Review on the Überlube lubricant

For this very first review on lubricants🦊, I’ve chosen to present the Überlube🛒 lubricant who’s a silicone based.

I must have tried a dozen different lubricants since I started getting interested in sex toys. Most of them are water-based. Liquid textures, sometimes too much. A lubricant that dries more or less quickly and can leave an unpleasant sticky feeling.

So I wanted to find the right lubricant. Or rather, the right ones for the intended use. To this end, I did a few rounds on the web to see which ones would be suitable while remaining healthy for the user. Believe me, it narrows the list down enormously. I’ll talk more about this in my article on how to choose your lubricant. But that’s how, today, I’m offering you Überlube’s unique formula.

I should warn you at the outset that Überlube is not compatible with the sex toys I’ve written reviews about. But it is not incompatible with any sextoy material.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
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What is Überlube ?

Überlube is a top-of-the-range lubricant brand that stands out for the composition of its unique product, as well as its quality.

Now, I’m talking about a single product… That’s not entirely true, because it comes in different packaging. It would be more accurate to talk about a single formula.

It’s designed to moisturise and lubricate, with the aim of improving the body’s natural lubrication and making sexual activity more comfortable.

The brand was created in 2010, but the idea for this product, this top-of-the-range lubricant, had been around since 2002. It’s a family business, originally based in Chicago. It’s something that surprised me, given the name of the brand, I was expecting more of a German product.

As time went by, Überlube made a name for itself and managed to expand beyond the borders of its country of origin.

From what I’ve read on the internet, people who try it are satisfied with it, at least I am, as I’ll explain later.

Description of the lubricant

Perhaps the best way to define it is to say what it isn’t?
It has no smell, no taste (or almost no taste), no parabens, no preservatives, no perfume and it’s not sticky…

Yeah, we get it, it’s just water…

Well no, it’s a silicone-based lubricant, anhydrous, in other words without water. So what is it?


There are four products in the Überlube formula: dimethicone, dimethiconol, cyclomethicone and tocopheryl acetate.

And that’s it!

In short, these ingredients are commonly used in various personal care products. The aim is to improve skin texture, provide gentle lubrication and, in the case of vitamin E, offer antioxidant benefits.

These names sound anything but natural, and they are; they are synthetic compounds. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad or unsafe. Many synthetic ingredients are widely used because of their stability, efficacy and safety.

I haven’t studied chemistry or pharmacy, but if you do a bit of research on the internet, you can find the following information:


This is a type of silicone widely used in personal care products. Dimethicone creates a protective barrier on the skin, making it smooth and soft. It is often used in lotions, moisturisers and hair products.


It is also a silicone, closely related to dimethicone. It is used as an emollient in personal care products to improve the texture of skin and hair. Like dimethicone, it provides a slippery, smooth feel.


Yet another silicone, cyclomethicone is often used in cosmetic products, including hair products and body lotions. It has a light texture and volatilizes quickly, leaving skin or hair feeling soft with no greasy residue.

Tocopheryl acetate

Tocopheryl acetate is a form of vitamin E, a beneficial antioxidant for the skin. In personal care products, it can help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, helping to maintain skin health.

Osmolarity and pH

Osmo what? That’s the reaction I had the first time I read that word, and yet I dug deeper into the subject. Those who know this word will know that it has nothing to do with the product presented. I’ll just digress for a moment to explain.

Osmolality and pH are only relevant for water-based lubricants. Überlube is anhydrous, i.e. water-free, so it doesn’t affect pH or osmolality.

Osmolality, in an extremely simplified way, is an indicator of how the lubricant interacts with body tissues through water transfer. But since it’s not made up of water, there will be no transfer between your cells and this lubricant.

As for the pH, this is particularly important if it is to be found in the vagina, which has an acid pH. This acidic pH is linked to the presence of good bacteria that will prevent certain infections. If the lubricant does not respect this pH, it will reduce the action of these bacteria and make it easier for other bad bacteria to make room for themselves. But the same thing is possible in the anus, which has a neutral pH. It’s a question of respecting the balance and respecting your body.


My first impression is that it’s super pleasant. It glides on smoothly and softly, like a light oil on the skin. It’s completely forgettable and allows skin-to-skin… or skin-to-toy action.

Unlike other lubricants tested, it significantly reduces the sensation of friction.

There’s no need to use a lot, it’s easy to apply and gives the impression of a thin protective layer. It lasts a long time. And when it wears off, it doesn’t feel sticky.

You can use it underwater (in the shower, bath or jacuzzi) but be careful in the shower. If you get some on the floor, it can turn the area into a skating rink (but it cleans up well with soap).

Bottle material

It’s borosilicate glass🦊 bottles. In theory, borosilicate glass is resistant to very hot (400°C) and cold temperatures, as well as thermal shock (180°C). In practice, I don’t have the means to carry out such tests at home, so I’ll just give you this information.

The bottles are made of transparent glass, which makes it easy to see the level of remaining contents.

The pump mechanism keeps the lubricant healthy and bacteria-free. Glass is a non-porous material. There is no exchange between the glass and the inside or outside.

What’s more, the bottle is recyclable.

The travel kit is made of aluminium. This protects it from being accidentally pressed when the lubricant is in a handbag or suitcase.


Überlube is not recommended as a supplement to a polyurethane condom.

Similarly, I advise against using Überlube with a silicone toy. It could react with the silicone🦊 material of the sextoy, even if it is a hard silicone. If you still want to check compatibility, you can test a small area and clean up afterwards. In any case, Überlube is compatible with Love-not-war‘s🛒 neo-silicone. I don’t have enough experience of this, as I’ve only tested the interaction between the two a few times. However, I have not noticed any problems with the sextoy.

It is preferable to avoid using Überlube during intercourse in order to conceive a child. No studies have been carried out to find out what impact it might have on sperm progression.

Receipt of parcel

The parcel was sent to me on 16 November and I received it on 20 November. In other words, it was super fast, I was expecting to wait much longer.

The parcel was in brown cardboard, like so many others, with no distinguishing mark, and inside the bottles and vials were individually wrapped and protected.

Products in the package for review
All the Uberlübe products that were sent to me

Box contents

The first impression is clearly one of quality and finish, of attention to detail. Sober and effective.

Apart from the rather significant name on the contents, the glass bottles are innocent enough for my taste and I don’t see any problem with leaving it on the headboard.

So I had at my disposal a 112mL bottle, a 55mL bottle, a travel kit with two refills, 4mL bottles and 2mL sachets.

The two bottles and the refills are protected by a small plastic film that’s quite hard to remove with bare hands. However, as long as this seal is in place, you can be sure that the pump won’t be activated by mistake.

Speaking of the pump, it dispenses a correct dose of product and prevents any leaks.

112mL bottle

This is the largest possible container for Überlube lubricant.

I can use the bottle with one hand, which means I don’t have to worry about handling something slippery. What’s more, the pump system is well thought out and prevents the lubricant from dripping onto the sheets. And that’s just as well, because I’ve often found myself not closing a bottle of lubricant and its contents spilling out onto the bed…

However, I wouldn’t recommend carrying this bottle from one place to another. It lacks a cap to protect the pump. I didn’t voluntarily do the test, but I don’t think it would be smart to carry it in a handbag. Unless you want to lubricate the contents of your handbag with a pump.

This 112mL bottle is available for $31,99🛒 on their online shop.

55mL bottle

It’s a slightly smaller version, but one that’s sure to give you a good time, alone or with others. This bottle, apart from its size, is exactly the same as the previous one.

This 55mL bottle is priced at $19,99🛒, which is less attractive financially than the previous one. However, this may still be appropriate for your use and therefore your needs.

Good-to-Go Traveler

This kit allows you to take the lubricant with you wherever you go. Whether in your handbag, sports bag, suitcase or elsewhere. As explained above, the main problem with this lubricant when you’re on the move is that there’s nothing to protect access to the pump.

On its own, it won’t activate, but when pressed into a bag, it will release a little lubricant. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 112mL bottle, a 55mL bottle or, as here, a 15mL bottle.

The kit consists of two elements: an aluminium case, available in eight colours, and a 15ml vial. The case protects the insert from knocks, but also from accidental pressure when you’re on the move. As far as I’m concerned, it’s tried and tested!

The kit is sold for $17,50🛒 on their online shop.

However, once you’ve finished the 15mL, you don’t necessarily want to buy the kit again because you still have the case in good condition… That’s when they also offer a kit of two inserts.

Apart from its capacity, the vial has exactly the same positive and negative points.

Good-to-Go Refill

15mL bottle of Überlube
12.5mL travel pack vial

Unfortunately, I failed in my mission on this point and I haven’t been able to find the photos I took at the beginning of December of this box.

It’s nothing more and nothing less than very similar packaging to the other Good-to-Go kit, but with two 15mL inserts instead of one and a case.

The price is identical to the other kit, at $17.50🛒.

Note that it is not currently possible to fill an insert from a large bottle (even if only with a syringe or similar). Here again, the financial cost is less attractive than buying a large bottle. But also, it’s not the same need.

3.6mL vial

Vial of Überlube
Vial I put in my sports bag for training sessions

Unavailable for sale, this vial, like a perfume sample, means you can take it with you on the move and have one or two doses.

There’s no pump system here, instead gravity is used to extract the lubricant from the tube. Clearly, this is one of my least favourite types of packaging. I used it for sport, which I’ll talk about later. But you get it all over your fingers very quickly and it gets everywhere.

It’s a good thing this version isn’t on the market, because I wouldn’t recommend it.

2mL dose sachet

My first impression of this single-dose product is that it’s not very environmentally friendly. However, this single-dose pack is not for sale to the general public. Perhaps such packaging is necessary for health reasons if used in a medical setting.

However, when I received a parcel from a third-party order, I was given one of these sachets to test the sextoy with this lubricant. I’m not sure that’s enough to realise the value of Überlube. Still, it was a good thing to have included a dose of lubricant with the sextoy!

There’s not much more to say – there’s a pre-cut on the top edge so you can simply break off the packaging. Simply squeeze to extract the contents.

My impression of Überlube

As soon as I laid eyes on these products and started to use them, I loved them.

The design of the container, the crystal-clear content, the texture, the range of application. Everything won me over. It’s aesthetic, clean and simple.

Then there’s the use of the lubricant itself. We started with a 15ml bottle while we were out and about. Although I had a bit of trouble removing the plastic film that protects the pump actuator, it was easy to use afterwards.

All you had to do was press down on the pump to receive a dose, using one hand to place the product on the other. On application, I felt a really pleasant sensation, like a film being deposited, and the dose spread evenly. This then facilitated penetration, which was very gentle.

The only thing that was a bit annoying was the “click” when the pump was activated.

Other areas of application


“Athletes use it as an effective and long-lasting anti-irritation treatment.

I wanted to try it out and just as well, I had a practical case in mind.

Several times a week, I play a team sport with shorts and a shirt, but one of these shirts causes irritation to my nipples every time.

For an hour and a half, my nipples are in contact with this material and are repeatedly rubbed. I ended up with super-irritated nipples, which wasn’t a pleasant feeling at all. On another session, I took a vial of Überlube to see whether or not it would live up to its promise. So I lightly dabbed it on my nipples while I was alone in the changing room (I didn’t want to share this moment with my team-mates). In the end, after an hour and a half, I had absolutely no discomfort. Tested and approved!

A second use case could have been long walks in summer, in shorts… Except that in this case, it’s the middle of winter, so the result wouldn’t have been convincing.


I’m rather cautious. I wouldn’t say that Überlube doesn’t allow you to style your hair properly. It’s just that it’s not the field of application where I’d expect it to be, and I figure we’ve already got products designed for it.

It’s more like a bonus, an extra feature.

Would I put silicone in my hair to style my hair? I might try it, but on a day-to-day basis, I don’t think it would be good for my hair. What’s more, I have a hard enough time washing it (it gets to the bottom of my loins). I already spend half an hour on it, so if I have to use something other than my shampoo to first remove the silicone and then wash my hair, I’m not done yet!


If you’re used to silicone-based lubricants, you know that your best ally is soap.

Unlike water-based lubricants, water alone is powerless. Like when your fingers are full of oil when you’re making maki.

So, whatever the surface, whether it’s your body, one of the bottles or, oops, your shower floor, the soap will easily do the job and separate the lubricant from your body.

Scrub, rinse and you’re done.

Afterwards, there have also been times when we didn’t go to the shower straight after using it, exhausted by the rodeo… In the morning, there was nothing visible left of the lubricant. Unlike others who persisted.

As far as the sheets and clothes were concerned, I didn’t see anything definitive. As long as the lubricant is there, there’s an aureole indicating where the lubricant is, but it fades as it dries. There’s nothing left after machine washing.


Überlube is available on a number of websites. My preference, when I buy something, is to do so directly on the brand’s website.

As a reminder, you have the following options:

And the two discount codes for your order:

Honestly, there’s no need to use my code… Take the one that’s best for you and have a look at the Sex Ed With DB podcasts.

If we take the cheapest price (excluding discounts), this silicone-based lubricant costs $285 per litre. Still, it’s not the most expensive lube I’ve come across, and one I’ll be writing a review of.



  • Stylish, elegant glass bottle
  • High-quality lubricant
  • Easy to use
  • Pump system for one dose, so it won’t empty into the bed if you forget to recap it


  • Plastic seal difficult to remove
  • Makes noise when in use (click)
  • Very expensive
  • Not recommended for use with silicone toys

This review is biased in the sense that it’s only the second silicone-based lubricant that I’ve tested. The first was a musk-scented lubricant.

However, despite my lack of experience in this area, I’m convinced that Überlube is a valid lubricant. It’s easy to use, its effect is long-lasting, it applies a thin layer for better gliding… We’ve used it for both foreplay and vaginal or anal sex. However, for anal sex, it does not replace the preparation needed to avoid pain in the sphincter.

The negative points of this lubricant are either laughable (annoying plastic seal to remove on first use or noise during use) or linked to the composition of the toys and the lubricant itself. As far as the latter is concerned, one brand of sextoy, Love-not-war, may have found a solution with its neo-silicone.

But this is clearly the biggest negative for me. Not being able to use the lubricant for everything. Including toys. If they came out with a water-based version, with the same qualities, it would be extraordinary.

As you can see, I highly recommend Überlube.

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