Review of the PowerBlow

PowerBlow‘s suction technology turns your favorite stroker into the ultimate blowjob machine. Quick to attach to compatible strokers, including FeelSensation🦊 and FeelVictoria Mouth🦊, for a mind-blowing session.

With these words, we can finally discover the PowerBlow! I received a new product from Kiiroo🦊 at the end of May.
The version of the PowerBlow I have may be slightly different from the one you’ll get. Reason is that I got a non-final version (testing unit). Since then there’s been some firmware update.

I freely admit that when I first got my hands on the PowerBlow, I experienced a fundamental surprise. I didn’t know what to expect, as the visuals on the latest FeelStroker🦊 weren’t the most explicit, and information wasn’t available elsewhere.

In mid-May, Kiiroo Connect Discord users sought info on the PowerBlow, teased by FeelKayley🦊 on May 4. A product page on Kiiroo’s site allowed signing up for updates. However, I have not yet received any communication.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
To find out more, click here🦊.

PowerBlow by Kiiroo

The Keon lacks some features: can’t rotate FeelStroker sideways, adjust sheath compression. PowerBlow lets you vary pressure in FeelStroker or compatible masturbator.

The idea behind this new feature is to simulate the suction and resulting variations. Like when your member is in the hot, wet mouth of someone giving you a good blow job. But the PowerBlow don’t provide the hot wet environment.

The PowerBlow is crucial. Without it, adjusting pressure with FeelStroker’s cap is limited. The cap isn’t waterproof or effective. Attempting to plug air holes somewhat works. It’s not ideal. Creating a draft, a vacuum, while moving back and forth somewhat improves the experience. But, there’s room for enhancement

It’s worth noting that I’ve mentioned the Keon, but the PowerBlow can be used on its own like a big boy. All it needs is your favourite FeelStroker and you’ll be able to enjoy a good session in its company.

However, there’s good news due to the carefully thought-out design. The FeelStroker combined with the PowerBlow can be assembled or disassembled with the Keon at any time. This is possible because the entire unit neatly fits into the Keon’s ducting.

With this new product, Kiiroo is once again trying to give us an experience as close as possible to what we can experience for real. But will the PowerBlow give me the same pleasure as when I receive this much appreciated treat from my wife?


Front side

PowerBlow front package
Front side of the PowerBlow box

When I received the PowerBlow, it came as quite a surprise.
“Is it as small as that?” was my first reaction. Well, it’s not necessarily embarrassing… But even so I didn’t know what to expect, I was expecting something bigger, or different. I didn’t really understand the visual present on the FeelStroker since the FeelKayley. Still, I was expecting something longer… Is that a bad thing? Well, no. If it’s compact, it takes up less space, doesn’t it? So it’s easier to carry when you’re travelling. The Keon takes up a lot of space in a suitcase!

As usual, the first side of the Kiiroo product box gives you an idea of the product you’re about to unpack.
We have a black, pear-shaped object with the Kiiroo logo at the bottom. Two buttons to increase or decrease the pressure. Well, releasing the pressure or, on the contrary, creating a vacuum. I can also see an LED strip with a light blue glow that goes all the way round the device.

What’s more, the presence of a Bluetooth logo leaves little to the imagination when it comes to the way it communicates.

Right side

PowerBlow right package
Right side of the PowerBlow box

The next side has just four written words. Should I have said a Logo and two words ? In a flared form “Power Blow”. And then… the promise of reimagined blowjob.

If it’s like when I prepare a dish with a revisited recipe… We’ve got a lot to worry about.

Back side

Powerblow back package
Back side of the PowerBlow box

The back of the box mentions, in 7 different languages, what I mentioned at the very beginning of this review.

However, I wonder why there are differences between the languages. From what I understand, in English, German and Russian, there is mention of FeelSensation and FeelVictoria Mouth. The other languages… no.

In any case, there’s mention of a FeelSensation which, to this day, is still not available on the Kiiroo shop. Is this a new ‘Mouth’ FeelStroker? Well, we had the ‘standard’ FeelStroker moulded to represent a vagina, a FeelButt🦊 to reproduce an anus… All that’s missing is a FeelStroker Mouth.

Left side

PowerBlow left package
Left side of the Powerblow box

The last side is the most explicit and the most interesting in my opinion. Quite simply because it shows you how to use it. How to connect the PowerBlow to the FeelStroker via a screw thread AND a seal.

The most attentive of you will have recognised that this is the FeelVictoria Mouth. I presented it to you on 16 June. It serves as a model for connection to the PowerBlow.

Some very interesting information: the PowerBlow, via the FeelConnect application, will be interactive with video games. In addition to videos, webcam models, your partner’s toy…

We’ll go into more detail about FeelConnect in a section dedicated to the application. Updating firmware, pairing with the Keon, control via the app, synchronisation with another toy…

What’s in the pack

What's inside the package
There is a lot of stuff inside this box !

While it’s easy to take stock of what’s inside a FeelStroker box… Basically, the FeelStroker… There’s a lot more to say for the PowerBlow.

Firstly, there’s the PowerBlow itself, but there are also a number of accessories.
I’m going to start with the little foam ring. Don’t throw it away thinking it’s just a piece of protection… I found out later, much to the dismay of a technician at Kiiroo (hello Antonio).

This foam ring is in fact a spare part. So if you have a problem with the other one already in place in the PowerBlow.

If you turn it over, unscrew the central part then turn it over, you’ll see that there’s already a little foam in it. I’m not an engineer, so I don’t know what it’s really for… Well, I’m not that kind of engineer. But the part you’ve just removed is the one that distributes the suction flow throughout the stroker. Here’s the proof in the next image.

Dismantling the PowerBlow
How to dismantle the PowerBlow

You’ll also get a rubber gasket and a hollow cup. I’ll explain how to use them later.

Kiiroo is no exception to the rule and we’re sticking with ABS🦊 for the product’s materials. This makes it fairly sturdy, although I wouldn’t advise you to drop it…

Then there are two other items, the quick start guide and the PowerBlow manual.

Quick start guide

This is a document about the size of the box but in three folded sections. The first indicates just what this document is. The next shows the colour code for PowerBlow charging. So from critical flashing red to yellow to dark green. The last one explains how to install the PowerBlow on a FeelStroker.

The back of the document explains how to switch the device on and off and how to change modes. Potentially, I hadn’t slept well or wasn’t just receptive… But I found it extremely difficult to understand these different modes. And how to recognise them, even though they are indicated… So for me it lacked clarity.

Perhaps the lack of clarity was due to the lack of colour indicated for manual mode… but we’ll come back to that later.

From what I remember

To switch on the PowerBlow, you need to hold down the On/Off button for 4 seconds. At this point, it will start flashing dark blue. This is the signal that it is waiting for a connection to another device. This device could be FeelConnect. Once the connection is successful, it stops flashing and retains its colour.

Pressing it for a further second switches it to automatic mode and the LED strip turns sky blue. You can then choose the suction strength you want and then release or increase it.

Finally, pressing the button for a further second takes you back to automatic mode. A pale pink colour symbolises this. Here, the PowerBlow will follow its own pattern… then you can return to the previous modes.

Note that at any time, a simple click on the On/Off button will switch the device to pause mode. It then flashes a violet light.

And for those who, like me, are worried about the PowerBlow switching to vacuum mode when it’s switched off. Finally, when you click on the On/Off button, it seems perfectly normal… I don’t understand why, and I’d go so far as to say that it’s more of a bug than a feature, but that’s the way it is.

Information on other products

The other document is an advertisement for various services. I don’t think it’s all rubbish.

They present future compatibility with FeelMe AI. There’s a visual of the paywall sites, and FeelXVideo. Don’t forget the last one because there’s a coupon for 30 days free. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t like this site, it’s badly designed…

Now that we’ve finished looking at the contents of this box, let’s move on to the assembly with a FeelStroker.

Assembling the Power Blow on a FeelStroker

Compatibility concerns

Not all FeelStrokers are compatible with the PowerBlow .
The FeelStroker casing has not changed since the FeelButt. The problem is not related to the compatibility of the FeelStroker casing. On the contrary, it has to do with the casing itself, as shown in the image.

How to check if your sleeve is compatible
There is now more material, more contact between the sheath and the case.

In this photo, you can see that the way in which the sleeve is held in the casing has evolved.

All along, we had raised grooves and a hollow shape on the outside. Now we have a solid shape that fits perfectly around the cut of the PowerBlow. There’s no room for air to escape, so vacuum bagging is as efficient and airtight as possible.

List of compatible models

In fact, there are only a few FeelStroker models compatible with the PowerBlow at the moment and here they are :

All current compatible sleeves known
If you’re looking for a designer, don’t hesitate to… Well, I’m out.

The publication rhythm seems to be four to six weeks for the arrival of a new product. That’s what I’ve seen over the past year.

We can therefore estimate that FeelSensation will arrive around the end of July. Possibly, another will arrive in late August to mid-September.

It’s a shame that the old strokers from your favourite FeelStars aren’t compatible. Perhaps they’ll offer a compatible FeelStroker [Butt/Mouth] in the future? Or perhaps an upgrade of their best seller? It seems that the FeelRae is one of their best-selling strokers…

Are they really incompatible?

What happens if you try it anyway? Will the PowerBlow explode?

Well no, fortunately not…
However, from the tests I’ve done, I can see two reasons not to do it.

The sheaths aren’t made for it. Unfortunately, the pressure will be released as soon as the PowerBlow is no longer in suction mode.

The real reason is that it’s going to suck your sheath into its box, little by little… And that’s much more annoying. Because you have to stop everything, and it can also damage it.

After that, if you have another penis masturbator with the same thread size, give it a try. Make your own experiment. There’s nothing to stop you trying to install the PowerBlow and make up your own mind.

It’s possible that by testing a reasonable suction force, it will be more suitable.

How do I assemble it?

I’ve tried something… I’ve made a video to show how to assemble the PowerBlow with the FeelVictoria Mouth.

Assembly is simple. However, this will probably be your first complete disassembly of a FeelStroker. My advice: don’t be afraid to push.

First of all, you need to remove the main cap that prevents the mouth of the Latin beauty from collecting dust. Next, remove the sheath itself from the casing.

Once this is done, remove the ring that holds the sheath in place. This allows you to position the cutter correctly inside. You can then replace the ring and then the sheath.

Now all you have to do is unscrew the cap used to vary the pressure, add the rubber seal and screw on the PowerBlow… And that’s it.

PowerBlow assembled with FeelVictoria Mouth
PowerBlow is now paired with the FeelVictoria Mouth.

All you have to do is press the PowerBlow On/Off button. Hold the button for four seconds and it will start flashing a deep blue. This is its sign that it’s just waiting to be connected to FeelConnect or an online service…


With the FeelConnect app

You don’t have to use the PowerBlow with the FeelConnect App. However, at least the first time, I’d advise you to have a quick look. This will allow you to update your PowerBlow’s firmware and carry out the minimum configuration.
It’s not compulsory, but recommended.

I don’t know how much the PowerBlow will be charged when you plug it in for the first time. It took me about 2h30 to go from 0 to 100%… in theory.

In any case, below 50%, it won’t be possible to update the PowerBlow’s firmware. So take a little time to charge it.

While your toy is charging, download or update the FeelConnect app. Once the PowerBlow is at maximum autonomy, unplug it and it should be detectable from Bluetooth. Now you should be able to update the firmware safely.

Configuration with FeelConnect

From memory, I had it in version 27.0. At the time of writing, it suggested that I update from version 29.0 to version 30.0.
This took less than 4 minutes. During this time, the PowerBlow was flashing all over the place. So I assume that it is perfectly normal. So my advice should be to not worry about and don’t try to disconnect it while it’s being updated. Unfortunately, I ended up with a failure screen with an error that was itself in error. The error code and reason were not displayed.

A quick question from me: I don’t know whether the 100% displayed was real or not. The LED circle was a fixed dark green and the application was displaying 100%. But I dropped to 74% following the firmware update. I then put it back on charge. Surprisingly, it only took a few minutes for it to be solid dark green. But once I’d reconnected it to the app, it was only 86% charged.

There’s certainly room for improvement here, so don’t hesitate to let it charge for longer than it seems to require.

It’s still very simple to configure your PowerBlow. Still here’s the sequence of screens I went through to add and configure it to the FeelConnect application.

And that’s it, your PowerBlow is up to date with the latest version available!

From here, you can interact with the PowerBlow in various ways, and access the manual if you need to (10 explanatory screens, but I’m not going to reproduce them here otherwise the page will take too long to load 😅 )

If you click at the bottom left of the FeelConnect menu, you’ll access the PowerBlow control settings from the application.
There are four options.

Control pannel in FeelConnect
Various PowerBlow control options

Touch control

Simply press the Play button and use the arrows to increase or decrease the vacuum created by the PowerBlow .

You can activate an Auto mode and also interact directly via the gauge on the right.

Touch control from FeelConnect
Modify the PowerBlow’s suction power by touch

Record pattern

Here you can select various parameters. There’s the suction power, the duration of suction, the vacuum retention time and the pause time between two suctions.
I tested it… But apart from making a simple loop on a selection of 4 data points, the pattern doesn’t allow for any variation. Or even to make things a little less monotonous. So either I haven’t understood all the possibilities of this tool, or it’s too limited.

Recording new pattern for the PowerBlow from FeelConnect
You can create your own pattern and play it over and over again.

Clap control

If you speak, sing, clap your hands… well, as soon as the decibel level exceeds the red bar that you can move yourself using the up and down buttons, in theory the PowerBlow should do something… but it doesn’t.
Afterward, an audio spectrum appears when the Off button is displayed instead of the On button. However, the On button doesn’t detect anything, so there seems to be an issue. The interface might need to be reworked, but integrating this mode would be a significant improvement.

Clap control from FeelConnect
PowerBlow control based on ambient noise

Device to device

At last, something interesting: the possibility of linking it to the Keon!

Bad way to match Keon to PowerBlow
How can you not associate the PowerBlow with the Keon… Quite frankly, Kiiroo should disable this option for the Powerblow.

Well, no… As Gandalf so aptly put it: “Fly, you fools!

You absolutely must not pair your PowerBlow to the Keon in this way!

It simply won’t work. Why this is allowed remains to be seen.
In any case, it’s explained in the manual (which you’ll probably read): “You must not connect the Kiiroo and the Keon in manual mode, but pair them together.”

So how do you pair it with the Keon?

Well, that’s done from the PowerBlow menu in FeelConnect

Once you’ve paired up, you’ll see that in the Touch Control section, you’ll be able to manage your Keon on one screen and your PowerBlow on another.

What’s more, if you use an interactive video site via FeelConnect, your two devices will both be interacting with your video!

After that, I didn’t really notice that there was a specific track for the PowerBlow , so the rendering isn’t necessarily optimal from FeelXVideo or Pornhub.

That said, the simultaneous action of the Keon and PowerBlow is a truly stimulating experience, and I’ll talk about it later because I’m just bursting at the seams 🙂

With a FeelStar stroker

The PowerBlow can be used with a FeelStar in either hands-free or hands-free mode.
There is the interactive mode, coloured dark blue, where the PowerBlow acts as it pleases and therefore in hands-free mode, or at least according to what the synchronised video sends it as information, and this mode will require a Bluetooth connection provided by FeelConnect or by your telephone/computer.
There’s the manual mode, in sky blue, where you can remove more or less air, and create more or less vacuum, as you wish, using the two arrow-shaped buttons. Clearly, you’ve got the power here, and you can do as you please… And the suction power is pretty awesome. See for yourself in the short video I’ve put together.

The automatic mode will set up a simple suction pattern over a certain period of time, keeping the pressure on for a while and then releasing it before taking a break.

Here’s an idea of what the automatic mode will look like with the Kiiroo dildo.

Apart from this noise, you’ll realise that the PowerBlow inevitably generates some noise when vacuuming, but in the end, it’s not as disturbing as you’d think.

With the Keon

With the Keon, preferably paired, you’ll have the ultimate hands-free experience to enjoy your favourite pipe scene. As well as managing the suction via the PowerBlow , you’ll have synchronisation on a deep throat or a specific rhythm on the return strokes that can go from the lips to the glottis of the model on the video… or more if you like.

Powerblow on the FeelVictoria Mouth plus the Keon
The combo Keon + PowerBlow + FeelVictoria Mouth. Be ready for it.

It’s like having a V2 from the Keon to give you even more stimulation, but to do this you need to find the right setting, the right suction force from the PowerBlow .

Learning curve

If you go all out, you’ll have too much stimulation and, as far as I’m concerned, that can prevent me from getting the pleasure I was looking for, just as I experienced the first few times with the FeelKayley.

Not enough pressure and you’ll just get a noise when you suck without really adding any extra benefit.

In my opinion (and that’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it? To get my opinion?), there’s a learning curve with the PowerBlow that you won’t get with a bare FeelStroker, but which was already there with the Keon in manual mode.

It’s worth noting that on several occasions, at maximum suction (100%), I found myself moving at the base of my penis and as I tried to move upwards, I heard a certain noise (reminiscent of gas escaping from the colon)… As far as I’m concerned, this was rather unpleasant and at the time it stopped me in my tracks, even taking me out of the moment when I was just enjoying the action.

At the same time, the PowerBlow was actively suctioning the remaining air, and as I pushed it in the opposite direction, the pressure was unexpectedly strong. While this can be easily explained, I wasn’t anticipating such force.

Is this something that can be fixed by modifying the sheath or the PowerBlow ? I don’t know… but having experienced it, I’ll share it with you.

Where does fit into all this?

Regrettably, during my test, did not recognize the PowerBlow. But at that time, it had not been made public yet. Consequently, using it in Bluetooth mode outside of FeelConnect was not possible. This means I couldn’t enjoy it on sites like the now-defunct,, or simply I will have to retest later to check if compatibility will be supported in the future!

I personally prefer the integration of computer support within a browser tab over tying my phone to FeelConnect for achieving the desired interactivity.


Strangely enough, I anticipated a potentially messy outcome. Envisioning fluids needing to be cleaned all over the PowerBlow. Including the risk of reaching the foam with a bit of bad luck. However, this wasn’t the case. I attribute this to the construction of the FeelVictoria Mouth. It prevents fluids from sliding or being sucked all the way up the sheath and then straight out.

However, this observation needs confirmation with other FeelStrokers.

Regardless, exercise caution when cleaning the PowerBlow. It’s not waterproof, and immersing it in water is not allowed.

Kiiroo, in its manual on the FeelConnect App, advises us to use a damp cloth after each use and I agree with them, but I would point out that, as with any other sextoy cleaning, you should use a lint-free cloth. This will prevent you from ending up with a whole bunch of micro-fibres in the PowerBlow without being able to remove them and therefore losing suction capacity (well, that’s just conjecture!).

In any case, so far, cleaning has turned out to be extremely simple, so that’s great!


Today, 11 July 2023, Kiiroo has launched the PowerBlow and is making it available from its online and physical shops.

For 64€ (or 57.60€ using the coupon “PapaRenard” which will save you 10%), it’s yours.


Whether used standalone with a FeelStroker, as an add-on to the Keon or via control from the FeelConnect app, the PowerBlow delivers a unique experience. It’s an undeniable plus. And everyone can stick their own definition behind ‘reimagining blowjob’. But it clearly performs its job well. Using a well-lubricated FeelStroker or one that has been warmed up just beforehand turns it into a great adventure.

But is it any better than what my wife offers… not really.
The main difference is that my wife doesn’t make as many noises while she’s giving me fellatio… And even fewer fart noises on a deep throat.

A few concessions to make

Unfortunately, various disturbances can affect my ability to enjoy a solitary session or engage in intimate moments with someone else. Distractions such as the noise from construction equipment next door, the cat meowing and scratching at the door, or our daughters squabbling upstairs can interrupt everything. Despite the PowerBlow generating noise each time it creates an air gap, I can eventually overcome it, even if it might drown out the sound of the video. However, dealing with the extra noise during the suction phase and upward movement proves to be more complicated.

For those unfazed, close your eyes; PowerBlow can intensify orgasms beyond Keon’s, a great ally. As for others, uncertain. Using Sennheiser headphones for years, comfy but don’t isolate sound. Haven’t tried in-ear; might bring a different experience.

There’s also this notion of a learning curve where you have to find out what the right suction power is for you, which will take a little time and a few tries before you find what suits you best (which is why, by default, you’ll have a power setting of 60%).

Perhaps my excitement for the PowerBlow, teased two months before its release, got the best of me – a bit too early, reminiscent of the hype around Cyberpunk 2077. In the end, I had set high expectations and found myself somewhat uncompromising. However, the device is good and intriguing.

Areas for improvement

I think we’ve achieved what we set out to do, but we need to make the PowerBlow quieter and give FeelConnect a bit of a facelift to get the best out of it.

Maybe even have sites that allow you to manage two tracks, one for the Keon and the other for the PowerBlow … Or maybe FeelMe Ai will manage this natively before long.

In any case, having been able to test this PowerBlow in a trial version and give feedback to the Kiiroo teams was a really interesting experience that I’ve had for the second time and which I really enjoy. I am motivated by the knowledge that my feedback can contribute to improving the finished product. I hope to remain actively involved at this stage of the process.

Maybe in a future review, I’ll have the pleasure of telling you about the FeelSensation mentioned on the back of the Power Blow box… But in the meantime, don’t hesitate to comment and ask any questions you may have about the PowerBlow , I’ll do my best to answer them.

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