Review of Fleshlight Waifu by Violet Myers

First review of a Fleshlight 🦊 and it’s Violet Myers ‘lady’ version, called Waifu 🛒.

Waifu? If you don’t have a definition, it’s a transcription of the Japanese pronunciation of the English word ‘Wife’. Generally speaking, the female character who is “appreciated” and can play the role of wife.

If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll know that this isn’t the first penis masturbator I’ve featured. It is, however, the first from the Fleshlight brand. This review will therefore also focus on discovering the brand in addition to this specific product. For all that, it will be hard for me to refrain from making comparisons to Kiiroo‘s🦊 products, I’m thinking particularly of their FeelStrokers🦊.

Before I go any further, I want to thank Just Pleasure🦊for offering me the chance to get my first Fleshlight. It’s an online shop offering lots of sex toys, lingerie and accessories to spice up your solo or group moments. I still have to test them assiduously before writing their review but soon you’ll also have some on the Njoy Pure Wand🛒as well as the Doxy Die Cast🛒vibrator.

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
All the same, this review is in my own words only and any sentence written has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
To find out more, click here🦊.

Violet Myers

Remember how I used to say that Kiiroo’s FeelStars were total strangers to me when I first discovered them? Well, unfortunately, this was also the case for this young woman born in California in 1997.

Coming from a Mexican, Turkish and Pakistani family, Violet Myers began her adult career at 21 on Chaturbate before embracing a career as an X-actress in the summer of 2018. After a quick start and collaborations with many different productions, she has appeared in over 200 films in her career.

She has quickly built up a huge following on the OnlyFan platform, as well as on Twitch and Youtube. On the latter two platforms, it’s not unusual to see her talking about her personal life, video games or even japanimation. It’s not for nothing that she describes herself as a hentai character in real life.

Violet Myers has also been nominated for several awards (AVN, Xbiz) and has won a number of them, most recently in Los Angeles in 2023.

Receipt of parcel

I received the order confirmation email on Friday 24 May. A tracking link to PostNL was available, which allowed me to see that by Monday, the parcel had crossed the French border to arrive at my house the next day.

Well, that… That was the theory. Colis-Privé said they’d been to my house, but I didn’t get a phone call, no-one knocked on the door, no-one used the doorbell… However, I did receive a delivery notice telling me that I was absent. Damned!

I then rescheduled the delivery for the following day, so it was on my birthday, 30 May, that I received my first present.

The parcel was more impressive in size (34*26*50cm for just under 5kg) than I had expected. I went to join Wifey in the garden to show her the parcel. A few minutes later, we were in my home office to open it and take some photos.

Myers Waifu Fleshlight Violet Set

To kick off our review of this Fleshlight by Violet Myers, with Waifu texture, let’s start by looking at what you’ll find in the shops. Whether virtual or physical, it’s time for the box set!

Main side

Front side of the Violet Myers Waifu Box
Front of the Myers Waifu Violet fleshlight box

Unlike Kiiroo, which opts for different colour gradations for each FeelStroker, Fleshlight opts for uniqueness.

A black band gives the name of the texture at the top, a signature appears underneath on the right-hand side, the name of the model in the middle in a transparent white band and at the very bottom the name Fleshlight Girls.

In the background is an image of Violet Myers in a sexy outfit that makes two good points…
Dressed all in black and wearing fine lace lingerie, her only other accessory is the Waifu Fleshlight.

Relaxed, Violet Myers is waiting to show you what her Fleshlight can do.

Right side

Right side of the Violet Myers Waifu Box showing the texture inside the sleeve
Right-hand side of the Waifu Fleshlight Violet Myers box set I’m reviewing

On this right-hand side of Violet Myers’ Fleshlight, Waifu texture, we get more information, and some interesting information at that. First of all, there are a few details about the beautiful brunette, including her height, weight, chest size, favourite position and town of origin.

Then we get a cross-section of the sleeve to see the different textures. At first glance, I’m dubious. The textures seem to have been drawn far too neatly, and I have serious doubts as to whether we’ll find exactly the same thing inside. And that’s important. I’m not going to take a scalpel and destroy the sheath to verify these statements but… I have my doubts.

In any case, if such textures are really available, there’s no doubt that the sheath stimulation will be incredible!

On each side of this cross-section is a mini manual in three boxes. The left shows an instruction on how to use the sheath: remove the cover, lubricate, masturbate. On the right, how to clean the sheath: rinse it without its caps, dry it and then use a powder to protect the TPE🦊(we’ll come back to this later).

A visual of the front of the sheath, without the cover, is then shown. This is a representation of Violet Myers’ private parts, moulded directly at the source.

Finally, a notice stating that the material used is safe, non-toxic and phthalate-free (plasticiser). I’ll come back to that later… But TPE is not a material that can really be considered healthy.

Back side

Back side of the Violet Myers Waifu Box
Rear panel of the Waifu Fleshlight.

Here’s how Fleshlight describes this sheath. “Feel every one of VViolet Myers’s intimate folds and curves in her SuperSkin sleeve, created from her actual body casting and infused with her signature Waifu texture in an exclusive pearlescent case”. For God’s sake… I’m glad I don’t have to say that sentence out loud given the lack of punctuation!

Where Fleshlight stands out from many other brands of penis masturbator is clearly in this “Fleshlight Girls” (FLG) line. The idea is to reproduce the private parts of these porn stars and make them available to you. And the textures inside the sheath are obviously chosen by these FLGs.

A visual shows the Waifu Fleshlight without its cap.

Below, Fleshlight offers you a product placement including :

Please note that at the time of writing this review, I have not tested any of the five products listed. So I’m not recommending them, I’m just providing these links for your information. However, I may write reviews of them in the future. and replace shop links with reviews links.

Finally, at the very bottom, to the left of the barcode, Fleshlight tells us that they are offering a sample of the water-based lubricant and, presumably, the product must be made in the European Union, since it has the European flag on it… But that’s just my (potentially mistaken) intuition, there’s no way of knowing what the flag is for here.

Left side

Left side of the Violet Myers Waifu Box
Left side of the box for the Fleshlight by Violet Myers Waifu texture

The last side of this box is probably the least interesting. It says “Easy to clean and store” at the top.

It shows the pearlescent coloured case bearing the Fleshlight Girls logo. The cap allows you to adjust the suction force and that the case is durable. That’s right, it’s ABS🦊and it’s a durable plastic. Was it worth mentioning though? I get the impression that there was an attempt here at filler. There was one side left… So the case is shown there.

We do get some information about the size of the case, at 24cm, as well as a diameter of just under 10cm. While we’re at it, indicating the weight would have been a good thing, but they didn’t think of that. So I did it for you!

Armed with a kitchen scale, I weighed the Fleshlight… It weighs around 610 grams.

Box contents

Inside the Fleshlight case, unlike a FeelStroker, there are several components.

Inside the Violet Myers Waifu box, there is a lot of stuff
All items in the Fleshlight Violet Myers box with Waifu texture

As you’d expect, the chest contains the Fleshlight itself, which I’ll describe in the next section. However, it also contains three additional items.

The first one on show is a little cardboard card that says “Fleshlight” and shows a Fleshlight. It’s pretty but it’s useless, it ends up in the bin quickly. I probably didn’t understand what it was for.

Lubricant sample

A lubricant sample is present in the Violet Myers Waifu fleshlight box.
Fleshlight “Water” lubricant sample

This is the water-based lubricant that says Water🛒. This 5mL sample is more than enough for a one-off use. Turnkey, you can use your masturbator as soon as it’s out of the box.

This is a good idea from Fleshlight. When buying a sextoy or penis masturbator for the first time, it’s possible to forget, or not know, that you need to use lubricant. This helps to tide you over, even if it’s not very environmentally friendly.

Quick start guide

A quick-start guide with lots of advertising on the front… Whether it’s accessories, consumables or the different ranges of Fleshlight (Quickshot, Stamina Training Unit, Turbo…), what could be more normal than for them to advertise the different types of products they sell?

In my opinion, the reverse side is much more interesting. In English, German, Spanish, French and a Cyrillic language (which must be Russian), you can access a range of information. How to use the Fleshlight and how to clean it.

For this first part, it is advisable to remove the stick that protects the textures inside the sheath if present. I wasn’t careful the first time I tried to insert myself inside… It’s not pleasant.
If necessary, heat the inside of the sheath, apply lubricant to the Fleshlight duct and then to the sheath and finally use it as you would your hand.

For the second part, rinse with lukewarm water and, for greater effectiveness, use their sextoy cleaner. Finally, shake the Fleshlight to remove the water, leave to air dry and then apply their special powder to restore a soft texture.

Clearly, these instructions are practical, but we could go into much more detail, especially if this were to be a user’s first sextoy… So we’ll see about that later.

Appearance of the Fleshlight Violet Myers Waifu

Let me get straight to the point… I’m not a fan of the way the Fleshlight feels in my hand. I find the case neither aesthetically nor ergonomically pleasing. The mother-of-pearl-coloured case is made from a hard plastic called ABS. This is the same type of plastic used in Lego bricks. At high temperatures, it can be simply moulded and becomes very hard when cooled. It doesn’t matter if it falls or if the temperature changes, this material won’t budge.

However, unlike Kiiroo’s FeelStroker, this one seems to me to be less… qualitative. As you can see from the last two photos on the carousel, there are some slight manufacturing/finishing defects. Pieces of plastic that are deformed or not removed. Nothing major but this is my fifteenth penis masturbator in an ABS case and it’s the first time I’ve seen this.

The front panel has a cap that can be removed by turning it counter-clockwise and then unhooking it. This gives access to the sheath.

Well… The first time I took this cap off, there was a strong smell coming from the TPE and it wasn’t very pleasant… What’s more, the oil in the sheath was dripping a bit. It’s also the first time this has happened to me out of the 15 masturbators I’ve had. I don’t know if this is usual with Fleshlight… but I prefer to warn you beforehand. In any case, after washing the sheath for the first time, everything went back to normal.

Encounter with the vulva of Violet Myers

Remember, on the right-hand side of the box, we had a visual of this Waifu’s vulva. Having the sheath and the box side by side, I can reproach some slight differences… But that’s also down to FeelStrokers.

On the box, the relief is mostly more pronounced. I suppose this is because we’re dealing with a computer model rather than an actual photo of the product. However… It really does look like a real vulva. We could have a lot of fun on this part of the Fleshlight alone.

As I look at the front of this sheath, I can see many details. Whether it’s the bonnet of the clitoris, the labia majora or minora, the many folds and creases on the latter or the entrance to the vagina… you really get the impression, even to the touch, that you’re dealing with the real thing. It’s supple and soft under the fingers, like a peach skin. The smell isn’t the same and, as I said, the slightly oily texture is confusing… but that’s only before the first cleansing.

Once cleaned, these slightly open private parts give free rein to the imagination. I didn’t go so far as to check whether, from a freeze-frame photo or video, this vulva really matched that of Violet Myers. I’ve already done it for other girdles, but this time I’m taking it for granted. In any case, were it not for the signature on the right, the illusion would be almost perfect.

Textures of the Fleshlight Violet Myers Waifu

Textures of the Fleshlight lady by Violet Myers : Waifu

This is where I get the most criticism, and negative criticism at that.

For me, the choice of textures is important when choosing a penis masturbator. It’s as important as the overall appearance of the tunnel. Is it narrow or rather wide, are the textures varied or unique, is it stimulating enough? Or am I just going to get the sh*t kicked out of me?

On paper, it really looks like we have three interesting rooms.

A first to welcome the glans with a texture giving me the impression of conical forests. The area seems rather large, but if the textures are this precise, the many reliefs can be very stimulating. The second chamber features beads over a tighter area. Finally, a second chamber completes this sheath over the whole of the second half with… long, streamlined protuberances. It’s quite complicated to describe. Then there’s a single ring at the end.

In the end, I didn’t open the sheath with a scalpel, but after turning it inside out (which you shouldn’t do at home, of course), or after stretching it slightly to see the textures, I found that they were far too exaggerated on the visual. That’s also what Wifey said about it. So yes, Fleshlight is pretty as presented… but it gives me the impression of having a nice photo of a Big Mac and ending up with something flat, off-centre and hastily assembled by an underpaid employee…


The Fleshlight Violet Myers Waifu fully dismantled (for no reason except this review)
Fleshlight Waifu completely dismantled

“Don’t tell me I have to take it apart every time like this to clean it?”

Well… no. I did it because I wanted to know how the design of these Fleshlight strokers differed from the FeelStroker. In the end, the case has a slightly different exterior but the composition is identical.

A main tube, a small cap to manage the suction force, a large cap to protect access to the sheath, a ring to hold the sheath and the sheath itself. So 5 parts, including 4 in ABS and one in TPE…. or SuperSkin.


Cleaning is pretty straightforward. Generally speaking, all the fluids will be inside the sheath, not in the case. So it may be sufficient to remove the sheath from the case. And in any case, removing it from the hard case makes it easier to handle.

Then there’s the advantage of having two ends. As much as Fleshlight suggests you simply pour hot water on one side to clean it… that won’t be enough. You’ll be ‘rinsing’ but not cleaning. And under no circumstances will you be guaranteed to have removed all the fluids from the sheath. Whether it’s lubricant or semen. In any case, this is the first step, because the first chamber retains quite a lot of the different fluids that have to go down a staircase to get out otherwise.

So I suggest you arm yourself with lukewarm water as recommended, but also (and above all) with soap. A neutral soap will do the trick, but avoid any with a fragrance or anything else.

Generally, I don’t bother too much and put the bar of soap straight into the sheath. The soap goes back and forth a few times, then I pick it up again and leave my fingers to clean the inside of the sheath, thoroughly, on both sides. The TPE was very flexible, allowing me to curl the sheath up a bit and reach every nook and cranny inside.

Once it’s been cleaned to your liking, to avoid any proliferation of bacteria inside the TPE… You can rinse. You put the end of the tap on one side, and it empties the water on the other side by a wonderful process called gravity (and also water pressure).


There are several ways to dry the sheath. The first, which I don’t recommend, is to air dry. Except that if you live in another humid area, this is ineffective. If the sheath is too tight, the same applies. You’ll probably be creating a favourable environment for the proliferation of bacteria. And that’s a shame, because TPE is a material made up of pores and micro-holes. So once bacteria have settled in, it’s all over. Then come odours, mould… And potentially, you could make yourself ill.

So we dry instead with a lint-free towel that we’ll run inside the sheath, using our fingers. You can also use a diatomite stick🦊. This stony material will absorb and trap the water and residual moisture in the sheath.

And then you’re pretty sure you’ve got a properly cleaned material to use next time.


Now, even if you’ve cleaned your sheath well, you’ll notice, more or less quickly, that it loses its appearance. Less soft, more sticky, it eventually becomes unattractive… But that’s not the end of your toy. Because of the composition of the TPE, this is perfectly normal.

So to get your skin back to the way it was, there’s a simple solution: the regenerating powder I mentioned earlier. This solution is presented on the back of the box: Fleshlight Renewing Powder.

It’s a high value-added product that will give your VSE a soft, voluptuous feel. Isn’t that wonderful? The price is a little less so… And completely exorbitant when you realise that it’s actually just cornflour! Cornflour… So go and buy some in your food shop, you’ll make precious savings and extend the life of your sheath!


First of all, before using it for the very first time, I’d advise you to clean your sheath. It will improve the comfort of the experience because the smell isn’t great and it will remove the excess oil. But it will also give you a second kisscool effect… By using lukewarm water, you’ll improve the temperature of the sheath, bringing it closer to that of the human body. So if it’s cold (well, it’s summer at last) outside or in the room where you store your liner, think again. And clearly, it’s more efficient to heat the duct completely than just with the home-made fleshlight system.

Next, when you use a sextoy, you need to lubricate it. If you want to limit the unpleasant sensations of friction, reduce discomfort and increase sensations. It’s simple: Lubricate!

Since the toy is made of TPE, oil- or silicone-based lubricants should be avoided. The risk is that they will alter the structure of the material by reacting with it. Water-based lubricants are the way to go. By the way, you can take a look at my article: How to choose your personal lubricant? 🦊

I also recommend opening the cap at the end of the Fleshlight slightly to allow a draught and make it flow more easily.

Now that you have the toy in hand and lubricated, we can move on to the next stage.

By hand

It’s the simplest, the closest to the usual wank. Even if, in this case, you are assisted. Using a hand-held penis masturbator means you can control all the movements, angles, speed and depth of penetration. You’re the only one in control.

Testing a toy by hand is, for me, the best way to appreciate it for what it is. I made the mistake, with the PowerBlow🦊and the FeelVictoria Mouth🦊, of discovering them together. Never again. It made me think that the FeelVictoria Mouth was almost one of the worst strokers I’d tested when it was just related to my misuse of the PowerBlow….

In short, you should already have spread your labia minora to put some water-based lubricant inside the duct. You’ve probably also lubricated your member. So from there, it’s up to you.

It should be noted, however, that you can partly control the suction force of the Fleshlight. The pressure exerted inside the sheath. This is only half the story, because to make the top cap watertight you’d have to add a 5cm-diameter gasket. However, you have some leeway by unscrewing it more or less.

With Universal Launch

Just so we’re clear, this isn’t a sextoy I’ve tested, so I won’t say any more about it… But it does exist so I’m mentioning it. The Universal Launch🛒is an accessory for your Fleshlights. Or is it the other way round?

The shop link above doesn’t go to the Just Pleasure shop because they offer this item for half the price of Fleshlight, I don’t understand why.

Apart from that, if you want to know how to use it, it’s pretty simple. You insert your sheaths so that you can then switch on the automatic masturbator. Your hands are then placed on the handles and all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

On the other hand, the price is quite high (around €200) and competitors are doing better in terms of interactivity, remote control… But from what I’ve seen, it seems easy to use.

Keon from Kiiroo

Clearly, it’s a rival brand… But I couldn’t help but mention it.

The sheath of a Fleshlight Girl is not compatible with the Keon🛒, as you can see in the video below.

However, it had already been said on the Kiiroo discord that it was possible to use a Fleshlight sheath in a FeelStroker case. It is for this reason (compatibility with Doc Johnson, Fleshlight and others) that Kiiroo sells the Keon Compatible Stroker Case🛒individually.

Because the sheaths are more or less the same size, you can easily change the sheaths and get something that works.

So we’re clearly moving away from the initial paradigm, and it’s no longer the Waifu-textured Fleshlight Violet Myers that I’m reviewing. It’s now a FeelMyers. That said, it’s completely feasible. And there you have some pretty interesting interactive possibilities.

Control of the FeelMyers by a third party, by an application that plays a video, synchronisation with another toy (whether via FeelConnect or Xtoys)…

PowerBlow by Kiiroo

The Keon’s little brother can’t be used directly with the Fleshlight, or maybe I’m doing it wrong.

The absence of screw threads makes installation of the PowerBlow complicated, and ultimately, forcing it in will do no good. The solution has to be airtight so that the PowerBlow can suck in the air in the duct.

On the other hand, with a FeelStroker case, we’re OK. Well… almost.

The sheath is not designed for this and if you are too greedy about the suction provided by the PowerBlow… Then your TPE sheath will be swallowed by the PowerBlow.

So it’s more or less compatible, but you have to keep within the correct suction percentages.

Keon & PowerBlow

Inevitably, if you can validate A and then B, the corollary is that A+B also works. However, I didn’t take any videos because I didn’t see the point.

First impressions

As I said before, from an olfactory point of view, it tingles. I wasn’t expecting such a strong smell. From a touch point of view, you end up with oil on your fingers and that’s not really pleasant. But as I clean my toys every time before they’re used for the first time, I’m quickly rid of these worries. On the other hand, the design is quite attractive, although not as detailed as some of the other sleeves I have.

First room

The entrance to the sheath is slightly open but the duct narrows directly, from bottom to top, to bring us into the first chamber I described earlier. Well, that’s if you’re not already playing with your glans on the entrance to the labia minora. Not too surprisingly, the geometric textures on display aren’t quite as effective as the real thing. Well, effective… I would have thought them more aggressive. I don’t have the extreme intensity I would have expected from such a texture, but it’s tight and already quite intense.

Second room

In the end, the first texture turned out to be less intense than I’d expected. Where I thought I’d find a texture that would increase the relief as the base got bigger, the relief diminished. However, the second part with the little beads reminded me somehow of the texture I associate with where Wifey’s G-spot is. It made me smile. And in truth, it’s the most stimulating area.

Third room

However, being only fifteen or sixteen centimetres tall, I didn’t really get the chance to properly test the last few centimetres of this texture, so I’ll refrain from commenting on them. But even without this last chamber, the sheath kept its promise and gave me some nice orgasms on several occasions.


So I didn’t play with it too much during the various sessions. Generally speaking, on the various penis masturbators I have, I find that without an extra rubber seal, it’s not unbelievable… But I did unscrew it a bit to apply the lube and let the air out at first. Then, generally speaking, I leave it completely closed so as to have as much resistance as possible to my movements.


This review comes almost two years after this sheath went on sale in September 2022. You can find this sheath on the Fleshlight website, of course, but I’d like to suggest that you take a look at JustPleasure instead.

Why? Why, when I’m constantly telling you to go direct to the producer to get good sales service and the best prices, am I suggesting you buy the Fleshlight Violet Myers Waifu🛒from Just Pleasure?

It’s super simple. Already, this penis masturbator is 79.95€ at FleshLight and it goes up to 96.43€ to have it delivered to my home via UPS Standard… That’s an expensive sheath. But if you’re clever, and postage is free for orders over €80… You can add a bottle of lubricant or some of their homemade cornflour to bring your shopping basket up to 88.90€ with free delivery.

At JustPleasure, and thanks to the discount code ‘paparenard‘, it’s €79.95, including €17 postage for France. So in the end, compared with Fleshlight, it’s as if these delivery charges were free.

The only downside is that the site is currently in English… So if you don’t read English, it might be a bit tricky for you.



  • A perfect replica of Violet Myers’ vagina
  • High stimulation of a centralised area
  • A rather narrow entrance
  • The lubricant dries more slowly in this sheath


  • An unpleasant smell when the box is opened
  • Oil coming out of the pores of the TPE
  • Tends to retain fluids inside
  • Takes a long time to dry naturally

For this first review of a Fleshlight Girl, the Waifu version of Violet Myers, I think I’ve hit the nail on the head from the outset. Well, I started by hitting the stick that holds the textures in place during storage and shipping… So remember to remove it from the start for your own safety.

Then get ready! This sheath has everything you need to make you come. You could almost hear Violet Myers say “ikeh ikeh kimochi” as you turn up the heat with this sheath… Or maybe it’s just my imagination!

The only thing that really bothers me about this penis masturbator isn’t the sheath itself, but the case. Too wide, too heavy, I’m not used to it.

So if you’d like to discover Fleshlight, or if you don’t have this girdle yet, I heartily recommend it.

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