Review of the FeelDaphne with Daphne Laat

I wasn’t lucky enough to get the FeelDaphne🛒 for its release in April 2023. I was disappointed, the people selected were only those based in the Netherlands. Dung of dung… Well, I could have bought it and reviewed it later, but I had other things on my mind at the time.

However, I was lucky enough to bump into Daphne Laat at the Xbiz Awards in Amsterdam in September 2023. We talked for a few minutes about her work with Kiiroo🦊. Today, I can introduce you to this new FeelStroker🦊 from the collaboration between porn star and camgirl Daphne Laat and Kiiroo.

Please note that this review contains only my personal, honest and unfiltered opinion. Kiiroo has provided me with a means of expressing myself on this sextoy by supplying it to me. In any case, my review is impartial.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
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Daphne Laat

For me, this new FeelStar was yet another discovery. Daphne Laat was born in the Netherlands in 1987. But she still moves around a lot and moved to Sweden in 2013 with her husband. It was he who pushed her to gain confidence and become what she is known for today.

She began her career in 2017 with ManyVids videos at the age of 30, but is also known as a camgirl. She will have starred in over two hundred productions in the space of a few years.

Unfortunately, I can’t say enough about this six-foot blonde… Whether it’s the type of scene she shoots or something else, but that may come later. Although not listed as an actress on the Orange Hub, you can find videos of her there.

Reception of the package

Packages sent by Kiiroo are discreet, so you don’t have to look guilty when you see your neighbour picking up the mail. Well, other neighbour, it could be a flatmate or your other half.

What makes a parcel discreet? It’s the usual brown-beige cardboard box with no distinguishing marks. Simple and effective.

The parcel arrived quickly at my home, from the Netherlands to France in less than a week. It was tracked via FedEx. I’m not saying it will be the same for you, but if you’re ordering from France, it’s a possibility. The FeelDaphne was accompanied by the Lumen🛒. This is an anal plug resulting from work between OhMyBod and Kiiroo. The review will be available soon, but it’s not ready yet.

FeelDaphne box set

Front side

Front side of the FeelDaphne package
Front side of the FeelDaphne box

The FeelStars’ product boxes all have a similar design. The FeelStar’s name is shown on the right-hand side, with the product name just below the FeelStar presenting her FeelStroker.

In this case, it’s Daphne Laat with her FeelStroker on her hips. She is wearing royal blue lingerie with little pink bows. Violet shades with a pink gradient are chosen for this set.

This version of the FeelDaphne is a penis masturbator with a representation of Daphne’s private parts.

Right side

Right side of the FeelDaphne package
Right side of the FeelDaphne box

At first glance, I’m rather surprised by the textures shown on the vertical section. Apart from the very first line, which seems of less interest, the others catch my interest. I’ve never tried a penis masturbator with such textures. These zigzags and rectangular prominences have a length that acts as a brake on the progression of the penis. I can only dream. There’s also the question of the upper part with the rings. Unfortunately, I know I won’t be able to go that far as I’m not big enough, but never mind.

The lower part of the box features the FeelDaphne, a faithful reproduction of the Dutch beauty’s private parts. Rather generous labia, revealing the inside of the vagina, or rather the sleeve. The clitoris is slightly exposed, protected by its bonnet… And the signature on the right-hand side.

What you see here is nothing less than a life-size representation of Daphne Laat’s private parts. Of course, if I had to point it out, her vagina doesn’t actually have these textures. The experience that Kiiroo and Daphne want you to have is a unique one. It’s an interpretation of what it would feel like to vaginally penetrate the FeelStar.

Back side

Back side of the FeelDaphne package
Back side of the FeelDaphne box

If you’ve bought other products from Kiiroo before, you’ll be familiar with the product description in various languages. And if you have another FeelStroker from FeelStar, the description is identical. Except for the name of the FeelStar.

Quite frankly, it’s of less interest to me. Occasionally, though, hints of new products creep in.

Left side

Left side of the FeelDaphne package
Left side of the FeelDaphne package

This is the last FeelStroker that is not compatible with the PowerBlow🦊. For this reason, it is presented alone with the Keon🛒. Seen in this light, the FeelDaphne looks completely innocent, unremarkable and like a big black torch. That’s clearly something I like about FeelStrokers. They can sit on your desk without anyone suspecting what’s going on. However, it’s hard to tell them apart without opening them.

FeelDaphne appearance

The FeelDaphne is therefore, as mentioned before, a large piece of black plastic (ABS🦊) weighing around 800 grams and measuring 22 centimetres in height. But this is only the visible side.

Inside is a soft TPE🦊 sleeve. My first impression was that of bare skin, albeit cold for the time of year. When I put it to my nose, the TPE gave off a slight odour, but it wasn’t unpleasant. The material is soft and elastic, and feels great.

The liner is also protected on the inside by a serrated plastic tube. I contacted the support to find out what its purpose was. I was told it was a test. A way of finding out if it prevented the sleeves from deforming during storage and transport. Once the FeelStroker is in your hands, you can get rid of it.

FeelDaphne’s textures

FeelDaphne internal textures
Internal textures of FeelDaphne visible through the cross-section of the sheath.

There are three separate rooms, past the entrance, but the first two are identical.

There’s a W-shaped texture that runs all the way around the inside of the shaft, at four heights, and then gives way to prominent squares. As I said before, I find the whole thing rather stimulating, although the gap between the top and bottom of the textures seems high to me. In other words, the textures can be very stimulating but the sleeve is not very tight.

The third chamber is made up of rings like those found in other FeelStrokers. As interesting as that sounds, if your penis is less than 18 centimetres long, this isn’t for you.


Full dismantled FeelDaphne
Full dismantled FeelDaphne

There’s no need to dismantle the FeelDaphne to this extent before cleaning it. However, when completely disassembled, you will have four ABS parts and one TPE part.

Normally, the TPE part will be the most important to clean. On the other hand, you may have a little lubricant on the casing.

Make sure you clean the hose after use. Not the next day, not a week or a year later as I read on some subreddits. For pity’s sake, clean it right afterwards… And if you haven’t used it for a while, clean it first too.

TPE is a fantastic material in terms of feel. It gives you sensations that are very close to reality, but it’s a porous material. In other words, this material is made up of micro-holes in which bacteria and mould can grow. Finally, if you clean and dry the sleeve incorrectly.

To clean it, remove the sleeve from its black casing and run it under warm water. If necessary, position the side with the lips at the level of your tap. This way, the pressure of the water (and lack of deep texture of the sleeve) will do most of the cleaning. The aim is to remove any fluid inside, whether lubricant or semen. You can also use a mild soap and your fingers to make sure you clean every part of the sleeve.

Once you’ve finished cleaning, move on to drying using a lint-free cloth. You can also use a diatomite stick.


As with all FeelStrokers, compatibility with the Keon is possible. This is a way of using the sleeves interactively, with remote control, whether via video/script or a third party. The speed and amplitude of movements can be managed.

However, the FeedDaphne can also be used manually on its own. After removing the main cap, you can place a generous dose of water-based lubricant inside the sleeve. Don’t forget to lubricate your member too. A water-based lubricant🦊 is highly recommended, and a silicone🦊-based lubricant should be avoided. This second type of lubricant will break down the TPE material of your sleeve.

Once your member and the FeelDaphne are ready, all you have to do is hold it in your hand.

Using a penis masturbator is like using your hand. However, in this case, you won’t be able to squeeze more or less and it’s the textures inside that do the work.

However, the top cap also helps to manage the evacuation of air inside the sleeve (and also to fill it with air) when moving back and forth. If you opt for an extra rubber seal (or less easily with your fingers), you can manage extra suction force.

What’s more, you can control the angle of penetration and the speed and depth of the movements.

First impressions

Despite other reviews I’ve read, the FeelDaphne’s textures really seemed to me to be a good contender to enter my top three. However, having held it in my hand, I found it too empty inside.

Contrary to what is shown in the cross-section, you can see without worry a continuous tunnel where the textures are only slightly in relief and therefore not very stimulating.

It’s not at the level that the FeelRae🛒 should offer, but all the same. I can’t deny that the textures are there, but they’re barely raised. In fact, the stimulation is neither present in terms of the narrowness of the sleeve, nor present in terms of the textures, which pale into insignificance.

And don’t do it at home, the risk of the TPE breaking is too great, so I turned the sleeve inside out. I would have preferred to take photos with a probe, but I don’t have one. Anyway, that’s when I realised why I felt so little.

I wouldn’t recommend using this method at all, but given how little the sheath felt, I wanted to turn it inside out to find out.

Then you’ll see a difference between the “internal” textures and the flipped ones. They are not, as I show them here, exact. But in places I have barely any relief and at best two millimetres. That’s too little to have any real braking action, as I thought.

For me, the textures are well thought out and really interesting. However, they should have been more pronounced in the sleeve, they’re poorly done.

After that, it’s possible that it was Kiiroo’s choice. They wanted to offer a sleeve suitable for people with larger limbs who need less stimulation.


The FeelDaphne🛒 has been available since 20 April 2023. You can buy it from the Kiiroo shop for €73.

Of course, the price may be lower during sales, or if you use the “PapaRenard” coupon at checkout. This will allow you to save 10% on your entire basket.

The FeelDaphne will be just €65.70.


Points positifs

  • Dries better than other FeelStrokers
  • Discret

Points négatifs

  • Textures too short
  • Too empty on the inside
  • Not very stimulating

Unfortunately, the FeelDaphne was very interesting on paper, but it didn’t live up to its promises. Or at least not what was suggested to me. Yes, it’s a mould made from Daphne Laat’s private parts. Yes, these are the textures she chose, with Kiiroo, to create a unique experience.

However, on the box, these textures looked promising. But when I use it, I can’t feel the textures and I’m disappointed.

Clearly, this is a product for which I would have liked some feedback before it went on sale. To ask them to pronounce the internal textures a bit more. I feel like I’ve missed out on something that could have been great.

Daphne, I’m sorry but I’m sure this FeelStroker could have done so much more to represent you. To know what it would feel like to be you.

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