Review of the FeelSkyler from Skyler Lo

As the first FeelStroker🦊 in my hands, the FeelSkyler is like a piece of jewellery I would never have dared buy for myself.

The promise, by Kiiroo🦊, of having a penis masturbator moulded from a real person’s private parts? It’s a tempting idea, and one that I’d already seen from Fleshlight. However, the few reviews I found at the time seemed to complain about the quality of this brand’s masturbators. What’s more, there seemed to be a problem with the veracity of the textures advertised versus those found inside the sheaths. There was a lack of quality, depth and texture. But that’s not the point of this review.

“Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be with me?”

That’s how Skyler Lo introduces herself in her introductory video for the FeelSkyler… Gulps

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This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.

This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.

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Skyler Lo

Skyler Lo presenting the Keon and his FeelSkyler

California camgirl born in 1994, Skyler Lo has been making a name for herself on Instagram since 2016. There, she alternates between photos with two-wheeled cars and suggestive photos in fine lingerie.

Her head-turning measurements and sense of aesthetics have made her a star on social networks. She even appeared on stage at the XBiz Awards in 2018…

Finding video content from her outside of her OnlyFan and MyFreeCam (abandoned?) will be no easy task… And I readily admit to knowing her neither from Eve nor Adam. A complete stranger until I saw her on the boxed set. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that’s going to detract a little from the feeling I’m going to get from this review.


The parcel containing the FeelSkyler arrived unannounced. There was nothing to suggest that what was inside was a penis masturbator. At the time, I’d forgotten what it was. So I headed off to my wife to tell her that an order for her had just arrived… Luckily I checked the contents first, at the time it wasn’t something we shared.
The parcel was dispatched on Monday and received on Friday lunchtime. Perfect for testing the product over the weekend!
As I don’t have the charms of this Latin beauty, you can check out her unboxing of the product and the pairing with Keon. I completely understand if you’d rather see her talk about it than read about it.

For the rest of you, here’s how I can introduce you to the box.


Front of FeelSkyler box

In shades of violet, Skyler stands facing us in a sexy outfit of the same colour. Left leg bent, held by the ankle.
Just below her majestic bosom lies the grail in her other hand. A penis masturbator replica of her private parts.

Right side of FeelSkyler box

The right-hand side shows a cross-section of the FeelStar stroker and a front view of it. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the textures are much more varied than the FeelStroker Vagina, but more on that later.
I don’t know about you, but the two-dimensional representation of this beauty’s vulva… With slightly open labia. It’s like an invitation to get to know each other a little better, isn’t it? In any case, as it stands, I find it rather exciting.

The other two sides are just a visual of the FeelStroker. The other is a text advert about the stimulation and pleasure you’ll experience with this device… We’ll see if it’s really true.
All that’s left to do is remove the two seals at the top of the pack. Finally, you’ll be able to get your hands on the coveted object.

Appearance of the masturbator

FeelSkyler out of the box

Once you open the pack, you don’t get a direct view of her private parts. What’s more, a piece of cardboard is positioned between the cap (which handles the air calls) and the body of the masturbator.

I suggest you start by unscrewing the cap to get rid of the piece of cardboard. Then do what you like with it. Its sole purpose is to prevent the masturbator from banging into the box when you move it.
Once done, you have the final product in hand. The FeelSkyler penis masturbator, moulded from the beautiful Latina Skyler Lo.

FeelSkyler case

FeelSkyler next to a torch

To be honest, I don’t have the impression, perhaps because it’s the first time, of having a sextoy in my hands. My impression was more likely to be of a torch, albeit a little too big for my taste. The case is about 22 centimetres long and weighs 550 grams. It feels good in the hand, even if it might leave a few marks on the glossy black surface.

The body of the masturbator is made of ABS🦊 (for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). Behind this unglamorous acronym lies a material that is highly resistant to impact. In fact, you’ve probably been familiar with this material since your earliest childhood.

Remember those Lego bricks you might have used as a child? As it stands, if the FeelSkyler is dropped, there’s no damage to it. What’s more, ABS is non-toxic, non-porous, fairly light and rigid.

FeelSkyler sleeve

FeelSkyler fully dismantled

Warning: This photo was taken more than a year after I got the FeelStar. Because of this, and because the FeelStroker cap was too short at the time, the sheaths tended to be compressed, hence the flat side.

If you were to break this penis masturbator down into as many parts as possible, you’d get four for the ABS main body, and one for the TPE🦊 sheath.
These first four parts are :

  • the cap to remove the piece of cardboard and manage the pressure inside the case;
  • the main cap to access the sheath;
  • a small ring that holds the sheath in the masturbator;
  • the case itself.

The last part, then (the most interesting in terms of stimulation, because I doubt you’ll want to masturbate with just the ABS part), is the TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) sheath. This material is quite similar to the texture of silicone🦊. However, it offers greater flexibility, better elasticity and a quality finish very close to the grain of the skin. And it’s really amazing.

As I run my fingers over the representation of Skyler Lo’s private parts, I can really feel the softness of the material. It reminds me a little of peaches and gives a real feeling of each relief offered by the moulding. It’s really nice and the faithful representation shows every fold and crease. I’m almost a little disappointed that there’s nothing behind the clitoral bonnet.

Unfortunately, this is my first penis masturbator (apart from the FeelStroker Vagina). I can’t compare it to FleshLights or Doc Johnson. Unfortunately, I only know these brands by name. I can’t tell you whether the quality seems better or not… Impossible without having tested it. But I’m clearly bluffed and very excited about the idea of trying the FeelSkyler as soon as possible.


To clean the FeelSkyler, you don’t need to have passed the ferry, it’s very simple and that’s fine.
However, as simple as it may be, when it’s the first time, you wonder and feel a bit ignorant. Or maybe that’s just me…

Should I just use water? At what temperature? Soap or a specific household product? Should I turn the liner inside out to clean the inside (no, definitely not!).


As with any other FeelStar Stroker, simply remove the sleeve from the main body and then rinse with warm (not hot please) soapy water, possibly with a propylene-based product and feel free to use your fingers to make sure you clean all over the inside.

A real advantage for me over other masturbators/onaholes is that Kiiroo’s penis masturbators have two holes so water, or any other fluid, can go in one side and out the other, and your fingers can do the same to clean everything up!

Then air dry or dry with a thin, lint-free towel, tucking it inside. The main problem with TPE is that it’s a porous material, so bacteria can grow on it. At best, this can cause discolouration of the sheath, or even unpleasant odours, and at worst it can put you in danger. So clean and dry properly.

Finally, I can only advise you to use a little cornstarch to prevent the FeelStar from becoming a little sticky over time, so that it retains its soft feel and stays as good as new for a long time!

Also, if you’re going to clean it before use, I recommend soaking it in lukewarm water to bring the FeelStroker to a temperature closer to that of the human body, which will make the simulation all the more realistic.


FeelSkyler in the Keon

If you have the Keon, installing the FeelSkyler in it is really simple. Just insert it from the bottom and turn the FeelStroker body to lock it in place, with a little click to make sure everything’s secure.

If you don’t have the Keon, no problem! You can still enjoy this masturbator with your favourite hand and choose the speed, angle and depth of each movement… It’s quite interesting, if only for the first time, to be in charge of all these aspects to discover the best textures this sheath has to offer.
Coupling it with the Keon takes away from this customisation, but gives you the option of using the manual mode, where you choose the depth and speed, or the interactive mode, where the Keon reproduces the movements of the actor/actress via the FeelSkyler on your limb… not to mention the possibility of remote control of the Keon by a third party, but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Compared to the FeelStroker Vagina that I tested in mid-June, I’d say that the FeelSkyler is simpler to insert, I don’t need to hold my penis to guide it correctly through the labia, the entry is less tight but just as interesting. After that, depending on your own sensitivity and the thickness of your member, you’ll probably feel things differently.

To play with the FeelSkyler, you’ll need a lubricant🦊. irst of all, if you were thinking of using a silicone-based lubricant, I’m not going to tell you to throw it in the bin (unfortunate stop). silicone-based lubricant is not compatible with TPE penis masturbators. It would damage it.
You should use a water-based lubricant, and preferably one of good quality.

The problem with low-quality water-based lubricants is that they dry out quickly. So as you can see, if it dries quickly, you’ll need to use it often. Otherwise your experience will become less pleasant, less comfortable… Even more so if it becomes sticky as it dries.

FeelSkyler internal textures

FeelSkyler internal texture

First room

The first three centimetres form the FeelSkyler’s first chamber. It starts with a fairly tightly textured channel where you can slide your glans for the first sensations that made me let out a moan of pleasure.
This is followed by a slightly wider section made up of small, tapered protuberances that follow the movement of your member while offering slight resistance.
Seeing Skyler Lo’s lips spread with each pass of my penis excites and stimulates me even more, I wasn’t expecting that.

Second and third room

Then come the second and third chambers, which I can’t describe too well but which, in terms of sensations, alternate between textures that will bring more or less pressure depending on the movements you make.
A fourth chamber completes this sheath with an even smaller space (about 10 centimetres from the base) where the glans has to work its way through an ultra-stimulating texture. It’s the perfect way to finish off the FeelStroker, which for me is the end of the line for those who are too sensitive.

By alternating with these last textures, the stimulation is such that pleasure is within reach without too much effort and you’ll have to be careful not to succumb if you want to go on an edging session.

Fourth room

A final area corresponds to some sort of two-strand braid running up the rest of the sheath, but I don’t have the opportunity to go that far so I wouldn’t know what to say about it… although there’s nothing to stop you taking the sheath out of the masturbator and then testing it through this improvised entrance. I’ve tried it, and because the sheath is no longer restricted by the case, it stretches (and reshapes) as the penis passes over it. It’s still pleasant, but much less so than normal.

First impressions

With the FeelSkyler, I tried to take my time, especially on the first insertion, so that I could slowly feel each of the textures that coated my glans and penis.

Compared with a manual hand-job, the sensations were completely different, and compared with the FeelStroker Vagina, the textures were much more varied and allowed me to play with the depth of insertion to provide different stimuli.

I really had the impression of having a vagina to penetrate in the first few moments, even though afterwards it’s clear that the vagina isn’t really as textured as the FeelStroker Vagina.
Even though FeelSkyler’s visuals are based on a mould of her private parts, the different textures on offer are the result of a collaboration between Kiiroo and Skyler to create a unique experience.

However, despite this impression of realism, it won’t replace, for me, what I can feel with another person during the act.

As I said when I introduced Skyler Lo, for me, masturbation isn’t just about jerking off, up and down, to a certain rhythm, with the aim of getting off. My state of mind is also important, the fact of being mentally stimulated, whether by images (my partner, a video or a film in my head), sounds, the atmosphere I’m in or simply my state of tiredness.

Depending on these parameters, I can cum in a few minutes or not at all. With the FeelSkyler, I’ve never had any problems and I can reach the big O quickly if I want to or try to make things last longer, try to go the distance to get an even stronger orgasm.

This is possible with the FeelStar alone, but more complex with the Keon. Quite simply because I have total control over the movements I make, whether in terms of speed, depth or angle of penetration, and also, with the airflow management cap, I can manage the suction force.


The FeelSkyler is on the Kiiroo Store since the 2022-08-18 at the price of 75€ (65£ or $79).
But… using “PapaRenard” coupon code at checkout, you can get it cheaper by 10% !



  • Varied and stimulating textures
  • Moderately narrow sheath
  • FeelStroker is discreet


  • Little content without a paywall

The FeelSkyler blew me away. It’s brilliant and has allowed me to cum many times while preparing this review! Although I’m sorry I don’t know enough about Skyler Lo… And that’s because most of his content is behind paywalls… I was still able to appreciate the FeelSkyler for what it is.
It’s a good quality product that’s easy to clean. What’s more, it blends in with its surroundings without having to display a neon sign saying “This is a sextoy”… I’m delighted.

I would like to thank Kiiroo (and its community manager) for giving me the opportunity to review this FeelStar even though I have no experience in the field.

This is a really amazing sextoy and I’m sure it will be with me for a long time.

If you ever buy it by clicking on one of the links in this review, a 10% discount code (PapaRenard) should be applied to the whole basket.
And if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to comment!

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