Keon Sex Machine

The Keon is basically a penis masturbator, not a sex machine. However, Kiiroo is a brand of sextoy that is not exclusively reserved for those with a penis, far from it.

With the arrival of FeelMe AI, the fact that only those with a penis could use it was an obstacle.

Numerous discussions emerged about a way of using the Keon for people with a vagina. How to make an unofficial adapter ?

The Keon Sex Machine is the result of the development of three accessories for the Keon that allow a dildo to be added and used, attached to a horizontal support.

Review of the Keon Sex Machine from Kiiroo

The review of Kiiroo’s Sex Machine was due to appear earlier. The one I did on the vacuum-lock dildo was a precursor. I’d originally started writing about the Sex Machine but was procrastinating on the dildo. In the end, for the sake of readability, I decided to separate the two. However, this review is a […]

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Front view of the Kiiroo's Vacuum Lock Dildo package

Review of the Keon Vacuum-lock dildo

Today I wanted to revisit the Kiiroo🦊 vacuum-lock dildo review. For a cis man, the discovery of anal pleasure – receiving I mean – is something of a taboo in today’s society. The omnipresent judgement that it’s not a normal act. Whether it’s linked to our upbringing, our religion or the fear of what others

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