Review of the FeelReya from Reya Sunshine

Have I been dominated by Reya Sunshine’s FeelReya🛒?

Literally, the answer is no, I’ve never seen her. However, for this second review, I once again have a penis masturbator from Kiiroo🦊 to introduce to you, the FeelReya. It’s moulded from the X star’s private parts.

Kiiroo provided me with one in exchange for an honest review. Honesty? That’s exactly what I’m trying to promote through the reviews I publish… So why not combine business with pleasure?

My aim is to provide you with a means of helping you to make an informed choice. On what? Whether or not to buy a sextoy for which I can give you feedback.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.

This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.

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Reya Sunshine

Reya Sunshine is an erotic actress known for her passionate and intense performances in the adult entertainment industry. She excels at creating erotic scenes that explore sensuality, passion and unbridled desire. Whether in romantic scenes, daring role-play or more intense encounters… Reya knows how to captivate audiences by offering them moments of pleasure and excitement.

In addition to her film projects, Reya also has a strong presence on social networks. She regularly shares attractive and engaging content with her fans, creating a direct and intimate connection with them. Her natural charm and seductive personality have earned her a solid fan base who enthusiastically support and follow her.

In 2021, Reya Sunshine was honoured at the XBiz Awards, one of the most prestigious adult industry ceremonies. Her talent and commitment to her art earned her this recognition. This has further strengthened her position as a respected and valued erotic actress.


Far from looking like a dodgy parcel, Kiiroo shipments are super discreet. In other words, without opening the package… You’ll have no idea what you’re holding in your arms; a cardboard parcel that looks completely ordinary.

I received mine five days after the scheduled delivery date! Enough time to spend with the contents over the weekend!

Main face of the box

Front side of the FeelReya box

So once you’ve opened the parcel, you’re in for something much more explicit. Reya Sunshine awaits you, a choker and leather outfit containing bra, belt and knickers from which steel mesh falls to finish on high boots; also in leather, as you’ll have gathered. The tone is set: FeelReya is here to dominate you. Reya Sunshine is there to lead you.

As far as I’m concerned, I choose a penis masturbator on the basis of texture. In other words, what I want to feel.

You can offer me a very pretty masturbator, but if the inner sheath is devoid of texture, it’s dead.

For FeelStar strokers (or FleshLight), this choice can be made differently. The reason is that the masturbator features the image of your favourite porn star.

In that case, there’s a whole other dimension to the excitement of penetrating “that” model… Unfortunately, the beautiful Reya was a complete stranger to me when I received the parcel. I’m sorely lacking in the world of camgirls, porn stars and other naïads from the world of adult entertainment. However, it’s easy enough to access this star’s content. So you can get to know her better if you need to… Which I didn’t hesitate to do.

Right-hand side of the box

Right side of the FeelReya box

A quarter-turn to the left (to see the right-hand side) gives you a cross-sectional view of the FeelStar’s interior. This allows you to appreciate the different textures designed to make you cum, but we’ll talk about that later. There’s also a 2D view of the vulva, already open and ready for you.

Back of the box

Back side of the FeelReya box

An extra quarter turn allows our multilingual friends to read the same promotional message several times. In seven languages, the message provides little context but aims to present the product. It explains that the FeelReya is based on a life-size mould.

Left side of box

Left side of the FeelReya box

Finally, the last side of the box shows the complete stroker, installed. And looking more or less like any other FeelStroker🦊 from the brand… A rather vague description, isn’t it?

However, that’s also what you’ll find: a cylindrical shape. However, the base is a few centimetres thicker and black in colour. What could be more innocent, more passe partout for a sextoy that can satisfy your desires?

Appearance of the masturbator

FeelReya next to a flashlight and in front of the Keon

To open the box, simply remove the two seals. This will give you access to the FeelReya and allow you to unscrew the top cap. This then allows you to remove the cardboard that holds the FeelStar in its box. I quickly screw this part back on (it controls the suction force).

There’s a large piece of black plastic (ABS🦊). It looks like a 22-centimetre torch and weighs about 800 grams.

FeelReya without the lid and next to the Keon

I noticed a few differences from what was on the box. First of all, the signature is much less prominent than advertised, but it doesn’t matter. The bonnet over the clitoris is more ‘squashed’ on the right-hand side and the vulva is slightly less open. However, I also notice something that makes me wonder. It’s like a scar that Reya would have on the upper left side of the labia majora and that goes all the way inside. A slight scar. I don’t know if it’s something you want. Maybe it’s a problem with the moulding. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer to think that it’s something that’s really there. And that this scarring expresses the realism of the FeelStar reproduction. Gulps!

The material used (TPE🦊) to replicate the intimate parts of this beautiful plant gives off a barely perceptible odour. What’s more, the texture is really very pleasant to the touch. Every fold, every detail seems to be present and that adds to my current excitement.

I can’t wait to use it!


But first, if you want to know what you’ll be able to feel inside the FeelReya sheath. There’s a tool that will give you this information, depending on the size of your member. Take a look at the Techysex blog, which has a heatmap of the FeelStar. At a glance, you’ll be able to see which FeelStar areas and textures will give you the best sensations.

However, I’d advise you to be a little wary of this site. I don’t quite agree with their measurements, which seem to start only at the part after the ‘head’ of the FeelStar. In other words, take about 2.5cm off the measurement provided to see how far your penis can really go.


FeelReya fully dismantled

The FeelReya isn’t the easiest penis masturbator to clean, thanks to its many rings, beads and opening cavity. That said, having only three at the moment, it’s not that difficult to find yourself at the bottom of the table.

However, because of the design of the Feel range of penis masturbators, cleaning them will be much easier than many other sex toys I’ve seen on the internet. And sometimes it’s better to ask yourself whether cleaning a sextoy is too complicated… Before you buy it. Let me explain.

If it’s your first sextoy, it may be simple to wash a penis masturbator, but you still wonder how to go about it.
First of all, don’t turn your sleeve over like an old sock to clean it. It’s pointless and you risk damaging it. TPE, although flexible, can tear if you apply such tension. Not necessarily the first time, but I wouldn’t advise it.

Use lukewarm water, a little soap or a special product for cleaning sex toys. Don’t hesitate to use your fingers to make sure you’re cleaning the inside of the toy, every time a fluid, whether bodily or otherwise, comes into contact with the material.

Then, choose between letting the whole thing air-dry. Or, like me, who would prefer to avoid others falling on it, a thin, lint-free towel. That way, I can be sure to remove any residual moisture directly.

Taking care of the TPE

A little extra advice: although you won’t feel the need to do this straight away. I recommend that you periodically use a “regenerant” to prevent your FeelReya from becoming slightly… slimy. This regenerant can generally be found where you buy your TPE sextoy. It can be called by various names. But in the end, it can simply and advantageously be replaced by cornstarch. I prefer to use it as a preventive measure on my masturbators. The reason is that I didn’t do it on the FeelStroker Vagina and I bit my fingers off afterwards. It got all sticky and the sensation really wasn’t pleasant.

To reassure you, the fact that the material can become sticky doesn’t mean it’s poor quality. I’ve talked to people about it. It turns out that it’s inherent in the material itself. It allows you to make quality mouldings, to choose the colour, to have a feel as close as possible to real skin, but it comes with this slight disadvantage. But clearly, this disadvantage is nothing compared to the benefits this material brings 🙂


With the Keon

FeelReya inside the Keon.

If you’re a proud owner of the Kiiroo Keon🛒, you can simply insert your new acquisition. From bottom to top, with the widest part at the bottom, inside your Keon. Then simply rotate the whole thing in the right direction until you hear the little ‘click’ that announces that the two parts are correctly clipped together.

Then it’s on to the joys of FeelConnect. This application gives you remote control of your toy. Or synchronise your FeelReya with one of its videos.

Without accessories

If you don’t have the Keon, you can still fully appreciate this new FeelStar, don’t worry! You’ll just have to manage the speed and depth yourself, but is that really a problem? As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got the Keon but for the purposes of this review, and because this isn’t a review of the Keon, I’ve chosen not to use it.

I preferred more manual stimulation in order to better control the way I used the FeelReya, to get a better feel for its different zones… and at my own pace.

Once again, I appreciate that initial penetration is much easier than with the FeelStroker thanks to the opening of the lips, which makes it easier to guide insertion. I don’t have to hold my member to guide it properly through the labia.

From now on, what follows will depend on what I feel, and your feeling, depending on your sensitivity, size and circumference, will probably be slightly different from mine.

But before that, you’ll need to get yourself in shape and use a little lubricant🦊 to put on your member and on the FeelStar, which you may optionally have warmed up in lukewarm water. Don’t try to play without lubricant, it won’t be pleasant.

For this type of toy, and for this type of material, don’t use silicone-based lubricants, as this mistake could be fatal to your toy and, given its price, it would be a shame… Instead, use water-based lubricants. They dry more quickly but are easy to wash and won’t damage your brand new FeelStar!

FeelReya internal textures

FeelReya internal texture through a transversal cut.

First chamber

The entrance starts with a sort of cavity across the entire FeelStar head, not the most stimulating area as it’s just a gaping hole. However, while you’re still inside, you can use this area as a rest area for edging sessions or to bring the pressure down.

Various beads are then positioned to massage your glans in all directions during insertion. This is before you get to a narrower area where you have to make your way through… Now there’s something interesting!

Second chamber

This second zone gives way to three rings which, for me, correspond to the narrowest, most stimulating zone. It’s directly followed by new 360° beads which, a little longer, can accompany your comings and goings.

I really enjoyed the different chambers and textures. I was able to alternate between slow, fast and deep penetration or penetration with the tip of the glans, as well as varying the angle of penetration.

And then, after a while, I found myself regretting not being able to go further.

Third chamber

Unfortunately, the most stimulating areas for me are located afterwards and I can’t access them with the sleeve in the case.

To access them, I have to separate these two parts.

But while we can progress more freely, the sleeve is no longer confined in its holster. So it can extend freely and you lose stimulation.

This does, however, give you a better idea of how you’re progressing with the masturbator. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s something that adds to my excitement. What’s more, there’s nothing to stop you grabbing the sleeve and managing a tighter or looser grip.

This method allowed me to get to the last few centimetres of the FeelReya that I couldn’t reach. Clearly, I don’t regret this roundabout way. I probably won’t do it again because it makes the experience less intense.


If you’d like to buy the FeelReya🛒, it has been available from the Kiiroo online shop since 22 September 2022.

It costs 75€ ($79). However, you can get it for 10% less by using the “PapaRenard” coupon.



  • Multiple textures
  • Good sheath quality
  • Discreet


  • Lack of intensity

Now I can answer the question of whether Reya Sunshine dominated me with its FeelReya penis masturbator.

The FeelReya left me a little more wanting than the others. It didn’t matter whether it was used hands-free or synchronised with the Keon.
A little lacking in intensity, in tightness. Even if this sextoy will make you come, I’m not sure I’ll keep it out of its box for long.
Not being able to go to the last zone with the rings is something that frustrated me. I really felt like I was missing out on something.

This lack of intensity, not being able to access that last zone and the more complicated cleaning than on the FeelSkyler🦊 means that although I’m happy to have tried something else, I wouldn’t recommend buying this sextoy as warmly.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very good quality stoker, a product that still gave me a lot of pleasure and allowed me to come many times… But I was certainly disappointed because I expected too much from this model. Probably because my experience with the FeelSkyler had been electric.

Feel free to leave a comment to share your own experience. Or ask me a question about this FeelStar or simply let me know if you enjoyed the review.
I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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