PowerBlow compatible

Above the FeelStrokers🦊 from Kiiroo, not all are compatible with the PowerBlow 🦊.

The compatibily isn’t made by the case of the FeelStroker rather than the sleeve moulding

How to check if your sleeve is compatible

The sleeves molded like the one on the top aren’t “fully” compatible, they may be sucked inside their case by the PowerBlow.

The sleeves made after May 2023 and the release of the FeelKayley🦊 are compatible.

Here the list of the reviews I made for the strokers from Kiiroo that are fully enjoyable with the PowerBlow.

It may exists others because Kiiroo republished some old FeelStar stroker. But in order to acquirer them, you must buy a bundle with the PowerBlow.

I wasn’t able to provide any of them because I already have a PowerBlow. Why would I buy a bundle of an old FeelStroker to have another PowerBlow ?

Review of the FeelMelrose with Melrose Michaels

As a result of the collaboration between Melrose Michaels and Kiiroo, I’m here to introduce you to the FeelMelrose. It’s a penis masturbator whose exterior is moulded directly from your private parts. This makes her the twenty-third FeelStar to add her signature. Let’s find out more about this sextoy in my review. Melrose Michaels If […]

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Front side of package

Review of the FeelSensation

Kiiroo🦊 is taking a step towards inclusivity with this new model, the FeelSensatio.Indeed, on 25 July 2023, a new stroker in the Feel range is being made available. It claims to be their first non-anatomical, non-gendered penis masturbator.Because you can enjoy yourself without necessarily being interested in a human orifice, be it a vagina, anus

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Front side of the package

Review of the FeelVictoria Mouth from Victoria June

There are unexpected product launches, such as the FeelVictoria Mouth, and others where advance hints are given. The FeelButt🦊 was a complete surprise, suddenly appearing without warning. Anticipating the presence of FeelStars to complete the experience, Kiiroo🦊 remains silent on the subject. On the other hand, since the FeelKayley🦊 review, there have been hints of

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Review of the FeelTanya from Tanya Tate

This 18 May, discover FeelTanya. From the name, you could deduce that porn star Tanya Tate has just joined the cast of FeelStars. FeelTanya is the result of a collaboration between Kiiroo🦊 and Tanya Tate. Tanya Tate Tanya Tate is one of the UK’s hottest actors and directors in the adult entertainment industry. She made

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