Review of the Alla : tentacled dildo

Nothosaur🦊 had launched the Alla for Valentine’s Day 2023, and this new product clearly caught my eye. I was initially interested in the Abyss II because of its tentacular appearance. However, the Alla eclipsed it from my thoughts in a flash.

Two weeks after placing my order, I received this toy. However, between receiving it and using it, it took me three months… Because of a badly sprained wrist… Anyway, today I can finally give you my feedback on my second purchase from Nothosaur.

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I can’t say it’s a habit. Apart from the Alla, I have only received one other order from this brand. However, from my own experience and what I’ve seen on the networks, the parcels were wrapped in an unsightly grey plastic. So today, I’m pleased that this wasn’t the case when I received this parcel.

Package received from Nothosaur
Package received from Nothosaur, without a plastic film this time.

It’s completely discreet, with no mention of what might be in the parcel. Well, almost. Only on the postage label where the notion of Nothosaur is present (but what could be more normal?).

Inside, you’ll find our new companion protected by bubble wrap, along with a host of goodies.

Package contents

Inside the Alla package
The Alla came with a lot of goodies !

Alla was present in the black vacuum-packed plastic pouch you can see. There was also a fabric bag with a dragon on it, which I use to store the tentacle. Why should I do that? Just to keep it out of sight, away from dust, light but it’s ok to store it with other silicone🦊 toys.
As for the goodies, there are two postcard-sized artworks depicting inhabitants of the Nothosaur lores. There are also five stickers featuring Nothosaur toys. Finally, there’s a magnet for the fridge and a keyring.

When I placed the order, there was a choice between the firmness of the silicone, ‘soft’ or ‘medium’. Having had a bad experience with the firmness of the Hundoo🦊… The choice was simple, I went for the “soft” option. I absolutely wanted to avoid it being unpleasant to insert and remove.
I didn’t have a choice of size though. At the time there was only the L size of some 60 centimetres. Now there are XS, S and M for 30, 45 and 56 centimetres, bold and the legendary XL.
For more information on sizes and diameters, check out this table from Nothosaur:

Chart size for the Alla
Comparative size of the differents Alla version available

This can help you avoid ending up with an oversized toy. Because in the end, a toy that’s too thick or too long for what you can “take” can be a disappointment.


The advice given in the illustrations on the Nothosaur website is pretty good. I can only advise you to read them to learn how to look after your toys properly. Especially if you’re not used to it.

Here are the main points to bear in mind, whether before using them for the first time or after playing with them.
First of all, it’s not TPE🦊 but silicone. For me, that’s a relief.

After that, if you see a TPE dildo… Avoid it like the plague. Silicone is not porous. It’s much easier to clean and sterilise without worrying about mould or bacteria.
Use a mild cleaning product to disinfect your toy, the most basic product being warm water and soap. You’ll probably also find sprays, for example, that you can spray all over the toy. After that, with the Alla, it’s a lot of surface!

The aim is to clean every fold, every nook and cranny with great care. It’s vital to avoid the proliferation of bacteria that could make you ill later on.

Then, of course, you’ll need to dry it, either using a lint-free cloth, or in the open air… As far as this sextoy is concerned, I think it makes a nice garland if you hang it from the ceiling… Well, as long as you’re the only one who can appreciate it.

On a regular basis, you can even put your Alla in the saucepan from time to time. This will ensure that any remaining bacteria are boiled off and your toy is disinfected.

Finally, it should be stored in its little woven fabric pouch.


Prior preparation

So, at this stage, if you haven’t already done so, you can give your sextoy a little bath in warm water. While you’re at it, clean it too, even if it’s the first time you’ve used it. The idea behind giving it a bath is to bring it up to your body temperature. Believe me, it’ll be all the more pleasant. Even if, in the end, it warms up very quickly inside too.

In the meantime, depending on how you want to use it, it may be useful to clean you from the inside too. For vaginal use, no problem. But given the length, I’d advise you to prepare yourself properly for anal use. This will avoid any nasty surprises while you’re out playing.

Dry use of a sextoy is not recommended, especially for the Alla, whether for vaginal or anal use. At best, the experience would be less pleasant, at worst you could injure yourself.

Use a quality lubricant🦊. This will prevent it from drying out too quickly or the texture from being too sticky or unpleasant. Similarly, use a water-based lubricant.

You should avoid silicone-based lubricants. The reason for this is that it runs a high risk of permanently damaging your toy.

As a general rule, you should also avoid vegetable oils, which can be a source of infection.

The Alla in soft is quite flexible
The Alla in soft version is quite flexible

Some difficulties in handling it

As you can see, I tested the soft version. It’s not a good idea to lubricate it from base to tip. That’s 60cm on this model, which is a lot of lubricant. It might even dry out before you get to use it. Then, to get a good grip, the lubricant makes things more complicated.

For me, the problem is a combination of the flexibility of this toy and its very long length. And perhaps my inexperience in handling such sex toys. The toy literally slipped through my hands and I sweated to insert it correctly.

My suggestion is to take it one step at a time. One section at a time, lubricating as you go. I’d also advise you to take your time. Don’t force anything, listen to your body and avoid injuring yourself unnecessarily.

The soft version of the Alla that I have gave me a hard time. How do you insert it as you go along while keeping inside what has managed to get in?

The problem was that this rascal would take the slightest excuse to run off… I had to start all over again with the whole thing lubricated and therefore very slippery.

The start of a solution?

I haven’t found a miracle technique and it’s a challenge. Having said that, leaning on the suction cups to progress seems to be the best way. That’s what enabled me to make the best progress until I was halfway inserted, i.e. about 30cm. Beyond that, it was blocked so I didn’t want to force it.

As you can see in the ‘Cleaning‘🦊 section, the main suction cup holds the dildo firmly. Even though the aim is not to hang it from the ceiling as I did… You can anchor it firmly to the floor of the room you’re in. Or on the base of your bath or the tiles around it.


Abyss II has aesthetic suction cups, reminiscent of the shape but without the functionality. This is not the case with the Alla; each suction cup is functional and will apply its own pressure to the surfaces it encounters… But let’s take a closer look.


Under the base, where the Alla rests, the shape is curved to give the sextoy a suction cup effect. Whether you’re putting it on your bath, tiles, the floor, a chair (or even in a swimming pool?)… The suction cup is powerful enough to hold properly while exerting traction on the product.
You’ve seen it hold on to the ceiling despite the weight of the Alla. Take my word for it, it can also lift a stool. Although, let’s be serious for two minutes, that’s not the use case you’ll be buying this sextoy for.

What I’m trying to say is that the suction cup is pretty powerful, even if it’s easy to remove. It can be used on different surfaces and can also be used hands-free. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself here, and it would only be on the firmer version.

The foot of the Alla itself reminds me of an elephant’s foot. This is where you’ll find the Nothosaur logo.

However, I’d like to point out that from a safety point of view, there’s nothing to stop the sextoy being inserted completely.

There’s no wide base (even if it’s flared) so you don’t have to worry about getting it out… But you’d still have to put up with those 60 centimetres. Still, on smaller and mini models, this can be a problem.


A few centimetres beyond this foot are two rows of prominent suckers. They are large at the base and taper down to the head.

I repeat, each suction cup here is functional and can apply suction independently of the others. This provides additional stimulation during the movements you make.


Finally, Alla finishes its spiral body with a tapered head for smooth insertion. I like the profile they’ve given this part.


As standard, Alla can be ordered in four different colours, two “standard” and two with the “glow in the dark” option.

For the Parasitism version I’ve chosen, here’s what it looks like

It glows in the dark
Parasitism (as for Redemption) are glowing in the dark !

Clearly, I fell for this colour because it reminded me of the game ‘Day of the Tentacle’. I couldn’t help it, well done Nothosaur!

And the phosphorescent effect is an undeniable plus, adding a nice touch when you’re playing without light.

And if these colours aren’t enough for you, Nothosaur sometimes lets you choose your own colours. Find out more here.


Although it took far too long for the review of this sextoy to be published… But fortunately my wrist feels much better 4 months later…

Alla has been available since Valentine’s Day 2023, on 14 February, for prices ranging from $79 to $379.
I remember placing the order in euros, and that the price in the shop was in euros… But this is something that has disappeared from their site.

In any case, if you use the “PapaRenard10” coupon, you’ll get 10% off your order.



  • Tentacle toy
  • Different lengths
  • Glows in the dark
  • The suction cups add an undeniable plus.


  • Too soft for me
  • Difficult to insert

I was won over by the Alla at first sight, and it hasn’t failed to live up to its promises.

I’ll come back to this one last time: the great flexibility of this toy makes it more difficult to use and requires more effort. However, I’m the one and only one responsible, I had the choice between more flexibility or more firmness.
Apart from this one concern, it was a real pleasure to play with the Alla.

It accompanied me over long sessions (for which the preparation was also long). It’s clearly my favourite toy for anal use.

It eclipses the Lovense🦊 Edge2, which I’ve never been able to adjust properly to achieve a prostatic orgasm. The same goes for anal chains and the Kiiroo🦊 dildo… The review for which is not yet on my blog.

In other words, I’d definitely recommend this sextoy, and you should add it to your collection if you’re a fan of tentacles.

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