Review of the Lulu : Automatic Stroker Utimi

Lulu, Utimi‘s🦊 automatic stroker, is giving me a bit of trouble.
I was approached by another brand, Metablow, based in China. On their Amazon + Alibaba shop, they offer a strangely similar automatic masturbator.
Because of this, I don’t know if there’s been a design theft from the Lulu and its sleeves… Or if Utimi is offering an alternative toy in a different packaging.
In view of this uncertainty, I’ve removed the links to the sextoy purchase.
For more information, you can read my post🦊 on the subject.

Today I’d like to tell you about my return to Lulu : the automatic stroker from Utimi.
I spend a certain amount of time on various subreddits such as r/SexToys, r/SexualiteFR and others, and I sometimes interact with certain posts. Whether it’s because a post has piqued my curiosity, or because I want to answer a question or clarify something…
It was during one of these posts that I got in touch with the community manager at Utimi. She asked me to write a review of their next automatic masturbator for them.
They sent me a photo of the model they planned to market two months later. As I had little experience of anything other than the Keon from Kiiroo🦊, I jumped at the chance to compare. In the meantime, I also received the Syncbot🦊 from Valor & Toughness🦊, which had its own review.

Note that the photos with the Utimi logo in the top left-hand corner are photos taken by the brand and do not belong to me.

Automatic Stroker from Utimi

Buying an automatic masturbator is usually done with a specific aim in mind. That of having orgasms without having to perform the movements simulating penetration yourself.

These models can have different features and specifications such as :

  • battery-powered or mains-powered
  • whether or not they can be used while being charged
  • can be used in the bath or shower
  • have a single sheath or interchangeable sheaths
  • vibrate, rotate, suck…

The one I’m going to introduce to you is called Lulu.

It’s an entry-level model with a mid-range look. Its aim is to introduce the world of automatic masturbators to those who have never used one.



I received the tracking link for the parcel on 2 August. I knew absolutely nothing about this model. It was a complete surprise, both in terms of its functions and the contents of the box.

A week later, on 10 August, I received a parcel wrapped in white plastic containing my new toy. There was no mention of what might be inside the parcel, which was fine by me.

Unfortunately, but it wasn’t Utimi’s fault, the packaging of the parcel was quite damaged from the outside. However, it didn’t matter because the plastic wrapping is only there to hide the contents and a second transparent wrapping protected the box.

And in the end, although this second protective film has been scratched, the box itself is virtually untouched, and that’s the main thing.

What we discover is a case in black and gold, with curves that undulate and echo each other without ever crossing.

This gives me an impression of classiness, and the Utimi signature can be seen at the top right of the box. I can’t wait to discover the contents.

What’s inside ?

Opening the box reveals an envelope resting on a foam cushion with a thin layer of velvet on top.

This envelope contains a tri-fold sheet of paper representing a letter from the CEO of Utimi. In it, he thanks us for the purchase and explains a number of points. For example, how to contact support, activate the warranty, return the package or obtain a refund.

However, if you want a refund, the parcel has to be in the same condition as when you received it… i.e. sealed… So if you read the letter, it’s too late.

By removing the foam on which the letter was resting, you can finally see Lulu.

As you’ll have noticed in the video, there are several boxes to protect the various elements, like all the little presents you have to open.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a photo at the time. The one sent to me by Utimi’s Community Manager (left) is much better done than I could have done.

It includes :

  • Lulu, Utimi’s automatic masturbator, presented with a tasteful black and brown leather protection (at least I like it)
  • straps for hands-free use of Lulu;
  • a second sheath (the first having already been installed);
  • 30ml of Utimi lubricant;
  • Sticks and a foam brush for drying;
  • a USB C cable for recharging the battery.

Here are the details of each item.

Lulu, Automatic Stroker from Utimi

When unpacked, Lulu is placed in the black and brown leather case, which can be used in ‘hands-free’ mode thanks to the straps. You can still use it manually with, or without, this leather case. I really like the colours and the look of it, it feels like a quality product.
However, it does draw the eye, so if you want it to go unnoticed, it might be better to remove the case.

Utimi’s automatic masturbator has three buttons on one side to control the device.
The first button is used to switch the automatic masturbator on and off. It also toggles between modes.
The second and third buttons are used to increase or decrease the speed at which the sheath moves back and forth.

Then there’s an LED, which acts as a charge indicator and mode change indicator. Finally, there’s a USB C socket for recharging the battery.
On the other side, there’s a window into the sheath used, so you can see the movements you’ve made.

It is approximately 27cm high at the highest edge and 12cm wide.
It arrived discharged, and will take around 4 hours to fully recharge. That’s quite long.. .and I’m not sure why, as there’s a USB C, but whatever.

Lulu weighs just under 3kg (2.88kg according to Utimi).


Belts to wear the Lulu and have a free hand experience
Hands-free mode is made possible by the case and these straps

They are a real ally when you want to use the Lulu hands-free, holding the device in place.
One set of braided fabric straps is positioned at the nape of the neck. The other, more elastic, is positioned above the hips.

With a simple adjustment, you can easily adapt the position and angle of Lulu to the wearer.
Strap sizes can vary from 114 to 203cm for the braided strap, and from 60 to 92cm for the elastic strap, according to the information supplied by Utimi.

Here is a visual provided by Utimi:

Lulu visual from Utimi for hand free experience
Illustration of Lulu’s hands-free mode


While the first sheath is on a model described as “comfortable”, the second is labelled “compact”.

Both have similar dimensions, but differ in their internal textures.
They are 7cm in diameter and 13cm high, and are made from TPE🦊. This is the standard material for penis masturbators.
Both have two years of PVC to insert and hold the sheath correctly inside the masturbator.
There are also two small magnets on the bottom to ensure the sheath stays in place.

Which one do I prefer? I choose the white sheath because it’s a little more structured, ribbed, and offers more sensation on the glans or penis.
The salmon-coloured one seems to have a single pearl-like texture with, I think, a range of sizes from the largest to the smallest.
After that, it’s complicated to check the internal textures. Access is difficult to see and I don’t have a camera to inspect the inside of the casing.

Utimi gives a lifespan of 15 to 20 uses.

Utimi Lubricant

Utimi water based lubricant
Lubricant supplied with the box, so everything’s ready to use!

I won’t go into too much detail here. It’s a water-based lubricant in a 30ml version.
There’s nothing special about it, it’s a lubricant like almost any other you’d find in the shops. It’s not sticky, it holds well and above all it comes in the box.
Incidentally, it’s a very good idea for Utimi to provide a bottle. It means you can use the toy straight away without having to buy anything extra.

Drying sticks and brush

Drying sticks and brush
Drying sticks and brush (for single use only as they break during use)

These two (or even three) elements are there to make it easier for you to dry your sheaths after use and, above all, to clean them.
This is the first time I’ve had such sticks in my hand. Their purpose is to absorb the moisture remaining after cleaning and drying TPE liners.
If you don’t know, residual moisture is a real enemy of this porous material. It will allow bacteria to develop and therefore the probable appearance of mould, odours and potential infections.

Utimi is aware of the risks associated with the use of this material and takes the initiative. That’s why you have these two sticks which, after wiping the inside of the sheath with a lint-free cloth, will allow you to recover the remaining moisture and preserve the integrity of your sheath.
I discovered the existence of these sticks thanks to someone who told me about them in a private message on Discord. So I bought some diatomite models. I think these perform better (and are less risky). However, once again, the Utimi models are available without any additional purchase.

The brush also serves to capture the moisture, the drops of water, present in the sheath after cleaning.
However, I broke it the first time I used it, and the foam got trapped in the sheath without being able to get it out without tearing it from the handle… too bad!


via RedGIFs

Apart from a little lubricant when using Lulu, you probably won’t need to do much maintenance. However, the sheaths need to be cleaned after each use, and it’s also a good idea to clean it before the first one.

To do this, follow the instructions in the video, simply unclip on the side and pull hard enough for the magnets to dislodge from their lugs.
After extraction, I recommend using warm water and soap. This will clean the inside of the sheath. Use your fingers and don’t hesitate to squeeze the sheath when necessary.

To dry, use a lint-free cloth to absorb any remaining water droplets. The drier it feels, the better. The aim is to reduce the residual moisture in the sheath.

Once this is done, you can place a stick in the sheath, squeezing the sheath to ensure that the sheath makes contact with each element inside. After a few tens of seconds, you can leave the stick in for an hour, then leave it to dry in the open air.
The lifespan of a stick is estimated at 1 to 2 months.


Lulu is very easy to use, and that’s one of its strengths.
I think that videos are better than long speeches.

First of all, you’ll need to lubricate your penis and the inside of the sheath a little. Next, you’ll need to insert yourself inside the sheath.
This can be done even if you’re not in great shape.
To start Lulu, you need to press the start button for about two seconds. Then you need to launch the first mode.
There are 10 different modes, each of which can operate at 3 different speeds. You select the speed by pressing the + or – buttons.
Personally, I don’t quite recognise all these mod and levels. At maximum speed, I find them all similar.

From a sound point of view, I detected an average of 74dB. Utimi claims 40dB, I don’t understand how. The ambient noise in my office (with the PC fan) is 50dB.
The advertised speed is up to 400 strokes per minute.

Firsts experiences

When I first used the sextoy, I wanted to see what it was worth on its own. In other words, without any external help in terms of stimulation.
However, I’d like to clarify a few things for what follows.
Generally speaking, I can’t come with a condom, I can’t feel my partner. What’s more, cleaning myself, with a toy or not, won’t do anything if I’m not stimulated on a cerebral level.

After 45 minutes, the machine stopped twice, I’m not sure how or why. After an hour or so, I stopped it without having achieved anything.
On a second session, I added a video feed and the sensations were better. That’s also because I changed my sheath to white.
I realised that even though this toy could be used hands-free, without touching it, adding up and down movements and orienting Lulu differently gave a much better experience.
I tend to think that even if the movements applied by the sheath have enough amplitude, the sheath is only stretched.
It doesn’t really move from top to bottom, it just stretches and returns to its position. In my opinion, but this remains to be tested, you’d get a better feeling if you only used the sheath manually.


This sextoy will first be available on their Amazon shop from 6 September 2023.
It will then be put on their website later in the year as far as I know.

The masturbator was announced to me at a price of $128.



  • Turnkey experience
  • Suitable for a first masturbator (automatic)
  • A real hands-free experience
  • Good looks
  • Easy sheath change


  • The various modes lose interest at medium and high speeds
  • Pink casing not very stimulating, white is slightly better
  • A little expensive for the advertised price of $135

I had a mixed experience with Lulu. I have no doubt that this automatic masturbator will find its audience. For all that, it didn’t hit the nail on the head for me.
As much as I’m charmed, fully convinced, of the visual aspect it can have. Whether it’s the box with its bright, classic colours, the case or the mastubator straps… You end up with something clean and easy to store.

The sound volume is correct, there are different modes to break up the monotony, and there are plenty of accessories…
Utimi has pulled out all the stops to ensure the best possible user experience.

During our discussions with the community manager, I sensed a real desire to offer quality. They really listened to me and tried to see what could be improved on the packaging and the product, without calling into question what I had contributed.

But here’s the thing: while this product is designed to introduce you to the world of automatic masturbators, I’ve already been pushing these doors open for over a year now, and now maybe I need more. I’m no longer a beginner.

In any case, I’d like to thank Utimi for offering me the chance to test this automatic masturbator. I hope this review has enabled you to learn more about this sextoy and that it will help you decide whether or not to buy it.

2 thoughts on “Review of the Lulu : Automatic Stroker Utimi”

  1. Would this be a good hands-free male masturbator I would be able to use while in a laid-back position? If not, got any other recommendations?

    1. Good day to you @Lukas
      While in laid-back position, it could work but I’m not sure about it being a good hands free masturbator for penis. Or maybe with the strap around the legs to keep it in place.

      Unfortunately I don’t have this sextoy anymore, I had some issues with the TPE sleeves and had to throw them.

      The only real penis handfree masturbator I recommend would be the Pulse Solo Interactive🦊 but it’s not a stroker.

      Should it be the Handy🦊, the Keon or the Syncbot🦊 they need something additionnal to use while laying back.
      About the Handy, I don’t know if there is a solution but something with a belt should be doable.
      About the Keon, you can use their pillow to use it while laying back.
      For the Syncbot, I don’t know… Maybe something similar to the Kiiroo pillow would work.

      To be honest, I never really tried to use them while in bed and that’s something I verify for the next sextoys I’ll test.

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