Review of the FeelGlow : Limited Edition

FeelGlow🛒 has arrived to scare you with its spectral halo. Is that so? No, I think it’s more there to make you come and give it that little bit extra. Something Kiiroo🦊 has never done before. A glow-in-the-dark sheath!

Now, I’m sorry, but if someone says ‘Feel the Glow’ to me… I immediately think of this, even if it’s off-topic!

The question is whether this is the only thing this sheath brings to the table. How can you get the most out of it? Is it worth splashing out on this limited edition?

For the record, the photos of the product box will be rather unattractive… Kiiroo gave me this FeelGlow for free, as well as another FeelStroker which should be out that same day. I was at their offices when I went to the XBiz Amsterdam event. Clearly, I had no choice but to visit their premises.
The problem was that despite my 70L rucksack, I didn’t have any room and I damaged the boxes…

And now for my review of the FeelGlow!

Disclosure policy

This review has been produced to give you some information about this product. To help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.
The product presented was given to me free of charge by the brand in exchange for this review.
This review also contains links to the shop (emoji 🛒) which are affiliated links, at no extra cost to you.
This review is in my own words only and anything I say has been written objectively, transparently and impartially.
To find out more, click here🦊.


I repeat, the few images of the packaging, of the box, will not be beautiful… But I promise, if I have to put them in a rucksack later on, I’ll have the technique.

Front side of the box

Front side of the FeelGlow box

The main face of the FeelGlow box is drenched in cool colours. And for the first time, there’s a transparent case with a slightly bluish sheath. Could this finally be a stroker where you can see your progression through the textures?

The promise of a masturbator that glows in the dark is clearly on display, and I can’t wait to see it.

Right side of the box

Right side of the FeelGlow box

The second side, on the right but with the box turned to the left, shows the visuals.

As usual, we have a cross-section of the sheath cut in half to see the textures on offer, and it gives me a feeling of déjà vu. So much so, that I took out the FeelStroker Vagina🛒 box and the déjà vu all made sense. It’s the same sheath.

Back side of the box

Back side of the FeelGlow box

On the other side, we have a description in seven languages of what’s inside the pack… However, for once there is no explanation of how to open the FeelGlow. Once again, we have a visual of the sheath alone, in bluish colours.

I also note the announced compatibility with the PowerBlow🦊, both in terms of text and visuals. This brings to 5 the number of FeelStrokers compatible with this accessory!

Left side of the box

Left side of the FeelGlow box.

Finally, the last image shows how the FeelGlow can be combined with the Keon🛒, or its younger brother (and accessory) the PowerBlow.

However, I’m wondering about the PowerBlow, and whether the visual isn’t missing a part that I thought should be inserted between the sheath and its casing. But I’ll be able to confirm this later.

But then another question arises… What would a Keon or a PowerBlow in transparent ABS🦊 look like?

Appearance of the masturbator

As always, even though it’s missing from this photo, once the box is opened, there is a black card screwed between the cap and the casing. By unscrewing this cap, you can remove it, but it will have no further use. Its only purpose is to stabilise the Glow during transport.

FeelGlow out of its box

From a practical point of view, the box is about 24 centimetres long. The maximum diameter at the base is 8 centimetres. The whole package (case + sheath) weighs around 600 grams.

As you can see from the case, it’s made of ABS/PC, a hard plastic that can be hot-moulded and is then shock-resistant. The sheath is made of TPE🦊, but unlike the others, this one is phosphorescent.

Unlike all the others I have, it would be impossible to confuse this FeelStroker with any other, it’s the only transparent one. However, it has many similarities with another FeelStroker, the FeelStroker Vagina.

FeelGlow compared to a flashlight torch

The shape, which reminds me very much of a torch, seems harmless enough, (…)

Stop right there! That’s a copy and paste of your FeelSensation🦊 review, isn’t it?

Heh heh…

Clearly, although the shape may resemble that of a torch, I don’t have any that are transparent. And if I were to leave the FeelGlow on my desk, it would raise questions. So we’re going to avoid leaving it in plain sight.

Dismantling the FeelGlow

FeelGlow fully dismantled

So there are five parts in total for this FeelGlow, four in ABS/PC and one in TPE.

These hard plastic parts include the top of the cap, which gives access to the sheath. There’s also a screw-on cap that lets you adjust the suction force. The circular part holds the sheath in place and the last large part is the main body of the case.

FeelGlow without the lid

If you pull it all together, you can see, feel and touch what Kiiroo has to offer with its FeelGlow.

Despite the colour, the TPE material remains the same. Supple and soft under the fingers, close to the texture of human skin. With little odour, high elasticity and micropores, this material doesn’t only have positive aspects.

Being porous, this material requires special care when cleaning and drying to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and mould.
Before the first use, and after each of your sessions, you’ll need to clean and dry the sheath.

Comparison with the FeelStroker Vagina

Comparison between the FeelGlow and FeelStroker Vagina cases

Where the FeelStroker Vagina is smaller, the TPE part gets squashed, as I mentioned in previous reviews. However, here we have a higher cap and this risk has been eliminated.
What’s more, if you remove the sleeves from their cases, you’ll see that the top part of the FeelStroker is different, the old one not being compatible with the PowerBlow.
Apart from that, if you ignore the colours, you have an exact replica of the FeelStroker Vagina, and if you’re blind, you’ll feel the same things.

FeelGlow compared to the FeelStroker Vagina, it’s the same.

Unfortunately, the FeelStroker Vagina has not aged well. Possibily due to the thickness of my member, the sides of the FeelStroker were crushed against the Keon. This caused intense friction that damaged the TPE texture. But apart from this external aspect, the inside of the sheath remains more or less the same despite the fact that I ordered it over sixteen months ago.


Why clean it first? It’s new, nobody’s used it… Yes, but if I’m a bit zealous, I could tell you that it should be cleaned before and after each use…

TPE is a porous material, so for external use, as a penis masturbator, it’s fine. For a toy used internally, I would strongly advise against it.

All those little holes are dangerous because moisture and bacteria can get into them and, in the best-case scenario, simply discolour your sheath. But it can also lead to odours… Or mould. And if you see them on the surface, it’s already too late for the inside of the liner.

In order to prevent any type of fluids to damage the sheath, you need to clean the duct.. You can use warm water and soap. Unlike other brands, Kiiroo offers masturbators that are open on two sides, with the water jet entering on one side and exiting on the other.

The soap, combined with your fingers, will clean every nook and cranny inside the shaft.
Then simply rinse and dry either in the open air or with a lint-free towel.

Finally, you can use the FeelNew Refreshing Powder🛒 to rejuvenate the TPE… Or save some money and find some cornflour, which is exactly the same thing.

One of the problems with TPE is that it becomes sticky over time, after washing, and using corn flakes helps to give it a soft appearance.

FeelGlow internal texture

Internal texture of the FeelGlow seen through a transverse section of the sheath

Now we come to the more interesting part. In the end, the glow-in-the-dark sheath is nice, but it’s probably not what’s going to make you cum.

The FeelGlow’s unique texture is based on six columns of pearls to stimulate your glans and your entire member.

Unlike the FeelSensation, the rows are straight. Unless you rotate your wrist, you lose out on the FeelSensation. For a first FeelStar, first penis masturbator, it’s enough… But you quickly get used to wanting more and better. I’m not entirely satisfied with this one.

Kiiroo has come up with sheaths that give you more and more sensations. Whether it’s the diversity of textures, the intensity offered, the fact that they’re more or less tight at the base, in the tunnel…
Here we’re back to a model that was designed in 2021, so it doesn’t have all these improvements.

In that sense, yes, the FeelGlow will bring you pleasure. However, it won’t be as good as the latest models.


First of all, take out the lubricant🦊. Or, if it’s a bit chilly, run warm water over the inside of the sheath. This will help to warm it up a little, which will make it feel even better.

Is this your first sextoy? Then learn that silicone-based lubricants are forbidden for the TPE. And even in general, silicone🦊-based lubricants should be avoided for non-natural materials.

Use a water-based lubricant. You’ll probably have to try out different brands: some are too liquid, dry too quickly, others are viscous…


Guess what ? The FeelGlow glows in the dark !

Once the lubricant is on your member, at the entrance to the FeelStroker lips and inside the sheath, you’re all set.

I’m not going to draw you a picture, you can guess what to do with it… More or less wide-ranging movements, more or less fast, with an angle that can vary… You’re on your own (or your partner, if you’re using it with two people).

If you like, you can also vary the internal air pressure with the cap at the very top, by unscrewing it a little or screwing it back on completely.


The FeelGlow in the Keon doesn’t render as usual… At the same time, I only have FeelStrokers of the same colour.

For use with the Keon, wait until the installation is complete before using the lubricant. That way you won’t get it everywhere!

The Keon have several modes like the ‘manual’ mode, where you choose the speed and depth via side buttons.

But it also offers a connected mode where you can synchronise it with pornographic videos. This way, the movements of the actors (or your favourite Cock Hero) happens in real time.

It’s even possible to give control of your Keon to a third party, but… The use of a phosphorescent sheath with the Keon is almost non-existent.

It’s not the best integration.

By this I mean that only a tiny part of the sheath will be visible, and therefore phosphorescent.

That said… it’s still interesting, but you don’t get the full benefit of the Glow.


PowerBlow and FeelGlow doesn’t feel good visually speaking.

You can also use the PowerBlow with the FeelGlow. From a visual point of view, I don’t find it very convincing.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix transparent with black, and have to insert a black piece inside the FeelGlow case. At least, I would love to have the black part on the right of my thumb in transparent material.

This is a personal opinion, purely aesthetic, it doesn’t change the capabilities of the PowerBlow.

The PowerBlow have serveral modes like manually, connected, interactively. And what’s more, you can pair it with the Keon!


The FeelGlow🛒 is only available from Tuesday 10 October 2023 for a short time while stocks last.
How many are there? No idea.
Will it be enough? That’s a good question.

The price is 75€ ($79), but you can have it for 10% less by using the “PapaRenard” coupon, i.e. 67.50€ ($71.10).



  • Attractive bluish glow in the dark.
  • Transparent casing!
  • A version of the FeelStroker Vagina but compatible with the PowerBlow.
  • Limited edition!


  • In the Keon, you can only see the phosphorescent tip.
  • The seamless integration with the PowerBlow is unattractive.
  • Not very stimulating for an experienced user.

When I was handed the FeelGlow, my reaction was: “Wow, this is so cool”.

In the end, I felt disappointed the first time I used it. As much as I liked the FeelStroker Vagina, I had no comparison at the time.
My penis had only experienced my hand and a woman’s private parts, nothing more.
In the meantime, he’s been able to test out a number of other masturbators and he may be a bit picky now, but this FeelGlow didn’t convince me.

As much as the FeelSensation took me by surprise with its internal structure and texture, this one didn’t transport me to ecstasy. I can’t say that it won’t make you come, that would be lying.
And if you want to start with a FeelStroker, this is the one to go for. Similarly, if you tend to raise the white flag quickly, it can help you build up your stamina step by step.

But in all objectivity, if you’ve already had several penis masturbators like me… I’d advise you to go for another FeelStroker like the FeelKayley🦊 or FeelVictoria Mouth🦊.

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