and sucking with the Keon and PowerBlow combo

And yes, you can combine the two brothers to create a device that stimulates in two dimensions. A masturbator with automatic function fellation. However, they need to be paired together via FeelConnect so that they work together and don’t pull each other’s legs. The problem is that if they’re not paired in the right way, you can end up forcing the Keon’s motor unnecessarily (sucking hard while the sleeve descends onto the penis). But this only happens if you don’t read the advice when pairing the PowerBlow with FeelConnect.

In any case, this combo is very good, but the only thing missing is the ability to rotate the sleeve to make it optimal.

First impressions

The entrance is tight. Without accompanying the member, it will tend to slide over the lips more than enter inside. Then, all the way through, you feel that the sleeve is narrow. So we’re not at the level of the FeelButt Extra Tight🦊 sleeve, but all the way through you can feel that there isn’t much space, and the TPE is pushed back against the sleeve.

However, on the FeelMelrose, I find it hard to feel the different textures. They’re there, they stimulate, but I can’t tell them apart. Whereas on other models, I can see the difference, that’s not the case here. Because of the thickness of the textures, I expected to feel the rotation of the sleeve differently.

When I first used it, it was disconcerting. Looking for something and not finding it… But in the end, without concentrating on that, you enjoy the experience.


The FeelMelrose🛒 has been available on the Kiiroo website since 7 March 2024. This is the second sleeve to go on sale this year and it’s available at a price of $79.

However, dear readers, you can deduct 10% from the price by using the “PapaRenard” coupon at checkout. This brings the total to $71.10.



  • Discreet FeelStroker case
  • Surprisingly easy to wash and extract fluids from
  • Very tight sleeve


  • Lack of variation in textures

It’s a pleasure to welcome Melrose Michaels to the FeelStars, but unless you’re a fan of this model, I’m not convinced by this sleeve

. I prefer many others. Whether in terms of unified or diverse texture, or intensity. For example, the FeelSensation🦊 seems superior to me despite the unique texture.

If you’re a fan and you own some of its contents, you’ll be able to make the most of it with this toy customised by Melrose Michaels in collaboration with Kiiroo. Using it with the Keon will bring you a whole new dimension.

However, if you don’t know her and you’re looking for a penis masturbator for the sensations it will give you with its textures… This is not the model to turn to. At least not for me.

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