Review of the FeelButt Extra Tight

With this FeelButt Extra Tight 🛒, Kiiroo🦊 hasn’t done things by halves. Back in March, I told you about the FeelButt🦊, Kiiroo’s first anal sheath. A sheath designed to replicate and make you feel as if you were penetrating an anus with your penis.

Clearly, as far as I’m concerned, it didn’t work. I was disappointed with this version, as I said in my review. I passed it on to the Community Manager who is my gateway to Kiiroo. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to do so.

Six months later, Kiiroo released a second version of the FeelButt which evolved into the FeelButt Extra Tight.
Where I used to complain about having a super-large first chamber followed by wide ducts, now I feel heard, understood…

Let’s have a look together!

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
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Like the FeelGlow🦊, which was reviewed on 10 October, the FeelButt Extra Tight was given to me in Amsterdam.

I had my 70-litre rucksack, so there was no room, so I did my best to fit the box inside and… the result wasn’t very good. Hence the damaged appearance of the box in the photos. Don’t blame Kiiroo for this, blame the delivery man, i.e. me.

Front side

Front side of the package FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt
Front side of the FeelButt Extra Tight box

Since the two models are relative, I’ll be comparing a lot with the FeelButt. In this case, the only difference between the first side of the box is the box at the top left where ‘Butt Sleeve’ gives way to ‘Extra Tight Butt’, a promise of more intense sensations.

The same range of blue colours tending towards black are used, so we’re still talking about a penis masturbator. Yes, for penises, not for males. Kiiroo please, a little more inclusivity would be welcome!

Right side

Right side of the package FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt
Left side of the FeelButt Extra Tight box

Now we’re starting to see some slightly more structural changes. For a start, the name of the texture has changed from ‘kinetic’ to ‘tornado’, but the description remains the same. I really appreciate Kiiroo putting the cross-section on the box, you know what to expect.

I can see that the duct is about half as tight even though the internal texture is still the same… albeit a little smaller.

There’s a big difference, however, in the first chamber, directly following the insertion of the member into the anal cavity. Well, cavity… Conduit, actually!

When the Community Manager handed me the package and told me that “last time I complained about it being too big”… I suddenly started to blush. However, Kiiroo understood my need, my return.

On this visual, the entry hole seems a little wider but whether it’s an optical effect or not…

Rear side

Read side for the package of FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt
Back side of the FeelButt Extra Tight box

There was already a translation problem with the FeelButt. It was referred to as a dildo instead of a masturbator, but this time it’s a textural error. We don’t blame them, but from what I understand, the error is present in German, French and Spanish.

Now, apart from a dodgy reviewer, who’s really going to read the back of the box? What’s interesting is the content rather than the container, isn’t it?

Left side

Left side of the package FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt
Left side of the FeelButt Extra Tight box

I suspect that Kiiroo didn’t re-shoot the integration with the Keon🛒; the image is exactly the same. And for the part with the PowerBlow🦊, we’re still using the same illustration.

The fact remains that we’ve increased the number of Feel models compatible with the PowerBlow🦊 to 6! With the FeelKayley🦊, FeelTanya🦊 and FeelVictoria Mouth🦊for the FeelStars range. Counting the FeelStroker🦊 without signature, we have the FeelSensation🦊, the FeelGlow🦊 and now this super-tight version of the anal version.

With the Keon, you insert the masturbator, then turn it so that it connects to the notches. As for the PowerBlow, all you have to do is insert a rubber seal and then screw the device in place.

Appearance of the masturbator

Exterior appearance

FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt out of packaging
FeelButt Extra Tight out of the box

From the outside, there’s nothing to distinguish it from Kiiroo’s other masturbators. With the exception of the FeelGlow, which stands alone.
This is one of the reasons why, even though it takes up a bit more space, I like to keep the FeelStroker boxes.

You’ll need to unscrew the little cap. This will allow you to remove the piece of cardboard that stabilised the FeelStroker in its box.

From a practical point of view, the black case is made of ABS/PC🦊, a hard, solid plastic. The whole thing measures less than 23 centimetres long and weighs 550 grams, according to the data sheet.
This material is easy to mould when hot, becomes very hard when cooled and is impact-resistant. The case provides good protection for the sheath inside.

Comparison of FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt case with a torch light
FeelButt Extra Tight compared to a flashlight torch

Kiiroo’s main competitor in the field of penis masturbators didn’t look far for its brand name. See how easy it is to draw the parallel? Similarly, that seemingly innocent shape left on your desk at home for teleworking. Until your flatmate, or significant other, comes to turn it on in the event of a power cut.

Interior appearance

Presentation of the FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt without front cap
FeelButt Extra Tight without the lid

Remove the main cap to access the TPE🦊 sheath. It’s so soft, it’s a delight to run your fingers, lips or any other sensitive part over it.
This material simulates the sensation of bare human skin. The disadvantage of this material is its porosity: it is capable of absorbing various elements (harmful or not). In fact, if it absorbs them, it is only to return them to the surface of the sextoy a little later. Then it will be too late to do anything about it.

Be careful how you look after your TPE sex toys. If they are for external use, or for a penis, there is no direct danger. However, for internal use (vaginal, anal or oral), this material should be avoided. For more information, see the related article on sex toy materials.

Returning to this orifice, we see a non-gendered representation, with folds and a buttock groove. The entrance is slightly open, like an invitation to fill it.

Comparison of FeelStroker Butt and FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt
FeelButt (left) compared to the new FeelButt Extra Tight (right)

Here’s a quick visual to compare the internal textures of these two versions. On the left, the old version, on the right, the extra-tight version.

Now that we’ve covered everything, let’s move on to the concept of cleaning.


As mentioned above, the way you look after your toy will have a direct impact on its lifespan.

Before using it for the first time, or after each use, take the time to clean it. It doesn’t take much, just a mild soap, warm water and a lint-free cloth to dry it properly.

As the sheath has two ends and two holes, you can run water through one end and out the other.
This simply removes any body fluids or lubricant that may have been inside. Although, from what I’ve seen, gravity is already doing some of the work with the texture of this sheath.
Use your fingers to clean every nook and cranny of the FeelStroker’s interior.

After drying, you can also use a diatomite stick after the lint-free cloth. This will ensure that the sheath is completely dry before storing it again. After that, the diatomite stick is something I haven’t tested much but I’ve read a lot of good things about it.

FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt fully dismantled
FeelButt Extra Tight fully dismantled

Normally, there should be no fluids in the ABS/PC part of the sextoy. However, if you need to add lubricant along the way, through the screw-on water cap, this can happen. Or if you hold it horizontally for too long, or even at an angle towards the bottom.

You shouldn’t need to completely dismantle the FeelStroker as I did in the photo, but you now know how many parts it can be divided into.

FeelButt Extra Tight internal textures

Internal texture of the FeelStroker Extra Tight Butt
Transversal cut of the FeelBut Extra Tight in order to see the internal textures

From start to finish, this sheath offers a unique texture that is, in effect, reminiscent of a tornado. The thin shaft is made up of a few rotating ribs that rise to the top of the sheath.

It’s not the wild texture that will make you cum in a snap. It’s decent though, don’t worry. These spirals stimulate the glans and penis at different levels. As you insert your penis into the sheath, your penis is stimulated at different levels.

What’s more, wrist movements can be interesting with a texture like this.


At last! After a few thousand words and ten minutes of reading, we’re finally going to talk about what really matters.

Is this girdle any good? Is it really tight? Will it make me, or you, come?

Well no, wait a little longer. Before using the FeelButt Extra Tight, you can warm it up by running warm water through both ends. The temperature, closer to that of a human, will only make the experience more pleasant.

Next, lubricate! Whether it’s your member, the orifice or the conduit of the sheath, you’ll need it. For lubricant, use water-based, not oil-based, not silicone-based, unless you want to have to throw away your new acquisition quickly.
It’s hard to find a good water-based lubricant, but make sure it doesn’t dry out too quickly.

Finally, it’s up to you whether to use it manually, with the Keon, the PowerBlow, or both combined!

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I prefer the manual experience to start with.

The best way to discover a new masturbator is to be able to handle it the way you want. The rhythm of the penetration movement, the depth of penetration, the angle given…
You can choose to add more or less suction with the cap or side-to-side movements.

And that’s how I’m able to see if I like the sheath. When I know I need to slow down a bit to continue with it, using a slightly less intense chamber. Or on the contrary, finish the experiment in a more stimulating zone.

With Keon and/or PowerBlow

The sheath can therefore be used manually, but if you prefer to give control, either to a third party or to an interactive video, the use of one of these two devices (or both at the same time) is a good added value.

While the Keon will apply vertical movements at different speeds and depths, the PowerBlow will apply a vacuum inside the already very tight sheath.

First impressions

If you want to use the FeelButt Extra Tight, you’ll need to be ready for it, just like in real life. If you’re not stiff, you won’t fit.

What’s more, this sheath is so tight around my member that it tries to push me out all the time… Which makes the synergy with the PowerBlow particularly interesting!

However, despite being very tight, the textures don’t offer a great deal of stimulation. It all depends on what you’re looking for. The FeelSensation isn’t quite as tight, but offers more intensity with its pearl texture. Here, the stimulation is essentially provided by the fine conduit, combined with the spiral shape inside the sheath.

All in all, you can enjoy a video without feeling frustrated at not having finished it.


The FeelButt Extra Tight🛒 is available from the Kiiroo online shop today, 17 October 2023.

It’s available for 66€ ($69) but since you’re reading this review, you know you’ve got a coupon.

If you use the code ‘PapaRenard‘ when ordering, you’ll save 10% on your basket, excluding promotions.

As a result, the price of this girdle drops to 59.40€ ($62.10).



  • Very tight!
  • The sensations are just as I imagined they would be for anal sex
  • Compatibility with the PowerBlow that the FeelButt didn’t have


  • May be too tight for some
  • You need to be really hard to use it

First of all, thank you Kiiroo for this new version, we’ve been heard and it’s a pleasure.

FeelButt Extra Tight is not a misleading advertisement, it describes perfectly what it offers. Although it’s very tight, this sheath isn’t painful, like the silicone🦊 Hundoo🦊 could have been.

The TPE remains flexible, leaving plenty of room, just as an anal canal would expand.

Despite this, I doubt this FeelStroker will have a place on my podium; I prefer the FeelSensation, for example. The fact remains that the immersion quality of the sheath is unique and I fully endorse this model.

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