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More and more automatic penis masturbators come with a hands-free mode, notably with a table clamp🛒. An accessory that lets you use it without holding it with your hands. So you can enjoy this moment of relaxation to the full. Well, relaxation…

Kiiroo🦊 has also done what’s necessary for its Keon and offers us a way of attaching the Keon to your table, desk… or whatever.

This review is one of four focusing on the Keon Sex Machine🦊.

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This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
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Table clamp

The table clamp already in use with the Keon

The Keon is quite heavy and holding it with one hand is not easy. As far as I’m concerned, I have one hand on each side when I’m using it. Whether manual or interactive.

So the availability of this table clamp for the Keon is a good thing, because you don’t have to carry its kilo around any more. Well, the empty kilo, even if the FeelStroker’s weight isn’t that much, you’ve got 1.5Kg to hold on to.

Kiiroo’s explanatory video is here.

Receipt of package

Kiiroo’s packages are discreet. However, to tell the truth, when you buy a sextoy you’re always afraid that it will be wrapped in something that clearly shows where it comes from. However, up until now, I’ve always received discreet parcels, usually in the usual beige cardboard boxes.

The delivery took a week from dispatch to receipt.

The parcel contained everything you needed to transform the Keon into a sex machine. In other words, this table clamp, the dildo adaptor for the Keon and a dildo.

Package content

There’s less to say about Kiiroo’s accessories than there is about their products, and that’s reflected in the boxes too.

The front panel shows us a contoured view of the product, showing a U-shape with two butterfly screws and a bracket. At the bottom right is an example of installation on the Keon , but apart from fixing to an unsupported vertical support, I don’t understand what the point is…

The two sides don’t provide much information, even less than the front of the box.

The back, on the other hand, provides multilingual information on the contents of the box. Strangely, to say that the Keon can now be attached to any firm surface is inadequate. I don’t see how I can fix it to my floor with it.

The translation is better in my opinion, but still suggests you can attach it to any hard surface. To be tested on a stone staircase…

Similarly, it is suggested that you go to a URL to access the product manual, but the manual doesn’t exist.

Table clamp appearance

The table clamp has a U-shaped main part, enabling it to be attached to a support, such as a table or desk. Please note that the thickness of the support must not exceed 6 centimetres so that it can be tightened with the screw thread.

It is made of stainless steel and ABS🦊.

A lack of finish on the clamp that will damage your support

In fact, be very careful about the support on which you place the clamp. The upper part of the U has a screw thread that sticks out a little. This screw thread will damage the support on which you attach the pliers. Use a piece of leather (or similar) to make a buffer.

Apart from the screw, there are two butterfly screws which allow you to spread a support holding two steel balls. These give you enough mobility to orientate the support, and therefore your Keon, as you wish.

Finally, there is a plastic part that fits into the Keon to hold it in the desired position.

Cleaning / Maintenance

This accessory requires no special maintenance. And the truth is, it shouldn’t suffer from your session either. Should any fluid come into contact with it, you can clean it with a damp cloth and soap and dry it.

It is possible that, over the years, the part with the butterfly screws and the retaining screw may need to be treated with a little degreaser.


First of all, you need to unscrew the screw thread sufficiently so that you can position the U of the clamp on the support. Once you’ve done that, I won’t show it here but I’d advise you to position a piece of leather, or elastic, to protect the top of the bracket.

Otherwise… it will look like this:

Warning, the table clamp leaves marks.
Damage caused by pliers on different surfaces

And you don’t want to damage your support so badly.

Once the screw is fully tightened, you can move on to the next step.

The two butterfly screws allow you to control the axis, orientation and angle of the Keon. Orient them as you wish and tighten, but not completely.

Then position your Keon so that the back, containing the USB charging part, is level with the lugs on the plastic part of the clamp.

Keep pressure on the plastic part of the clamp so that the springs compress. Position the two lugs at the bottom of the Keon, then release the pressure. The Keon is now correctly assembled.

All you need to do now is finish orienting the Keon to suit your needs and then tighten the butterfly screws.


The Keon Table Clamp🛒 has been available on the Kiiroo shop since September 2022 at a price of €65.

Of course, if you use the “PapaRenard” coupon, you’ll save 10% and the price will be €58.5.



  • Allows the Keon to be used hands-free
  • User friendly


  • Expensive
  • Could have offered more length

Yes, this table clamp for the Keon does the job. It’s quick and easy to install. You don’t need a PhD to use it.

Despite the size of the box, it can be stored ‘folded’ in on itself to save a lot of space. It only takes up half the height of the pack.

My only regret is that the two balls are so close together; it might have been better to move them further apart with a second movable elbow to increase their length and mobility. Potentially, to reach the height of the Keon , you’ll need to change the height of your chair if you’re sitting. If you’re standing, no problem.

As practical as I find this product, I think its price is too high – I’d have seen it for around €40.

Thanks to Kiiroo for giving me this model free of charge so that I could test it and write this review.

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This review is part of a set of four reviews focusing on Keon’s Sex Machine.

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