Review of the Keon Sex Machine from Kiiroo

The review of Kiiroo🦊’s Sex Machine🛒 was due to appear earlier. The one I did on the vacuum-lock dildo🦊 was a precursor. I’d originally started writing about the Sex Machine but was procrastinating on the dildo. In the end, for the sake of readability, I decided to separate the two.

However, this review is a rewrite of the one I originally wrote on reddit. I should point out, however, that it is based on my experience alone. In fact, it is really limited in this area. My only comparison is Hismith🦊’s Premium Sex Machine🦊.

As a result, Kiiroo’s Sex Machine is made up of three or four parts. There’s the Keon🛒, the dildo adapter🦊, the dildo and, possibly, the table clamp🦊 that acts as a hands-free kit.

I’m going to deviate from this review to salute Kiiroo for listening. For some time now, there have been conversations on the discord about a possible way of tinkering with an unofficial adapter for the Keon. The aim of this adapter would be to turn the Keon into an auto stroker for vaginas.

Then there was the release of FeelMe AI, which is only compatible with the Keon. So yet another feature reserved for those with a penis. The disappointment was clearly visible in the messages left by women.

This is now history. Even without a penis, you can use Keon. Take advantage of its interactivity with pornographic video sites, remote control and much more. At last, the Keon has become unisex! The Keon has become the Kiiroo’s Sex Machine.

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This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
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The sex machine by Kiiroo

What is a sex machine?

First of all, it might be useful to describe what a sex machine is.

For me, it’s a device that provides automated sexual stimulation. So we’re good with a Keon? It’s already a sex machine, isn’t it?

I’m not sure. After all, it depends on how you interpret it, but a sex machine generally comes with a variety of accessories and functions. Yes, but so does the Keon with its hands-free kit, its phone holder, its cushions, its numerous FeelStrokers🦊 and so on.

Yes… but it’s targeted solely at the penis. A sex machine is less specific, it can stimulate different areas with its different accessories.

What is the Kiiroo sex machine?

At Kiiroo, we already had the basic Keon. An automatic penis masturbator with a host of accessories and features. I’m thinking of the back and forth with different thrust lengths, different speeds, remote controllable by a third party (person or application)… But it wasn’t a hands-free automatic masturbator.

Then Kiiroo came out with its hands-free kit. A clamp that fits into the Keon on one side and bites the table on the other. This allows the Keon to be suspended high up. If you adjust the position correctly, all you have to do is cross your fingers behind your head and enjoy.

Then came Kiiroo’s keon vacuum lock dildo and the adapter for the Keon. The result is a device that simulates (rather than receives) penetration. The result is a machine that can be used to stimulate different areas of the body.

Receipt of package

If you’ve never received a parcel from Kiiroo, rest assured. There’s no reason to be anxious about the possibility of a flatmate or relative finding out what it’s all about. At least just by looking at the parcel. If they open it…

These accessories were sent in a standard box, the only mention of Kiiroo being on the delivery note.

The parcel contained three items. The first was marked as a dildo, the second as an adaptor for attaching the dildo to the Keon and the third as a hands-free kit for the Keon.

Three items that transform the Keon experience, adding a new dimension.

Sex machine components

I’m well aware that my review of the Keon has yet to be written. It’s unfortunate, but I haven’t got around to it yet. However, if you’re interested, I suggest you read the three reviews of the accessories.

This will give you more context on how the accessories interface with the Keon, and will lighten the current review.

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s get on with the rest!

Appearance of the sex machine

Keon Sex Machine is ready. Well, almost… Because oriented like this, I’d have to sit on my desk with my arse in the air to enjoy it.

Kiiroo’s Sex Machine is a combination of the Keon and three of its accessories. But in reality, to talk about a sex machine, you don’t need the table clamp or the Kiiroo dildo.

All you need is an adapter and a vac-u-lock dildo.

However, without the table clamp, you’ll have to manage the Keon’s back-and-forth force feedback yourself. I thought it would be better to hang it up to get the most out of the experience.

However, using Kiiroo’s Sex Machine in ‘hands-free’ mode should be feasible. I say ‘must’ because using the dildo manually is simple. Whatever the orifice, you can choose the angle, speed, depth of penetration…

With the Keon, you have a bit less room to manoeuvre. For me, it was a bit more complicated to manage without the table clamp.

In a bed, no problem, you can put the Keon on the sheets and position yourself on top of them, on your side. On the other hand, on the floor or in a chair, it’s more acrobatic and less straightforward.


For cleaning instructions, refer to the cleaning instructions for each accessory for more details.

For the Keon itself, there’s very little to be done if no fluid has been in direct contact. In any case, it’s clearly not a toy to be put under water. However, check that there isn’t any lubricant or anything else inside, and if there is, use a wet wipe with soap, clean and dry.

For the dildo, do as you would with any other silicone toy, remembering to dry it and store it in its case if you have one.

For the adaptor, you’ll need to rinse the conical part that’s been in contact with some lubricant. That’s all there is to it.

In the end, you end up with mostly a dildo to clean. The rest will depend on how you use it.


Kiiroo’s Sex Machine can be used in a variety of ways, depending on whether it’s in offline or online mode.


As usual, whatever you choose, lubricant lubricant lubricant.

We’re talking about a toy that’s going to play with one of your orifices… And not all of them are naturally lubricated. I’m thinking in particular of anal play, where it’s more than advisable to prepare the ground beforehand.

Depending on the texture of your dildo, you may choose another lubricant… But I advise you to use a water-based one.

Offline mode

To switch to offline mode, first switch on the Keon. Then use the ‘mode’ button to switch to the white LED display.

The side buttons on the left allow you to control the depth, and on the right the speed. However, I’m not a big fan of this single loop. The same rhythm throughout the use of Kiiroo’s Sex Machine.

Online mode

Via the FeelConnect3 application, you can control these two parameters with your fingers. Personally, though, I find that the hands-free charm is lost a little. Still, it allows you to use pre-recorded patterns. To connect to FeelConnect, the Keon’s Bluetooth must be activated. However, this is the default mode on power-up.

Of course, you can also use a control link to ask a partner to manage the Keon.

You can also visit sites offering interactive videos. To do this, they need to have interfaced with FeelConnect or APIs such as Or simply use FeelMe AI, which will make any video (on an authorised site) interactive. From then on, you no longer have control over the movements of the sex machine. But you’ll still have your hands free and be able to enjoy different rhythms.

First experience

I looked for a video on which to synchronise the Sex Machine and ran it.

Well, in the case of the table clamp positioned on your desk where the PC screen is located… We’re not going to lie, turning your back to the screen isn’t practical for enjoying the video. So it’s either the Sex Machine or the screen.

A few concerns

The Keon starts to move back and forth, gradually. I can already feel that it’s having a bit of trouble going deep. My anatomy is rather resistant to this invader. And then my first thought, my first drops of cold sweat… How long does Kiiroo’s Sex Machine last?

In all transparency, we’re talking about a modification of the Keon to make it a sex machine. We’re talking about a penis masturbator that only has to provide movement for a 500-gram FeelStar. We’re talking about penetrating flesh here. In the case of anal stimulation, there is still resistance.

My fear is that it puts too much strain on the mechanism and the motor. What’s more, my Keon is out of warranty after a year… What’s more, it now charges without giving me a green light on a fully charged battery.

Hazardous management

On this occasion, my back was to my main screen as the Keon was attached to the desk. The angle of penetration, despite the table clamp, wasn’t optimal. The desk was too high for me, so if I stood on my desk chair it was better. But I had to block it too.

Still, apart from a few minor aches and pains associated with the less-than-optimal angle, it was an interesting experience.

It’s limited because I can’t see my PC screen, so I’ll have to wait and see how interactive it is with the current setup. But I can always synchronise the video with my phone and watch it on a smaller screen.

I then tried to install it on other media… Critical failure. They need to have a certain weight and grip on the floor for it to work properly. So forget the bar chair, which quickly backed up against a wall. The same goes for a secretary.

Even so, the sensations are not the same between manual use and using the sex machine.

The manual, controlled use of a dildo is well known. Using the sex machine, in online mode, is random and unexpected. It’s clearly interesting, but it does take some getting used to.


The first mentions of Kiiroo’s Sex Machine🛒 go hand in hand with the release of dedicated accessories. I’m thinking of the table clamp and the dildo. So around September 2022.

As for prices, I’ll let you have another look at the parts in detail in the various related reviews. However, if you don’t have any, you can buy a bundle without the table clamp. It’s available for 209€.

Or €188.10 if you use the coupon code “PapaRenard“. As you now know, this gives you a 10% discount on your basket.



  • Interactive sex machine under 200€
  • Portable and easy to carry


  • Lack of dedicated support for the ground
  • Some concerns about premature engine wear

I’ve got half a feeling about this conclusion to Kiiroo’s Sex Machine. I love the fact that you can now use the Keon no matter what’s between your legs. However, my fears about premature engine wear meant I didn’t use it very often.

Let’s just say that having this Sex Machine made me want to test others. And just as well, I’m in the business of testing sex toys.

My thought is that for vaginal use, without table clamp, we have an interactive sextoy that’s well worth the money. Clearly, if you already have a vac-u-lock dildo, this will revolutionise your sessions.

For anal use, however, I have my doubts. A year after I first wrote about it, I still have doubts. You can feel that the motor struggles with thrusts.

After that, depending on what you want, and fixed to a bed frame, it could be an interesting tool for a two-person session.

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