Review of the FeelVictoria Mouth from Victoria June

There are unexpected product launches, such as the FeelVictoria Mouth, and others where advance hints are given.

The FeelButt🦊 was a complete surprise, suddenly appearing without warning. Anticipating the presence of FeelStars to complete the experience, Kiiroo🦊 remains silent on the subject.

On the other hand, since the FeelKayley🦊 review, there have been hints of PowerBlow🦊. Without having to look far, we can assume that this future Kiiroo product will offer an experience similar to oral sex.

So, for those fellatio sessions, the mouth of a FeelStar would seem to be the ideal choice.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
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Victoria June

Victoria June is originally from Brooklyn, with Puerto Rican and Dominican roots. She debuted in the adult industry at the age of 24 in 2017.

Her popularity quickly exploded thanks to her captivating charm, curvy figure and bewitching performances. Her blend of natural beauty and confident screen presence caught the attention of professionals. This has propelled Victoria June to success at renowned studios such as Brazzers, Naughty America and Bang Bros.

Recognised for her versatility and charisma, she has become a sought-after actress, distinguishing herself in a variety of genres. Notably in interracial and threesome scenes. At the same time, her strong presence on social networks, particularly Instagram, has boosted her popularity with fans.


The product itself is innovative, but the packaging is nothing new. Each time, the same themes and data are present. Let’s take a look at them for those unfamiliar with the FeelStar range.

Main side

Front side of the package
Front side of the FeelVictoria Mouth box

The gold-tinted box features the former cabaret dancer standing in front of a mixing desk. Headphones on, wearing a mesh and rhinestone bra, her turquoise hand resting above her heart, she seduces us with her eyes.

She presents her new creation in collaboration with Kiiroo with a teasing expression.

Right side

Right side of the package
Right side of the FeelVictoria Mouth box

As usual, two visuals reveal the FeelStroker’s textures. I think there are four of them. There’s also an oral representation of the FeelVictoria Mouth.

Unlike the ‘vagina’ versions in the FeelStar range, there is no visible signature on this part. This is perhaps the only notable difference from other products in the same range.

Back side

Back side of the package
Back side of the FeelVictoria Mouth box

In a similar way to other products, Kiiroo provides a succinct and allegorical description of what this product can do for you. All this is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Left side

Left side of the package
Left side of the FeelVictoria Mouth box

The last side of this box is similar to the other two products previously released. I’m referring to FeelKayley and FeelTanya🦊. Only the colour is different. You can see the FeelStroker, how to integrate it with the Keon and an assembly of what should be the PowerBlow.

All that’s left is to open the box. But to do that, you have to cut the two seals. And here’s the FeelVictoria Mouth!

Stroker appearance

Once the box is open, you can unscrew the top cap marked “Feel by Kiiroo”. This removes the cardboard that prevents the masturbator from moving around inside the box.

FeelVictoria Mouth outside of the package
FeelVictoria Mouth out of the box

It’s no different to the latest FeelStar. It still weighs around 800 grams and is around 24 centimetres long.

Sober in appearance, it still looks like a torch. This torch could be sitting carelessly on your home desk. That should raise little suspicion. Or if someone recognises this shape… they know it.

The FeelVictoria Mouth consists of three parts:

  • the top cap, which can be unscrewed to control airflow,
  • the main body of the masturbator,
  • a cap that can be unclipped to reveal the sleeve.

The material used for these parts is ABS/PC🦊, an impact-resistant polymer. If it should fall off, you have little to worry about, as it will remain in one piece.

Sheath appearance

FeelVictoriaMouth without the front cap
FeelVictoria Mouth without the lid.

Once the cap is removed, you’ll discover a faithful reproduction of Victoria’s lips. Enjoy them with your senses before conventional use. TPE🦊, a thermoplastic elastomer, gives the sensation of bare skin, unlike FeelStar products based on intimate parts. The reproduction is authentic, and the features are no less contrasted than usual.

Just a note for those hoping for a deepthroat experience like Victoria used to provide. Kiiroo has not moulded the FeelStar’s oesophagus, to avoid complications when eating. These textures are chosen by Victoria in collaboration with the brand.

The signature is inside the sleeve, on the side of the chain. Cleaning your toy is now crucial.


Carry out maintenance before the first use and immediately afterwards. This ensures the durability of any sextoy, which is preferable to an investment. Prepare it before use or clean it thoroughly after using fluids.

FeelVictoria Mouth fully dismantled
FeelVictoria Mouth fully dismantled

To do this, you have to dismantle it, as usual. However, perhaps not by separating each part as I was able to do.

Separating the sheath from the sleeve is the first step. You’ll then notice that, unlike other toys that have only one inlet, the Kiiroo FeelStar has both an inlet and an outlet. This is really useful as it allows you to easily clean/rinse the FeelStar, as well as drying it properly.

Using a sextoy cleaner (or soap), you’ll take care to wash the inside as well as the outside. You can then dry your toy in one of two ways.

Let it air dry if you have time, or use a lint-free cloth. For the second method, you need to pass it inside the sheath. This will remove any moisture if you’re in a hurry or prefer to put it away as soon as possible.

Dry the FeelStroker properly!

As I’ve already mentioned, residual moisture inside the TPE can facilitate the development of micro-organisms that are harmful to you and to the life of your FeelStar (the appearance of stains and odours). Make sure you have dried your new toy thoroughly.

Apart from the penultimate texture offered on this FeelStar, you shouldn’t have too much trouble cleaning and drying it properly, so don’t worry!

One last point to keep your TPE looking good: make sure it doesn’t get a bit sticky over time. I recommend sprinkling a TPE sextoy regenerator (in other words, a little cornflour) on it so that it keeps a soft, supple texture and can retain the realistic look of the lips.


If you’re reading this FeelVictoria Mouth review in the middle of summer, don’t really take the following advice on board. Otherwise, it’s worth noting that giving your girdle a bath before use will warm it up and add to the realism offered by the TPE.

In a nutshell! If we get to the heart of the matter, you can use the FeelVictoria Mouth manually, using the Keon, or soon using the PowerBlow… but there’s still one last thing to do, and that’s lubricate with a water-based lubricant🦊, not silicone.

Spread it around the lips and inside the mouth, in the sheath, and don’t forget to lubricate the penis too. Of course, if you’re using it with the Keon, I’d advise you to fit the FeelStar into the Keon first, before adding the lubricant to prevent it spilling out…

FeelVictoria Mouth inside the Keon
FeelVictoria Mouth in the Keon. Let’s the BJ party begin !

I tested the FeelVictoria Mouth with several devices, including the Keon and manually. If you already have a few FeelStars or Fleshlight/DocJohnson, you’ll know that it’s best to use the FeelStar manually, at least the first time, so that you can control what you feel. But if you’ve got a Fleshlight/DocJohnson and want to use it with the Keon, Kiiroo has compatible sleeves available, although I’ve never tested them myself.

To discover, manual use comes first.

Why, in my opinion at least, should a FeelStar or masturbator be used manually the first time? Quite simply because it means being in charge of the speed of the movements, the depth, the inclination and simply managing the suction force; whereas with the Keon, it’s more of a ‘hands-free’ experience that you’ll have and you’ll ‘suffer’ the interactivity. The Keon can be used in manual mode with buttons on either side (one side to control speed, the other to control the depth of movement) or in interactive mode with video content (via a dedicated website such as feelxvideo, pornhub, faptap etc.) or by sharing control with a third party.

In any case, you can add to the experience by synchronising a video of Victoria June performing oral sex with your Keon, or with FeelMe AI if you can’t find an interactive video.

FeelStar internal textures

Internal textures of the sleeve
FeelVictoria Mouth internal textures through a transversal cut of the sleeve

The FeelVictoria Mouth has what I would describe as a narrow entrance. I’m not talking about the lips, but rather the first texture, the serrated ring that will hold your glans.

Clearly, although I would have preferred a narrower entrance, having this lace as the first texture will really stimulate your member from the outset. The next texture adds a little relief but doesn’t really stimulate me, and I’d be hard pressed to describe it; it’s a sort of teardrop shape with a wide base at the bottom, and the grooves you can see on the cross-sectional view are not present.

As far as I’m concerned, the most interesting part is located just after the helical part (which still has a good added value), where there are some sort of flexible claws that stimulate differently depending on whether you’re on a forward or reverse movement over three rows with an alternating arrangement in relation to the previous one.

This is a very interesting feature, and one that could test your stamina. Finally, we return to the teardrop shapes and end with a single row of claws. So we have different reliefs and patterns that follow on from each other, sometimes repeating themselves, while maintaining a tunnel of the same diameter with little variation in intensity but with an entrance and then a more stimulating zone in the middle.


The FeelVictoria Mouth has just been launched ( 17 June 2023 ) on Kiiroo’s online shop and should also be available in their physical shops for 74€ (or 66.60€ using “PapaRenard” coupon code will save you 10%).



  • The first FeelStroker in the shape of a mouth
  • Highly stimulating textures
  • Very intense sheath


  • I don’t know any.

The first FeelStroker Mouth (in what may be a long line), this second Victoria June stroker gave me the chance to discover this actress (along with her lips). I can’t say whether they’re really life-size (and if they are, her mouth is really big) but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Watching her member make its way between those soft lips couldn’t be a more blatant lie than to say that it left me breathless, unless you take it at face value. The FeelVictoria Mouth opens the door to a line of FeelStroker Mouths that Kiiroo’s various FeelStars may be part of, and it’s possible that your favourite FeelStar will soon have its own.

The writing of this review has been done freely and honestly without my judgement being altered by the brand, or the fact that they offered me this product for free to test before its official release. My aim is not to push you to buy it, but to offer you a way of forming an opinion on this product, and to enlighten you about this first oral masturbator for the penis.

Once again, thank you to the Kiiroo Community Manager for thinking of me for this FeelVictoria Mouth.

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